Oct 8 2010 11:45am

A Very Star Trek Giveaway

What better than a giveaway to welcome our new Star Trek rewatchers Dayton Ward and David Mack? None, I say!

As hope springs eternal in the heart of the space explorer, so you could be the lucky, lucky winner of our Star Trek prize pack, consisting of

The Official Rules, adapted from Starfleet Giveaway Protocol 13.4: To enter, leave one comment on this post—duplicates won’t count—by noon EST, Tuesday 10/12. The winner will be chosen randomly. Please check your email Tuesday or Wednesday; if we don’t hear back from the winner in 24 hours, another winner will be chosen.

And when you’ve entered, head over to Dayton and David’s first post on Season 3, Episode 1: “Spock’s Brain,” where they address the timeless question, “What is brain?”

Wade B.
1. Wade B.
Love Star Trek....hate Star Wars (ok...that's a lie completely...I love them both)
Wade B.
5. Curtis Lanclos
Live Long and Prosper...
Wade B.
6. jim162065
love Star Trek.
Wade B.
7. Michael Falkner
Great contest. Thanks for the offer.
Wade B.
8. Tim Clarke
Vanguard rocks! And the authors bringing it to us rock harder...
Ruth X
9. RuthX
Oh gods "What is brain?" .....that takes me back somewhere I didn't really want to go.
Wade B.
10. Samsynn
Please enter me.
Wade B.
14. SueRed
Awesome. Count me in
Leanne Kinkopf
15. Neverwhere9
Star Trek is pretty much the best show ever.Looooooooove....
Wade B.
17. Rory Martin
A Comment has been made, randomly.
Wade B.
18. TessaBlue
Me me me! I want to win! Pick me!!! =)
Ivan Bickett
19. bichiv
Logically speaking, you should randomly select me.
Wade B.
20. Gene Russell
I love original concept Star Trek fiction AND re-watching Star Trek! Word.
Wade B.
22. AudioBookFans
Cool! Count me in!
Wade B.
23. Band of The Red Hand
i'll give this a shot since i didnt win the WOT giveaway
Wade B.
24. dreyshouse
Hubby & son will both be green when I win. :p

Live long and prosper!
William Uniac
27. Billiac
For once I want a second prize that isn't in a beauty contest!
Susan Meek
28. smeek1958
Winning this would make my husband & son soooo jealous! Please pick me!
Wade B.
29. SciFiCafe
Who doesn't love Star Trek?! Beam me up, Scotty.
Wade B.
30. Terpette
Total Trekkie girl. Have met Dave and Dayton several times and LOVE the Vanguard series. I always love getting free books! Haven't picked up "Precipice" yet.
Andrew Lee
31. alee
Please enter me for this. Thanks!
Wade B.
32. robinhood
Please enter me, I want to read those books!
Daniel Goss
33. Beren
Love long and perspire.
A winner could be me!
Wade B.
36. tooslow
I just want to win something, but at least I'm honest.
Wade B.
38. KHSebastian
I totally bought that shirt for a friend for Christmas last year... I want one for myself lol
Wade B.
40. Mellifluous
I hope I win!
Mary Jane Hetzlein
41. mjhetz
I'd love the shirt or the books........or both!!
Wade B.
44. Jobi-Wan
I was always a big Star Wars guy until the new movie came out and I have been getting more interested in Star Trek lately, I think I might re-watch the new movie this weekend in fact!
Wade B.
45. Brian J Collins Jr
Oh Em Gee Comment - David Mack is one of the best Trek writers of all time, bar nonel; I still assert that Star Trek: Destiny needs to be cannonized and turned into a movie!
Wade B.
47. tokyorca
Books, unique tees, and Star Trek! Three of my favourite things. :D
Glenda Wilson
50. glinda
Comment without content.

(love the t-shirt!)
YouDont NeedToKnow
51. necrosage2005
I love these give aways... even if I never win anything.
Wade B.
52. MJSS
What is brain, indeed.
Wade B.
54. Predarek
Live long and prosper!
The original Star Trek and TNG rocks!
Tess Laird
55. thewindrose
The t-shirt would help at home;)

