Sep 9 2010 9:54am

Visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

I recently had the honor and privilege to visit one of the newest attractions to Universal Studios in Orlando Florida: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I will share my magical experience with you all, along with a few helpful tips on making the most of your journey with Harry.

When my feet touched the cobblestone streets of Hogsmeade, I could hear the sweet melody of Hedwig’s theme as I approached the entrance, and truly felt as if I stepped into the fantasy world of the beloved J.K. Rowling created. With one glance from the snow-covered rooftops (that unfortunately did not do much to cool down the 95 degree temperatures) to the rust finish on the castle walls, my dreams of visiting Hogwarts had come finally true.  

Tip #1. Avoid the Wizarding World in the early morning, wait until the late afternoon. Trust me on this, I know you die-hard fans are going to make a deadbolt run to the gates of Hogsmeade (like I did) but keep in mind that everyone else in the park will be right behind you. Waiting until the late afternoon when the crowds die down will make for a better experience. Also, the staff is much nicer in the afternoon. Obviously with the thousands of crowds to manage (mostly by teenagers) frustration enviably follows.
One of my complaints pertaining to the authenticity of Wizarding World is that the actual size of the shops are very small. Zonkos, Honeydukes, and the Dervish and Banges are the only stores where you can purchase HP goods within the actual Wizarding World section of the park. Zonkos or Honeydukes are both equally exciting stores to visit, here you can find classic Harry Potter paraphernalia. (My favorites being U-No-Poop and Dumbledore’s favorite candy, Sherbet Lemon.)

As for Dervish and Banges, I felt they should have made this store a little bit bigger, since this is where one can actually purchase wizard robes, mugs, keychains and even a wand. (Especially if you don’t want to wait on the long line, and I mean LONG, line for Ollivander’s Wand shop, which I will explain later) I’m slightly torn because I feel that you do want to experience the world as a Hogwarts student but this is a theme park with thousands of people expected to attend and participate. I do find it to be a little disappointing to wait in line just to get into a store. Unfortunately, I found myself doing that a lot of the time (especially during the morning) with little to no room to move around.

Tip# 2. You can find most of the Harry Potter merchandise in the Universal shops scattered among both parks, as well as the airport! There is a Harry Potter Store inside the Orlando International Airport, so if you forgot to get gifts for any expectant Muggles, chocolate frogs and Gryffindor t-shirts are in steady supply.

Don’t forget to try a butterbeer! Luckily you can purchase butterbeer and pumpkin juice on wheeled carts outside the stores with little to no lines. The frozen butterbeer, which is a cross between a cream soda and butterscotch ice cream, is the perfect treat for those with a sweet tooth on a hot sunny day. Pumpkin juice is a bit of an acquired taste, of course, a love of pumpkins helps a lot here.

On to the rides! And there are only three rides in the Harry Potter theme park. The first and most popular being inside Hogwarts: Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. I have to give credit to the ride designers on this one...the best part of this ride was waiting in line! About half of your wait is done inside an air-conditioned castle. You pass through Dumbledore’s office, the DADA classroom, the castle hallways complete with talking paintings, the Sorting Hat, and so much more on your way. Take your time and enjoy the sites; almost everything is very interactive and does an excellent job of distracting you from waiting on that long line.

Which brings us to the actual Forbidden Journey ride. If you’re looking for a non-stop action-packed sequence with all the scary and life threatening experiences the trio endured all wrapped up into one three minute wild ride... well, then this is for you! I’m a die-hard rollercoaster fan—I will go on pretty much anything that twists, drops, and tries to pull you apart. Hogwarts is an INTENSE combination of simulated video and animatronics unlike anything I have ever seen. You feel as if you are actually riding with Harry through Hogwarts and have joined him through all of his adventures. (Including a creepy encounter with Aragog, may he rest in peace.)

The second ride I went on was The Dueling Dragons, which is a classic rollercoaster. Here again, waiting in line is all part of the fun. You pass some of the most memorable icons from the movies, including the Triwizard cup and the flying Ford Anglia conveniently parked at the entrance.

I have to admit I skipped the Flight of the Hippogriff, mostly because Hagrid’s hut is visible from the Dueling Dragons wait line and there were simply not enough hours in the day!

