Oct 29 2010 1:02pm

Create a Six Word Fantasy Story! on TwitterEarlier this morning we asked folks following us on Twitter if they could create a 6 word fantasy story!

So far we've had some very recognisable fantasy tropes in there, including:

“Slay dragon, rescue princess, defeat evil” by @Figures

“Gone on quest. Found magic sword!” by @Pallekenl

“How did I become a frog?!?” by @SPAZinOL

As well as some that made us laugh...

“Sleepy dragon looking for burglar alarm” by @tapsiful

“Kings clash, peasants die. Bloody typical” by @grouchotendency

“Wanted: Deux Ex Machina - will pay” by @quasigrue

“Lonely Mountain. Needs Mate. Apply Here” by @Angus_A

Some of these tweets really do tell a story, though:

“She fell and found her wings” by @ceitfianna

These tweets are just the tip of the iceberg. Check out lots more responses by seaching for the #sixwordfantasy hashtag. Add your own on Twitter, or leave some in the comments below!

1. Roundabout
I was slain by a Grue.
3. JLr1975
Defeat enemy. Fulfill prophecy. Get Girl.
5. joe heron
Reviews are in and its magical.
Jo Walton
6. bluejo
The sun rose just after midnight.

She noticed his eyes were pearls now.

Beneath the tower their secret swelled.
7. Beth C.
Cast magic missile! Oops. Sorry, Dad.
Daniel Goss
8. Beren
Dragons invade. Heroes needed. Fireproof preferable.
11. Marc Rikmenspoel
Welcome aboard Airforce One, President Schwarzenegger.
13. Dietes
Orphan, wanderer, adventurer, warrior, leader, king.
Thomas Jeffries
14. thomstel
Malicious beings slain with abandon! Zing!
Agnes Kormendi
15. tapsi
Twin princesses. One has a goatee.

Never give your stepdaughter enchanted apples.

Witches always eat your heart first.

Saving the world, you save yourself.
René Walling
16. cybernetic_nomad
Log off! The undead are coming!
17. Dadawa
POWER. I Can... Oh Crap... Noooooooo!
Paul Eisenberg
18. HelmHammerhand
It turns out giants are indeed real.

Some Orks beautiful on the inside.

Only male unicorns have a horn.

Future technology useless in gasless past.
Tara Mitchell
19. Jaxicat
Oh crud! Not another spacial anomaly.
21. misanthropope
"my invisible friend created all this."
24. Dr. Thanatos
Deeds only fill two books. Crud.
Princesses Slain, Dragons Rescued; Low Fees
Look out! Banana Peel of Doom!
Smeagol: Two for price of one!
How can I plagiarize Tolkien next?
Lensman Family: Kids date each other
and the ultimate nightmare:
Someone broke Dr. Thanatos' Internet connection
Sean Arthur
25. wsean
Have archetypal wizard mentor--will travel.
Happily ever after, they said. Lies.
28. Rowanmdm
Touched the stars, home was gone.

Bears shouldn't be given magic.

Always do dragon research before traveling.

The princess was always wrong.
29. WonderGirl
He ran after her. She vanished.
john mullen
30. johntheirishmongol
Fired, needs job. Oops, wrong one!

Magic snacks, new years eve party

Whats in a name? Bad things!

Never hiccup casting spells. Fix needed
Madeline Ferwerda
32. MadelineF
A tall ship steered by stars.

(Also, I love "Snakes on a Spaceship!")
34. KevinY
People react to a strange occurrence.
Map in front; visit each place.
Surprise! You are dating a vampire.
The dream wasn't actually a dream.
Patricia Scott
35. dragonwomant
Elves and computers do not mix.

Never give a werewolf fresh nachos.

Otters keep dragons busy for hours.

The magic cloak kicked my butt.

You can bribe demons with cake.
36. JCFaction
The fall of heaven sparked war

Is he evil? Does it matter?

Hero Infestation. Exterminators needed. Good money.
37. Gorbag
There are Doors. Do Not Want!!!

On Quest. Must get Spirits' Drumkit!

Have Sword, Horse. Ooh! Distressed Damsel!

Busy pissing-off Grandma. Ouch, too hot!

Our dad's Odin, darling. What's wrong?

Topknot am I ... your ratbag son!

Grandma's jawbone, a giant fish ... cool!