Wade B.
56. Stefan Llewellyn Smith
Where is brain?
Wade B.
57. Bill Altreuter
I love it when I'm flying JetBlue and a Star Trek rerun comes on.
Wade B.
59. Rachel L.
Love this!
Wade B.
60. Tanda77
Star Trek!!! The ONLY Frontier!
Wade B.
61. Jasonsf
Would love the shirt.
Wade B.
63. Ken L.
I'm here for the free stuff!
Wade B.
65. TerTerTerry
So glad I found this site.. win or not this rocks!!
Wade B.
66. 8bitdad
This is made of win all round.
tatiana deCarillion
69. decarillion
TOS 4 life!
But, I've liked the newer incarnations, too :P
Wade B.
70. GhostWhoWalks
Great Contest. Thanks.
John Massey
72. subwoofer
To boldy go where no woofer has gone before:)

Edited for smiley face;)

Tomas Andersson
75. Tirpen
To boldy post what no one has posted before.
Wade B.
76. GLK
cool contest I need to win
Sarah Bylund
77. shrain78
BBT + Star Trek = Awesomeness.
I love Sheldon's Trekkie version of rock-paper-scissors. So hilarious. I must have this shirt!
Wade B.
79. DRickard
Free books! Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock t-shirt! Gimme!
Wade B.
81. Intrepid
Mine! Mine! Mine!
83. pavid
I'd love to see a Borg vs the Imperial fleet movie. All action, all the time.
Wade B.
88. praxis_ink
Rock, Paper, Scissors, SPOCK!
corey chapman
89. martianblues
that shirt is awesome. please please please pick me :)
Wade B.
92. Dawn the Glass Beadmaker
I'd love these...
Wade B.
93. takeittothemax
Neat contest! Regular old Rock Paper Scissors just isn't as fun anymore.
Wade B.
95. aerspyder
I love contests!
Wade B.
96. Jennifer C Kelley
Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock! Love the shirt!
Wade B.
98. Andrew Zimmerman Jones
I never turn down a book or a t-shirt.
Wade B.
99. The Kit Campbell
Man, it's been forever since I've read a newer Star Trek book (I admit I occasionally reread favorites). I wouldn't mind having something new to look at.
Wade B.
100. Utheran
Yay! for star trek!
Wade B.
101. thelittlefluffycat
One of the things I love in my house is when I wore my LLAP shirt the first time, when the boys asked what it meant and I saluted, they Got It. They'd get this too - and I'd get the shirt!
Wade B.
102. BrotherBenny
Vanguard is the best novel series in Treklit right now (Titan is second, but only just).
Wade B.
103. birdbrainbb
Trek stuff! Yes, please!
Wade B.
105. Story Cottage
free books! star trek! free shirt! i don't see how this can go wrong.
Wade B.
106. Contest Winner
Twitter sent me here....
Wade B.
107. Adrian Going To Hell
Kickass shirt, cool-sounding books! Nice!
Wade B.
108. Faux Regolith
Spock loses to sissors no way!
Wade B.
109. RobinM
Yay! Two of my favorite things books and t-shirts count me in! What does lizard beat?
Wade B.
110. Darth Touma
I'd enjoy a prize... and the re-watch had been on hiatus way too long
Wade B.
111. When They Come For Me
It's mine, Jim.
Wade B.
112. James C. Wallace II
Live long and nookie!
Wade B.
113. jsmith54
j p
116. sps49
Was RPSLS invented by The Big Bang Theory, or did it exist already?
Wade B.
119. Hammerlock
This giveaway is relevant to my interests!
Wade B.
120. Daddy Todd
Mack and Wardilmore are amobg the best Star Trek writers ever. Great talents!
Tudza White
121. tudzax1
Put me down for a chance at the swag.
Scott Abbott
122. Scott
Enter me in the contest, but please don't make me watch Spock's Brain again.
Wade B.
124. Brenda H.
Crossing my fingers!
Wade B.
125. Jdoonan
Star Trek rules, Star wars drools.
Wade B.
126. zora.aisling
That t shirt is so so awesome! If I don't win, I might have to consider buying one! Also, Picard rules, Kirk drooools!... But Spock is The Man.
Wade B.
128. rubydog
Love it! Love it! Please enter me.
Lonnie Rivenbark
129. fuddster
Okay, I would not mind winning this at all... LLAP
Tina A
130. Tinaa
Please don't make me beg. It won't be pretty.
Tim Lewis
131. RaPToRFunK
Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock. I love it.
Wade B.
132. JasonB
Great contest!

