Sep 16 2010 9:04pm

Towers of Midnight Tour Schedule Announced

Brandon Sanderson’s tour schedule following the release of the latest Wheel of Time book Towers of Midnight has been confirmed! Even better, Harriet McDougal will be accompanying Brandon for the tour, starting in Sacramento.

Similar to last year’s “Storm Leaders’” program, each tour stop will offer a chance for fans to help out with the proceedings. For more information on this tour’s “Tower Guards” volunteer program, visit

The dates and cities are:

November 2nd (12:00 AM) — BYU Bookstore (Provo, UT)
November 2nd (7:00 PM) — Barnes & Noble (Sacramento, CA)
November 3rd (7:00 PM) — Joseph-Beth Booksellers (Cincinnati, OH)
November 4th (7:00 PM) — Borders (Dallas, TX)
November 5th (7:00 PM) — Books-a-Million (Hanover, MD)
November 6th (2:00 PM) — Borders (Baileys Crossroads, VA)
November 7th (3:00 PM) — Harvard Coop (Cambridge, MA)
November 8th (7:30 PM) — Barnes & Noble Lincoln Triangle (New York, NY)**

A special bonus for NYCers: That tour event will also feature appearances by Maria Simons and Alan Romanczuk!

Update 10/15: Harriet McDougal will not be present at the BYU Bookstore event but will be joining Brandon for the rest of the dates.

**Note from the store: Seating is limited to 150 and will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. Everyone who attends the invite, regardless of whether they have a seat or are able to stand in the main event space, will have a chance to get their book signed by Brandon, Harriet, Maria and Alan.

Roger Powell
2. forkroot
Yeah - no Phoenix stop either. OTOH, I feel for Brandon as he's been an awfully busy guy.
3. JRVogt
Pity, no Denver this time. Ah well. Storming it up last go-round was fun!
Richard Fife
4. R.Fife
On the other hand... it's only 600 miles for me to get up to NYC... v_v

Peter Ahlstrom
5. PeterAhlstrom
Brandon hopes to be in Charleston in March for the 10-year anniversary, if we can make sure he doesn't have a scheduling conflict.
7. Sarabhi
Come to Tennesee!!!! Or ATL!!!! But preferablt Tennesee!!!!!!!
Richard Fife
8. R.Fife
Peter @5 Hmm, I can definitely swing that. Wonder if I can de facto sit in as Yellow Ajah for any of the ceremonies ;)
9. Freelancer
Wow. Los Angeles got shut out of Brandon's book release tours this time around. I guess the Pasadena seminar counted for an LA trip.

I'm not complaining, he's been here in San Diego twice this year, but I was hoping for something not too far away on the ToM trip. Sacramento? I might as well fly to Provo for the opener.

YouDont NeedToKnow
10. necrosage2005
@ Richard #4

Could you swing by PA and pick me up? I can do the rest of the driving and may even help pay for some of the gas.
Richard Fife
11. R.Fife
@10 Heh, actually, sad truth, it looks almost cheaper to fly, once I add in the toll roads, food on the road, and just the annoyance of having to drive past Richmond/DC. Time to pinch some pennies.
Thomas Keith
12. insectoid
Free @9: A pity... I was looking forward to that. Maybe he'll change his mind and add a stop? Like, say, Vroman's? :)

Luke M
13. lmelior
Three years ago I was ten minutes away from one of his stops, now the closest one is BYU at 650 miles away. :(
Bobby Stubbs
14. Valan
Hell yeah I will be in Dallas November 4th!
16. Random Man
Seriously? Only a seven-day tour? for this book? And no love for New Mexico again? Oh well, at least he'll be getting back to work quickly so I can buy more of his wonderful books.
Kurt Lorey
17. Shimrod
Yay! Somewhere I can be without too much trouble. Double bonus in November. The ToM release date and getting to meet Brandon in person.
James Hogan
19. Sonofthunder
Yeah, I wasn't really expecting a UK location, sadly.

