Jul 30 2010 5:20pm

Paranormal Romance Grab Bag You-Know-What-Friday-Means!

Look, we’ve been seeing each other for like a month now, and I think we have something really special going on. There’s so much I want to give you, you know? Love and trust and a good roll in the hay and OH YEAH BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS.  It’s grab bag giveaway time! Enter to win an assortment of tasty paranormal romance and urban fantasy books.

The Rules: To enter the giveaway, leave one comment—duplicates won’t count—on this post between now and noon EST, Tuesday, August 2 3. Six winners will be chosen randomly. The giveaway is open to everyone everywhere. Please check your email Tuesday or Wednesday; if we don’t hear back from you by noon on Thursday, your prize will go to someone else.

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Will Heus
1. Will Heus
Me me me!!

Pretty please with a magical dagger and hot leather pants on top!!
Will Heus
2. freakingmuse
*tries again*

Will Heus
3. Stephen Perigo
It would be an unprecedented delight if I were chosen as the winner. So, please make it happen!
Will Heus
5. Maggie Mae Short
Oooh Free books? You said the magic words. Hi my name is Maggie and I AM a book-aholic who made make good use of any sent my way and share with others when I was done. *grins sweetly*
Rick franz
8. savazar
Is there anything better then Free Books?
Will Heus
11. Rylie
Enter me, please!
Will Heus
12. Anassa
Definitely in! I've got to win sometime…
Will Heus
13. amanda80
No, there is nothing better than free books... Except maybe more free books... and Nathan Fillion...
Will Heus
14. betsiroo
Can haz, plz? :D
Will Heus
15. Lee Nelson
Well, of course I want to win...but if Will Heus posts a picture of himself in leather hot pants, then I vote that he wins.

Because the rest of us will be blinded at the sight.
Will Heus
16. Ewa S-R
My To Read pile is depressingly low. This is an emergency. Please help.

Will Heus
19. DawnG54301
Is there anything better than a book? I think Groucho Marx said it best: Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.

:) There is no such thing as too many books.
Shay D.
21. shaydchara
You might just tempt me into this genre yet! (I've read some urban fantasy, but nothing recent.)

Also, yay! Free books!
Will Heus
24. Yamil Sarraga
Free books?! Hell yeah!!! Paranormal Romance?! Even better!!!!
Will Heus
27. Spaz_OL
Awesome giveaway again!
Corey McKinnon
28. CMcKinnon
Free books are always welcome at my house.
Abigail Springborn
29. cryaegm
Yay! Mmm, yummy. Free books. I love free books.
Will Heus
30. Julie Anne Lindsey
Great contest! Hooray for book giveaways!
Will Heus
31. NCDonna
Yes! Books! FREE BOOKS!!! Yes, I know I'm shouting, the thought of free books makes me scream and shout and dance and sing. Woo-hoo!
Will Heus
32. DeirdreT
free books are great
Will Heus
34. Kai Charles
Yes please! I loved seeing you guys at SDCC great books
Elizabeth Gingles
36. Spera
Wishin and Hopin and Dreaming....
Will Heus
37. Alain Ducharme
I just bought shelves. I need books to fill them.
Will Heus
38. Donna Kim
Oh Yes! Please count me in. :D

*fingers crossed*

Thank you!!!
Will Heus
39. melemolly
Gasp! It is moar books!
Wen Wen Yang
41. muteddragon
My book shelves are empty! (Well, not really, but it wouldn't hurt.)
Will Heus
47. ezreader books you say?! Count me in! :)
Will Heus
51. Alden Ash
I have been experiencing a dearth of winnings, a virtual famine for months you can help alleviate here.
Will Heus
52. Dr. Tuka
Thanks, my friends (you know who you are) for the heads up on this give-away. Books are always what the doctor orders!
Will Heus
53. Fred Coulter
I was wondering. If I gave the books to my wife, would she consider that a romantic present?
Will Heus
54. J.A. Beard
Books! Woo.
Will Heus
57. Steph.Ellis
Yay, I love free books!
Will Heus
58. Hobbes_Kat
I'd like to try again.
Will Heus
59. tyco_wiregirl
Free books!
Will Heus
60. Abigail_AllThingsUF
Yippee Skippee. Thanks again!
Will Heus
64. Jasonfive
I'm in. I need more books since I moved out here and haven't replenished my missing books yet.
Will Heus
65. Shane Ede
I've just gotten into reading some urban fantasy, so a nice selection of UF books would be wonderful!
Will Heus
66. JJLind
Booooooooks uh I mean braiiiinnsssss.
Will Heus
67. Tiffany M.
lovely, lovely books!
Will Heus
69. LAJG
Pretty please?!
Kevin Hogan
70. dromedan
My bookshelves aren't remotely empty, but I would still love more books. It's a sickness, but one that I embrace wholeheartedly (like my caffeine addiction).
Will Heus
73. atomicbeard
Definitely would love to give this a try. Have had an insatiable appetite for my sci fi and fantasy writing lately.