After expending all of that energy you will probably need to stop into the Three Broomsticks and have a bite to eat. Luckily, this is one of the places they did expect to accommodate large groups of people. This cafeteria-style eatery has dishes similar to those found in the books, which is mostly traditional English pub food. The quality was—I have to admit—average, and I somehow don’t recall there being a smoked turkey leg in any of the books, but it certainly makes its appearance here in the Three Broomsticks. I felt this was a perfect place to relax with an ice-cold butterbeer and maybe try to solve a Harry Potter mystery or two. For those 21 and older, you can head over to the Hogs Head pub located within Three Broomsticks, a truly authentic pub complete with good old dusty grime! (I’m sure it’s completely clean, but it did look a little grungy.) No firewhiskey, sad to report, but they did have an interesting Hog’s Head Ale.

And now probably the most popular attraction of the park: Ollivander’s! Ollivander’s is actually a show in which they take groups of 30 into a small room that is connected to the Dervish and Banges store. It’s a tight fit! The store is filled ceiling to floor with wands in their boxes, just like you expect it to be—oh, and plenty of dust! This show is made to mimic Harry’s first time shopping for a wand. Only one lucky audience member is chosen to receive a wand during the show and I just happened to be the one!

Here’s what happens: “Ollivander” picks one person out of the crowd, takes out his measuring tape and begins “fitting” you for your wand. (If you’re wondering, it is exactly the same experience Harry has when he buys his first wand.) You are given three wands to “test” out. For the first two when you attempt to perform a spell, “terrible” things happen within the store, like flowers wilting or books tumbling off shelves. But have no fear, because we all know the wand chooses the wizard! For that magic moment when THE wand is placed into your hands, a gush of wind blows through your hair, a beam of light from above shines upon your head, and somewhere in the background you can hear angelic music softly humming into your ears. I promise it’s unforgettable.

Tip #3. I have a little advice if you want to be the lucky person chosen for a wand fitting. BE EXCITED! Now, I don’t recommend running and screaming around the store like a panicked Hippogriff (mostly because you won’t have room to do so), but the actor Ollivander reads the vibe of the room and obviously the people who are most excited and want to be there will be the one he chooses. My advice is to try to get yourself noticed by taking lots of pictures, talking about how excited you are so Ollivander can hear, and making your way to the front as visibly as possible.

As you can tell, Harry Potter holds a special place in my heart and it was a very thrilling experience able to have a small taste of this magical world. My last bit of advice, do allow yourself to believe, even if it’s just for one day. Universal will take care of the rest.

Stephanie Garbarino lives in New York, absolutely hates egg salad sandwiches, and has reconnected with her former love of all things SFF thanks to her job here at

Katie Hines
1. Katie Hines
Great review! It was just like you described it. :)
Katie Hines
2. TH1972
It was ok for what we COULD see, but it's far from perfect.. I think had Disney gotten it, it would have been better. I've heard what they had planned and I was disappointed in what US did as opposed to Disney, which proposed an entire park as opposed to a tiny corner. Sure, it looks great, but I have broad shoulders and was unable to ride the Forbidden Journey. Nor can large breasted women. It's a design failure which Disney would have considered. Disney also would have employed REAL people from the UK to work the park. Nothing like getting your butter beer from what appeared to be a high school dropout.

It's also 90% false store fronts. They could have done more with it. Sure, what they did was great ( yes, the Hogwarts walkthrough is mighty impressive) but Butterbeer is WAY too sweet, it's actually gross really. The lines are terrible ALL day, and will likely remain so until Winter(post Xmas) and the design flaws on the rides alienates people from actually getting on them.

The Merchandise is ok, but the fact they only pick ONE person to get a wand and you could wait as long as two hours to get in to HOPEFULLY be that person is CRAP! You wait that long, each person should get their wand picked out.

We wound up buying our HP merch on our way out of the US park, the stores in the area were ridiculously packed with ZERO sense of control. They packed us in like sardines thinking it was an effective way to shop. My wife (the diehard Potter fan) turned to me and dropped all her merch on the nearest counter and said "I can't be in here anymore!" and walked out.

I could keep going... But why? We're going back in January and HOPEFULLY it'll be better, but I'm not counting on it.
Katie Hines
3. MasaConfusa
Cool! Good tips. I prefer the frozen butterbeer over pumpkin juice myself.
Jordan Hamessley
4. Jordache
The Dueling Dragons ride was at Islands of Adventure LONG before the Wizarding World showed up. That part of the park was really just their medieval area repurposed as Harry Potter. I think that is the reason why I'm not that excited about the Wizarding World.
Katie Hines
5. Steph Garbarino
TH1972 - I felt much of the same frustration you described in your comment the first time I went to the park in the early morning. Extremely overcrowded, long lines, unexperienced teenagers running the show (which i agree was disappointing that the only two people actually from the UK were Ollivander and the Hogwarts train conductor) and very small stores.