But next year, when I'm back in the States, I will hit the AMOL tour, I swear!
a a-p
20. lostinshadow
echoing hvns2btsy@18 - yes please somewhere, anywhere in Europe please!!!! there is a huge following on this side of the pond too.
Bouke de Boer
21. Bouke
Anywhere would be nice, so long as it is near Amsterdam... ;-)
Marcus W
23. toryx
Hmm. I'm going to have to check my calendar. The NYC date may be the same time my partner is going to NYC for her own book signing.

Otherwise, Boston seems like the best bet.
Rob Munnelly
24. RobMRobM
Toryx @23. If there's going to be a Boston/Cambridge contingent, let me know. Not a great night for me from a scheduling standpoint, but if others are coming I might make the trek. Rob
Mari Davis
25. sheiglagh
Anyone from Dallas and the DFW area (other than me) in this forum?
26. maria
Sadly but not unexpectedly: Once again no visit to Europe?

You should really reconsider this. Düsseldorf ist just beautiful this time of the year.
Ron Garrison
27. Man-0-Manetheran
Nothing in the western US? Wow. Hopefully dates will be added.
28. Ghenjei
@Tor- You mean the Barnes & Noble in Union Sq. right? Not the one @ Lincoln Triangle?
Jason Deshaies
29. darxbane
I'm hope to be at the Boston signing as well.
Heather Johnson
30. HeatherJ
I'm excited for the 11/5 stop in Hanover - it's the day after my birthday, so it's like a present just for me. :)
Ben Frey
31. BenPatient

No Nashville. No surprise. Has there ever been a WoT signing in Nashville?

Davis-Kidd would be PERFECT.
33. Ford75
No love for Canada again either
Karen Jacobs
34. KJacobs
RMRM, Toryx & Darxbane: I'm not the best at finding my way around in town, but if you are all going to be there, I'd love to meet up with you! I'm happy it will be on a weekend - trying to get to Cambridge on a week night wouldn't be possible for me.
Chris Lough
35. TorChris
@28. Ghenjei. No, it's the store at Lincoln Triangle, not Union Square. We'll correct that now.
Matthew Smith
36. blocksmith
Robm^2 @24

I am planning on going to Cambridge this time around...of course, best laid plans and all.
Gabrielle Rashad
38. neverearth
Ick. I might get to Dallas or Provo, but I'm really not digging the 6-8 hour drives. I agree with Random Man. New Mexico needs some love.

I remember hearing that A Memory of Light's gonna be the really big tour, right? How would one go about convincing Tor to put a stop here?
Marcus W
39. toryx
TorChris@ 35:

I thought they were closing the store at Lincoln Triangle. Or is this going to be one of their last events? I'm bummed, man, I love that store.

Boston Folks: It'd be cool to meet a bunch of you. That's makes me more likely to make the 3 hour trip. KJacobs: The Harvard Square Coop is super easy to find. All you have to do is get off at the Harvard Square T station and you're there.
j p
40. sps49
Sacramento will work just fine for me.
John Massey
41. subwoofer
I think I figured it out- Brandon did some recreational stuff when he was in college and customs will not let him across the border. Probably the same for Europe. Bummer that we have a felon for an author. Makes some of the edgy characters realistic as they are coming from real experiences but sucks for the road shows;)

This is all just a theory mind you. Case file is sealed and nothing can be said once a pardon is given.

April Moore
42. aprildmoore
@Sarabhi - I second the Tennessee vote! :-)
Rob Munnelly
43. RobMRobM
@29, 34, 36, 39. OK, I need to seriously investigate the Cambridge event. KJ - Toryx is right - Coop is easy, especially since you can get on the T in Quincy and go right to the Square.

Lynn McDonald
44. meal6225
Yeah a Cincinnati stop! The bunker must be stocked with Graeter's black raspberry chip icecream. Will have to finagle the night off work so I can hopefully work my tail off for free instead!
Alice Arneson
45. Wetlandernw
Those requesting a tour stop... Find a good independent bookstore, get your friends together, and beg them to beg Tor for a tour stop. Then start a facebook movement to get everyone in the area to beg along with you. It could work.

