Aug 19 2010 2:01pm

Phil Plait’s Bad Universe Expands

Phil Plait, scientist, skeptic, author, and everyone’s favorite Bad Astronomer, has announced that his new show will premiere on the Discovery Channel on Sunday, August 29th at 10:00 pm (Eastern Time). The three-part program will feature Plait exploring popular myths and gleefully debunking junk science propagated by TV and movies through his command of clear and cogent scientific fact and reasoning...and the power of awesome explosions:

Fascinating doomsday scenarios, skepticism, and blowing stuff up in the interest of science: what’s not to like? Phil Plait’s Bad Universe promises to unleash the theoretical love child of Carl Sagan and the Mythbusters on all manner of dubious Hollywood “science,” and I, for one, can’t wait to watch him start blowing holes in it. Literally.

Bridget McGovern is looking forward to watching Phil Plait prove once and for all that the strategic deployment of Bruce Willis, a scrappy crew of character actors and a terrible Aerosmith power ballad might not be humanity's most effective method of avoiding mass extinction.

John Fitzingo
1. Xandar01
To bad I canceled my cable last year. Missed a bunch of Mythbusters episodes and now this... sigh.
2. SummerStorms
This sort of thing is precisely the reason why I keep my cable subscription.
4. Abyss
Most recent season free to watch here. Also good for CSI and NCIS. Need to wait and see where this series will get posted online.

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