No-one, blind One-Eyed's lunch - he thought!
Frederick Huxtable
38. tegeus-Cromis
three piggies, two lunches, singed wolf
"With this ring ..." NO!!! Precious! Aargh!
Tired. "Souls for Arioch!" Bloody sword!
Abrogate all ritual. Borrowed soul's ABRACADABRA. (any guesses as to this last one?)
40. TheMentat
Voodoo, Schmoodoo. I want that amulet.

How Archimedes invented the Time Machine.
Joe Romano
41. Drunes
Hey, it's over. We're all dead.

The ship crashed. Help never arrived.
42. a-j
Now I'm dead, I may live.

One day the dragon came back.

Happy Birthday to that not born.

He is alone. What was that?
43. a-j
This is actually a quote from Neil Gaiman's Sandman story Calliope, but I think it works here:

Gryphons shouldn't marry. Vampire's don't dance.
44. a-j
This is actually a quote from Neil Gaiman's Sandman story Calliope, but I think it works here:

Gryphons shouldn't marry. Vampire's don't dance.
48. Stormys70
Plain Jane gets brooding vampire stud.
50. Jabenami
The earth stood still. All died.

Used spaceships! Cheap! No refunds, sorry.

The cheese awoke. It was hungry.
Valerie Cirilo
51. BatchSan
The dragon wept for the Hero.

Swing true, sword forged of hope!

Bars held rebels, but not spirits.

Blood stains aren't cleansed by fire.
52. Philounatik
Escape on beetle, evil tarantula furious
53. Navym
Need heroes ? Voodoo paladins. What else ?
54. Evansemantics heinlein
"Say, what's 'Hastur Hastur Hastur' mean?"
55. Evan H.
Weird, what the heck happened to my name there? The first four letters are the only ones I typed. Some kind of database leakage?
56. danteil
In honor of Papa Hemingway-

For Sale: Baby dragons, not housebroken.
57. scepter
My clone calls me a SOB

Trade: used cauldron for wart cream.

The Sun unfurled and sailed away.

(Inspired by Shel Silverstein:)
Unicorns wept. The ark was afloat.
58. Kaline
Are all dragons dead ? Not me !
59. Evan H.
Well, shit. Now I want brains.
60. myst44
New Mexico Infected, Serve Brain Buritto.

Two Suns Appear, Shades Sold Out.

Stars Burned Down, Horrors Walked Through.
61. herpey
Have sword/ring/staff. Will Travel.
62. Justin Gustainis
Magic, smagic! Try some chicken soup.
63. Robert Tout
The End. Once upon a time...
64. Brian Ennis
Copy Tolkien, thirteen books, plaudits follow.
Michael Burke
65. Ludon
"Advanced civilization sighted."
"Making contact."
Wesley Parish
66. Aladdin_Sane
Shoemakers' Elves. Free labour. Unionised? No!

Tawhaki not house-broken. Wife off heavenwards.

Milarepa spell-casting killer, backbreaking years repenting.

Catch Selkie wife. Come back, darling!!!

Lonely Mermaid, needs prince. This too?!?
67. Gorbag
Volcano's sister chases volcano's boyfriend. Eruption!

Guns don't kill zombies. People do.

"If I am returned to power ..."

"Sexy red hoodie. Nice legs. Yum!"
68. Iftikhar
Brutal overlord with incompetant minions. Confounded.
F Shelley
70. FSS
"It happens. And size doesn't matter."

"No. It was...good...for me."
71. AlienX
No sign of terrestrial intelligence found
miguel esquirol
72. miguelesquirol
1. Hand needed. You brought five. Bastard

2. Need a heart or AAA batteries

3. Finally mars answered. Leave a message.

4. Time traveler: Don't be afraid granny.

5. A explosion: Five minutes of live.

6. Is the BigBang; Damm, not again

7. Beautiful eyes, lips, smile, for sale.
Michael Burke
73. Ludon
This one could be either fantasy or horror.

Christopher Walken Christmas Album now available.
74. -ink
Saturday: Ate ice cream. World ended.

"Clones are in this season, dahling."
M. h.Todorov
75. Mamutoubietza
What IS "Ia! Ia! Cthulhu ftagn!"?

Born-again Alexander defeats world. Again.
Amir Noam
76. Amir
He opened the pantry. “You? No!...”
Juan Ingles
77. MagicJuan
Mastering elusive magic saved them. Finally.
Bob Kieffer
78. chaoss3
Magic stones not really that necessary.
Danielle Rogers
80. pianogirl897
"The Secret. The discovery. The battle."

"The golden eyes of the fox."

"The stares. The insecurity. The truth."

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