Sep 2 2010 11:38am

The Doctor’s 13th Incarnation as Sketched by You

Over at Whitechapel, comic creator Warren Ellis has thrown down the gauntlet to his community: Design the 13th (and final) incarnation of The Doctor. No Photoshop hacks, no pen-portraits, but actual drawings.

The challenge was issued on August 29th but the results are starting to trickle in now, including efforts from Pia Guerra (Y: The Last Man, Doctor Who: The Forgotten), Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night, Fell), Annie Wu, and more. Check out Guerra’s rendition of the 13th Doctor with Sally Sparrow.

Exciting, no? Any Whitechapel forum member is free to post their own illustration. I salivate (in private, of course) to think what some of’s featured artists could do in this challenge...

Chris Greenland always seems to get stuck writing the posts where The Doctor is someone else.

F Shelley
1. FSS

It doesn't look like Johnny Depp.

*Ducks for cover*
F Shelley
2. FSS
Actually - the drawing almost looks like a black guy* as the Doctor, which would be a fairly daring direction to take the franchise.

* What is the term in the UK, anyway? African-Anglo? Don't tell me they don't have a PC term over there...
Chris Greenland
3. greenland
*hurls K-9 at FSS*

Some folks over at Whitechapel have been substituting in Patterson Joseph as their 13th Doctor, as he was the gossiped favorite to take over as 11 before Matt Smith was announced. (Annie Wu has Bill Nighy as 13, so there's lots of wish fulfillment going on over there.) Might be what you're seeing here? Pia's drawing makes me pine for Christopher Eccleston, personally.
F Shelley
4. FSS
*Ducks K-9*

I wouldn't go so far as to say wish fulfillment. Something about the drawn character above reminds me of some African American or other...short hair, ears sticking out a little, chin slightly tilted up so it looks like he's looking down at you...maybe I'm thinking of Barrack Obama...

Anyway - as to Patterson - I just can't see it. Forever in my mind he's the douche-bag Weakest Link contestant who kept whining about his money and died...badly.

Maybe Michael Obiora? The guy who played the cop in "Blink" and got sent back in time..."Life is short and you are hot." That line cracks my wife and me up every time...

My issue is I don't know very many up and coming UK actors. And I'm kinda hoping Matt Smith stays around for a while.

Then we'll see how they deal with the whole limited regeneration thing without the other Time Lords to grant him an extension like they did for the Master...
Steven Halter
5. stevenhalter
Of course, since he's now the 'only' Time Lord maybe he can grant himself an extension ...
--It seems unlikely that when they need a #14 they would just say "Oh well, that's it for the franchise".
Chris Greenland
6. greenland
I'd love it if 13 gets killed and THEN discovers, as he dies, that he's regenerating. "I'm regenerating? I'm regenerating!" Simple as that.
james loyd
7. gaijin
So...Obama and Emma Watson? Interesting.
Alex Brown
8. AlexBrown
I'm really diggin Neil Ford's (pg 2), Ben Templesmith's (pg 3), and Paul Sizer's (pg 3) most especially.

I know Moffatt said he's going to blatantly ignore the whole 13th rule and all, but he's also been reluctant to look outside the white English male box because it would be too shocking or somesuch nonsense. I say go bold or go home. When Matt Smith packs up his bags, it's time to be shocking and daring and risky. Hell, it's been, what 50 years (or 900+ years depending on how you look at it) of colonial rule. Let's spread out a bit, shall we?
David Sandey
9. DavidSandey
All I can say is "Time War". We have already seem more than 13 Doctors on TV. That is those that appeared in continuity, not including Rowan Atkinson, et. al, who appeared in spoofs, or actors replacing deceased prior actors.

It is also presumed that the William Hartnell was not the first regeneration of The Doctor.

So... in summation - "Time War!"
jon meltzer
10. jmeltzer
I want to see the Twelfth Doctor slowly morph into ... Roger Delgado. 
Rob Hansen
11. RobHansen
>What is the term in the UK, anyway? African-Anglo?
>Don't tell me they don't have a PC term over there...

Everyone mostly just says 'black'. You see 'afro-carribean' on official forms but I've never actually heard anyone say this in person.
Mike Conley
12. NomadUK
What is the term in the UK, anyway? African-Anglo? Don't tell me they don't have a PC term over there...

When we bother to note the distinction, it's generally just 'black'.
Emmet O'Brien
13. EmmetAOBrien
We are definitely ignoring the Thirteen == Merlin bits from the Seven story Battlefield, then ?
Abdel Masdoua
14. TheDarkOne
Great stuff over there!

Also @Milo1313, where did you see that Moffatt is gonna disregard "the whole 13th rule and all"?
I'm intrigued, since I never saw that anywhere, but if you could show me the light...

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