Aug 19 2010 5:26pm

Reading at the Speed of Sound Podcast, Episode 4: Audiobook Review of Alan Goldsher’s Paul Is Undead: The British Zombie Invasion

Alan is a life-long Beatles fan who decides to write the definitive oral history of the zombie Beatles. Risking life and limb for interviews and tell-all stories, he delivers the goods about a brain-obsessed band and their blood- soaked rise up the charts. This hilarious mashup offers an ingenious take on the Beatles legend and narrator Simon Vance brings it to life (or death, depending on your perspective) with an incredible audio performance. This review includes clips from the audiobook, as well as comments from the narrator and author. Be sure and give a listen!



Librarian by day, at night Susan is the audiobook reviews editor for SF Site. For more info about audiobooks, visit her site, AudiobookDJ.

1. MacMacMac
Read the book, and it was awesome. The audiobook sounds equally good. I'm on it like brains on a zombie's lip.
2. AudioBookFans
Great review! Loved the interview with Simon Vance on the approach he took to manage all of the different voices.

This is next on my to be listened to pile!

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