Aug 26 2010 3:40pm

Power laces? Alright!

Fans of the Back to the Future series will recognize this recently-filed patent.

(Well, technically, the patent was filed several months ago. The info only became public today.) I guess we can  cross that off the list of Future Stuff Promised By This Movie:

  • Massive laserdisc recycling
  • Sports almanacs covering only the 20th century
  • Deaths of Reagan/Michael Jackson/Ayatollah
  • Inefficient postal system
  • Goofy clothes
  • Power lacing shoes
  • Flying cars
  • Hoverboards
  • Efficient weather warning service
  • Dust-repellent paper
  • Cheap spleen/colon/blood replacement
  • Lawyers abolished
  • Jaws 19
  • USA Today ridiculous logo redesign
  • Fax machines in every room

Almost halfway there!

Chris Greenland is kind of weirded out by how Blade Runner is giving Back To The Future II a run for its money in the future-stuff department.

Jeff Hentosz
2. Hentosz
You left off "flying steam locomotive." Or, wait, would be on the list of "Ways in Which History Has Disappointed Us"? Gah. Time travel is hard.
Chris Greenland
3. greenland
Whoops. Meant to say revealed yesterday, not today.

@Hentosz. I would take a flying steam locomotive over all of the things on this list combined!
Ashe Armstrong
4. AsheSaoirse
You forgot Mr. Fusion, which if set up properly, could no doubt power the car as well as the flux capacitor.

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