Frank Nagy
134. fjnagy
To boldly get goodies where there were no goodies before!
Wade B.
135. Z Camelopardalis
F Shelley
136. FSS
pick this post - i want goodies
Wade B.
137. Raypc800
Please enter me I have been a Star Trek fan since it use to come on back in the 1960's. Our society could learn a lot from the show!
Wade B.
143. Gwendolyn Rainey
Oooh...pick me, pick me!!!!
Wade B.
144. Rose in SV
Pretty please?
Wade B.
145. hohmeisw
I would like to win.
Wade B.
147. HughB
Love Star Trek!
Wade B.
148. Caitrin
That shirt is awesome! o at gmail dot com
Wade B.
149. Bobbyz
star trek rocks!
contests rock!
you rock!
we rock!
Wade B.
152. Anaiz
Ah! Count me in, that shirt is awesome :D
Wade B.
153. deadjack
Trekkie goodness!
Larry Scroggins
154. LeisureSuitLarry
Why do my friends accuse me of cheating when I throw lizard or spock? do they not know the rules?
Sean Pratz
155. Galoot

No, seriously. I want to win by posting a random comment.

Wade B.
156. KirkPicard
Avid reader of the Vanguard series and Trek novels in general! Good luck with the contest everyone!
charlene barina
157. charlener0
I'm always a sucker for tshirts that serve as a proxy nerd detector...
Wade B.
158. Skaila
Count me in :P
Wade B.
159. benshakey
I won't win this thing
Wade B.
162. Jernyc
Hope to see you at NYC Comic Con....yea TREK writers!!!!!
Sandi Kallas
164. Sandikal
I would love this one, especially the t-shirt.
Wade B.
165. Papajack
Star Trek...the best!
Other Alias
166. ghostcrab311
Star Trek is too cool for words. Count me in!
Wade B.
167. Kamandi68
Sign me up please.
Wade B.
169. Malcolm E
Sign me up! This series is awesome.
Ilona Fenton
171. felinewyvern
First watched Star Trek in German - Spock just wasn't the same :(

However I fell in love with it once my hubby bought me the whole original series and I am now an ardent fan of all things Star Trek :D
Wade B.
172. firesinger
sounds cool. i'm in
Wade B.
174. Lingeorge
Love new authors in the Star Trek World. Count me in.
Wade B.
175. Chuck Wilson
Love the Vanguard series!
Wade B.
176. Umbardacil
Never read any Star Trek novels before. Have to check these out.
Wade B.
178. Jeff Wetherington
Thanks for entering me in this contest.
Wade B.
179. Kredal
Love Star Trek, love novels, love Thinkgeek, love winning!
Jean Lamb
181. excessivelyperky
I've been a fan since the 1960's, a teenybopper in love with Spock (it's all his fault I ended up taking calculus). I deserve that shirt, especially I suspect that lizard is a baby Gorn.
Wade B.
182. boookwirm
What beats what? The t-shirt needs a bigger picture!
Dovile Petrasiunaite
183. dova113
Ooh, the Vanguard series been on my wishlist for ages! And the shirt is awesome! Count me in!
Wade B.
186. Qtip the Sixth
Too bad you joined the re-watch in time for the Third Season, but still fun, and more laughs (unintentional) than the previous two seasons combined!
Tom Hill
187. thill2
Yes! Star Trek books! Please, please, please - pick me.
Wade B.
188. Amber Green
I seriously doubt I have the dexterity to play rock/paper/scissors/lizard/Spock, but I covet that T-shirt.
Craig Botha
191. craig.b
This would be a great birthday present for me :)
Jacob Silvia
194. aethercowboy
...There's no intelligent life down here...
Tranylle Simmons
197. tranylle
My Dad is a huge Star Trek fan. I'd love to be able to win one of these for him!
Wade B.
201. xXcattyXx
I love I could buy their entire line of Ts. You know, if I had any money...
Too bad you aren't offering the 'expendable' shirt.
Brian Young
202. trildan
Star Trek was my favorite father/son activity... hopefully my daughter will have fond memories too...
Wade B.
203. Gorbag
"Brain and brain! What is 'brain'?"

Zombie flashback - Lunch!!!!
Wade B.
204. Margie Mc
LL&P - Forget the Brain, Remember "oh, the Pain"
Episode: TOS
026 - Devil in the Dark, The

Season 1 Ep. 25

Air Date: 03/09/1967

Stardate: 3196.1
Wade B.
205. May602
I sooo want that shirt!
Wade B.
206. JStin1472
BeAM mE uP
S Cooper
207. SPC
Please add me to the list - in under the wire!
Wade B.
208. Voyageur
Ready to go boldly go where no participant in this contest has gone before...

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