But my exprience in the later afternoon, past 3 pm, was completely different. The first rush has cleared and everyone has scattered among the other sections of the parks. It was definately a more relaxing and enjoyable experience. I also spoke to one of the high school drop out wizards in the park and Universal has plans to extend the Wizarding World of Harry Potter by taking out part or all of the "Land of the Lost" section. Hopefully they will get the hint to expand Ollivanders at the very least.

Rides typically in Universal are not made to fit every body shape like Disney world, since their main demographic is young teenage boys it seems. And i'm sorry you were unable to go on the forbidden journey ride.. I would definately write a letter to Universal to complain!

I think it was a good experience over all but much room for improvement.
Katie Hines
6. MKuba
Wow! I love the movies, but sounds like there's so much more to the whole adventure that's throughout the books and in the park.
Katie Hines
7. DMuse
Wow!!!! I definitely have to visit now. Thanks for the review.
Katie Hines
8. Redmustang
Great to see such an enthusuastic, in depth look at the theme park. I have been waiting to visit it since I heard it was being built. I did have worries that it wouldn't be up to "Disney" standards but the way you describe it , it seems to be like Universal stepped up this time and gives the feel like you are walking into Harry's World.
Thanks on the advice on when to get there, nothing like getting annoyed by the crowds to turn a person off from enjoying all the sites. Also good to know that it probably wont be an all day event, helps plan the rest of my Universal day.
Thanks for the hint on the Wand too!
Katie Hines
9. nancym
Great review, thank you! One of these days I'll have to travel across country to visit.

side note: Every time I see the word "Hogsmeade", I expect to hear mention of the Hogfather and Hogswatch.....
Katie Hines
10. Suzie Q
I too agree that had Disney taken on the challenge of creating a world of Harry Potter, it would have been infinitely better! It was rightly said that the wizards and staff in that area were teenagers in costume, but not in character. I was very disappointed in the Forbidden Journey and the inside of the shops. I will say, though that the attention to detail on the outside of the town facades and inside of the castle was very impressive. I think that Universal took some short cuts with Dueling Dragons and the Unicorn Rollercoaster by simply recommisioning them as Dragon Challenge and Hippogriff, with very slight modifications. In addition, the props inside the Forbidden Journey were "Party City" type at best, very, very cheesy. So much more could have been done with that ride especially with the graphics and robotic technology around today. Although the engineering of the ride iteslf is suppossed to be "cutting edge" I describe it as a "spider or octupus-type" ride inside of a imax theater (which BTW - they did not cover with a facade from the outside - nothing like seeing the back of the ride as a big white box on the back of the castle! Well, I guess, if you are a fan of the books and movies, you will appreciate the overall experience of this one section of the Islands of Adventure as part of a fun day at Universal, but if you are visiting JUST to see the WWof HP then you, like us, may very well be disappointed.
Katie Hines
17. aditi
nice pic..........................
Katie Hines
18. Rekkidd
I must say this was a great review of HP, which I should've read before going. I do recommend going to get your pic taken with the driver at the Knight Bus the shrunken head was hilarious. The driver was friendly and they were cool with nee taking a photo selfie style. The shops are quite small, what's funny is I saw a lot of people being turned around when walking to shops at Diagon Alley because what seemed to be storefronts were actually exits.

I never got to see the Dragon breathe fir but missed it by mere seconds after hearing people gawk over the for gushing out. I happened to catch one of the singing shows that was interesting but cool it was nice. The money exchange was dumb. I walked in there confused, there was no explanation I was like okay a robotic worker from the bank...ok?

I agree with Ollivander it was ok experience wise, but you go to the shop and there were boxes upon boxes I had no clue what I was looking at or for now the prices. There were people helping others with suggestions but I wanted one. I was like ummm too much time to go. The frozen butter beer was awesome!

The hippogriff ride was cheesy avg the journey ride was nice and creeped me out bc I didn't know spiders were gonna be part of it due to my phobia. Otherwise it was cool. I didn't go to the restaurants but they looked interesting. There are a lot of fake store fronts as mentioned. I did notice you can get a lot of this stuff at the universal shop outside of the HP area. They should have put places in HP world instead of US cities on their ID badges.

Knockturn Alley was cool and creepy to walk down to it just has one shop and a few interactive wand spots. The interactive wand spots looked interesting, but even I looked confused how to make the wand twist to make the "magic" appear. That's my review for now, I'll be returning later in the year for round 2.

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