Seriously, the arrangements are mostly made between the publisher and the bookstores. Brandon is a big supporter of independent bookstores, so that's a plus for whatever input he has, which is actually some. Get your bookstore to request it from the publisher, then round up whatever support-begging you can.

For those in other countries, as I understand it, tours would have to be arranged by the company who publishes/distributes his books there. Your best bet is to find out when he's going to be there for another purpose (he's indicated a plan to be in France (??) for a con in the next year or so) and see if they'll come up with the funding to get him to do some signings.

In any case, neither Brandon himself nor Tor will be able to do much in terms of setting up tours or signings in other countries. If you're serious, start working on it!
Karen Jacobs
46. KJacobs
Toryx@39 & RobM@43: Thanks! Looks like the Red Line from Braintree or Quincy will do the trick. I've never been to a signing before, so I'm really starting to look forward to it.
47. alreadymadwithusonlytour
No Asia-Pacific either...
49. boquaz
RE: Europe

It makes sense to do a UK signing somewhere, sometime. This isn't the big one, maybe TOR can arrainge BS's schedule so that he'll be ready for a mega-tour next time around. He's been doing a lot of touring, and we really want him to finish up the rest of the series before we wear him out.

I was in Edinburgh for the relsease of TGS (live in the States), and picked it up there. It seemed to be doing well, and was prominantly placed in the bookstore.

It's fine to say Brandon can't set his tour schedule (not really his job), but TOR does have some influence there. They know who the distributers are, they have the ability to post something on their webpage advertising for tour locations. If they can advertise for "Tower Guard", they can invite groups to apply for tour stops as well. In the end though, Wetlander is right, it's up to the local book stores to make it happen.
Tyler Goostree
50. tgoostree
BenPatient@ 31:
I seriously doubt we'll ever see a WoT signing in Nashville. If there's an AMOL tour stop in ATL, you and I are going on a road trip!!!
51. pearannoyed
Question about the Dallas stop... There are 3 Borders Bookstores that claim Dallas as their home. Can I assume your visit will be to the one on McKinney Ave? It's the closest to Love Field and the closest to "downtown" Dallas.
52. christicr4
Nothing in the South at all? No offense Texas, but really, there is a huge fan base here in Florida as well as the Carolinas and Georgia. 
53. roib
wtf? anyone ever hear of that part of the country not on the east/west coasts?
Daniel Hanley
54. dmhman749
well he isn't coming anywhere near places he already visited during the Way of Kings tour last month, which included Orlando, FL; Atlanta, GA; and Raleigh, NC.
55. kityarah
Awww nothin near enough for me to get to. TN would be nice ^^

Would really be fun, hopefully someday. Then again I'll be back in Minnesota before long and no one ever goes there for these things rofl.

Good luck with it Brandon and Harriet!

Have fun! for anyone who is close enough to go. ^^
56. Jetman
Bailey's Crossroads, here I come (for the third time)!
57. Asha'man Chris
Here's a thought. Do some Canadian dates. Such a let-down that they didn't come to Vancouver for the last book.
58. JS - GoldenEyes
Really disappointed that they are not making an appearance at Jordan's hometown of Charleston. Might be nice to pay tribute to the series' creator.
59. El'shanna
Yay! Cincinnati!
60. FireSprinklerDesiger
Jordan himself did a signing here in Nashville years ago (in the Davis Kidd in Green Hills if old memory serves), but we are overdue for a return of the WoT SignBus.

Here's another vote for America's Music City to recieve some Tor attention.

61. Billiam
Where's the Charleston signing? C'mon Tor, Charleston was RJ's hometown. He always had signings there.
Poojitha Sitaram
62. sitarap
I echo @31. BenPatient, please come to Nashville.. pretty please??
julian cook
63. madcapmonster
Could you let me know when itunes uk will have the audiobook
Rob Munnelly
64. RobMRobM
As noted on no. 23 thread, I'm unclear whether I can make Cambridge signing on 11/7 but will try to say yea or nay in next day or two. I'm aware that KJacobs is planning to go.

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