Sep 18 2010 9:49pm

Night of the Living Trekkies, the book trailer

Zombie Week on wraps up on Monday, but until then we urge you to enjoy a some thematically appropriate distraction with this book trailer from Quirk Books’s late July release Night of the Living Trekkies.

The synthesis between Trekkie (well, Trekker) and zombies that is on display here is stunning. It’s bloodier than a Klingon bachelor party and more fun than Pon farr. (Well, okay, maybe not more fun than that.) We wish it were a movie trailer.

Roland of Gilead
3. pKp
I'm not a Trek fan at all, and I would STILL watch that movie. Make it naw plz.
Matthew Haase
4. Indagator
Ditto. Please tell me someone's optioning the movie rights as we speak.

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