Jul 28 2010 4:32pm

The Rocketry Blog

The Rocketry BlogThrough the magic of Google Alerts (*hangs head in shame* yes, I regularly Google every incarnation of tordotcom possible) I ran across The Rocketry Blog. Real rockets. Paper rockets. Flyable rockets. More rockety goodness than you can shake a nose-cone at!

Irene Gallo sez, egg him on to give Stubby the gift of flight!

Stefan Jones
1. Stefan Jones
To show you how much of a frigging geek I am (, I knew instantly, w/o reading the signature, what those drawings were even though I'd never seen them before:

The illustrations for Orville Carlisle's patent application for reusable model rockets.
Irene Gallo
2. Irene
I remember many fine hours running across open fields hunting down my brothers' Estes Rockets. This make me want to run out and fly one again.
Stefan Jones
3. Wayne (The Rocketry Blog)
Thanks guys for the post. Yes I will give Stubby the power of flight. The big challenge is making her stable. Stability in rocketry is essential for a straight predictable flight. While it's easy for long skinny rockets it's a bit more of a challenge in short stubby rockets. No problem, she will fly soon. I will post pictures.

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