Sep 1 2010 2:30pm

“Day Jobs”: Business Cards for Fictional Companies

Reason #42,017 for why I love the Internet: A few days ago I was swooning over amazing alternate reality movie posters, so yesterday someone sent me a link to designer Fernando Reza’s equally brilliant business cards for fictional companies. “Day Jobs,” a limited edition poster “full of bits of pop culture and nerdy easter eggs” contains clever nods to everything from Batman comics to Watchmen to Office Space. It's basically a beautifully designed treasure trove of inside jokes that you can hang on your wall (or fill a Rolodex with, as Reza points out)—check out the mega-sized version for all the entertaining details.

Of course, once you’re through figuring out all the geeky references, you can immediately start playing the “What’s Missing?” game... how about Blue Sun, Firefly fans? Whither the Tyrell Corporation? What about some Yoyodyne for the Thomas Pynchon/Buckaroo Bonzai fans in the house? The concept is so much fun that I can’t help but hope for a Part II...

Bridget McGovern is happy to report that she has a pretty excellent business card of her own, even though she’s only semi-fictional.

JS Bangs
1. jaspax
What, no Aperture Science? That's where I'd want to work... minus the deadly neurotoxins.
Alex Brown
2. AlexBrown
As much as I love this poster, there are only 2 reasons I'd buy it: Paper Street Soap Company, Bluth Company. If they had switched Sterling Cooper to Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce then you'd have to steal my credit cards in order to keep me from buying it NOW.
Bridget McGovern
4. BMcGovern
@ jaspax Aperture Science definitely deserves a business card!

@ Milo1313 I'm such an Arrested Development nerd that I kind of want Sitwell and Standpoor cards, too :)

We've been sitting around the office coming up with these all day--my personal favorites so far are Rekall Memory Vacations, Krebstar, the Phoenix Foundation, Wolfram & Hart, and Knight Industries...someone also suggested Pierce and Pierce (the firm from American Psycho), which works really well, too...
Tikitu de Jager
5. tikitu
Last Exit To Nowhere has some spectacular tshirts advertising companies from sf (and other) films. Fancy a USCSS Nostromo hoodie? (Not affiliated, just a fan. I don't even own any of their swag... yet.)
Chris Greenland
6. greenland
I don't remember where I got it, but I have an "Official Avengers Member Card" somewhere around. It gets me into all kinds of top secret facilities!

(I know, not a business, but kind of a franchise.)
The Ragi
7. The Ragi

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