Would be a great way to finish off the rest of my summer.
Sarah Hale
74. rocketshale
It's been interesting following the urban fantasy and paranormal romance discussions this past month. And it has made me want to read more in these genres, so I'm in!
Will Heus
75. kluelos
Nope, nothing to say, just trying for the freebie.
Will Heus
76. Jacqueline C.
Yay, more books!
Will Heus
79. Stephica
Would love to have some new reading material!
Will Heus
80. CassR
Yep, I'm in on this one.
katya llego
81. katya14
Oh me like free books. Books! Books! Books!
Will Heus
82. sbass
Too late to think of anything clever to say
Will Heus
84. terenewen
Oh please please please yes.
Will Heus
86. PRT
oh please please please! =)
Will Heus
88. Sue Red
Oh!!! Count me in!!!
Will Heus
94. Kim Krodel
I'm writing a romatic fantasy myself at the moment. I have a copy of Kushiel's Dart in the TBR pile and figured I'd check out the publisher's site. So here I am.
And I can always stack more books in my pile, so bring it on, pretty please.
Kelly Mayberry
95. Keslynn
I'm addicted so please feed my habit.
Will Heus
96. Derek J. Goodman
Always got to try for free books, right?
Will Heus
98. Mickie T
I just bought (and read and loved) Marjorie Liu's The Wild Light. So I obviously need free books to go with it!
Jeff Domer
100. jqueasy
I want to play the game and win the cash... and books.
Will Heus
101. Dovile
Awesome! I'm in!
Will Heus
102. The Ragi
Here's hoping to win some swag.
Will Heus
103. nother mike
Books are always good...
Will Heus
105. SKR0706
Yay! Thanks!
Will Heus
107. rubydog
Wow! I would love to win.
Count me in!
Will Heus
108. amtw
Will Heus
109. wandering-dreamer
Comment comment comment!
Sandi Kallas
110. Sandikal
Free is good. I keep trying for free, but not getting. :(
Dru O'Higgins
111. bellman
I'm just such a fan of free books. Me please!
charles dumel
112. charlesdumel
charles dumel
113. charlesdumel
Io, io, io!

I feel so book deprived at the moment,

Please, pretty please, let it be me!
Ilona Fenton
116. felinewyvern
*Throws name into hat and crosses fingers*
Frank Nagy
118. fjnagy
You can never have too many books.
Will Heus
119. Taddycrow80
Excited at the prospect of books, as always.
Will Heus
120. CazApr1
Ooo, books will always win my heart
Will Heus
122. Naglost
Book giveaways are great!
Will Heus
124. OtterB
Yes, please.
Will Heus
126. Dana Michelle
My hubbie knows books are my true love, but free books really get me going;)
Will Heus
127. Book Girl
Where do I put my signature?
Autumn Theriault
130. twofistededitor
Please please please! I need something to read at work!
Will Heus
131. pyr1te
always need more books!
Will Heus
133. jennythereader
Might as well try again. :)
Will Heus
134. Kmac
books!! again!!!! i would like to take this relationship to another level and be a winner. :)
Will Heus
135. beket
Woo Hoo!! More books!
Will Heus
136. Alopex
I'd love to win one of these grab bags!
Will Heus
137. Meredithfl
Isn't Tuesday the 3rd? lol I'd love to win anyways!
Will Heus
138. hampshireflyer
Yes please to free books!
Tom Hill
140. thill2
Books? Yes, please! More than one means some to share!
Will Heus
142. Bookworm
Books! Can never have too many books!
Will Heus
144. SaraC56
Pick me! :)
Will Heus
145. Amber Stults
A giveaway with surprise books - fun!
Will Heus
147. Kyna Foster
I need more books, I just blew through 4 this weekend. You wouldn't want me to die from book starvation, would you? ;)
George Grivas
149. Unuldur
We need more books for the summer, thanks Tor for the opportunity!
Will Heus
153. Regremp
ok but this is the last time!
Will Heus
154. Amanda M.
Yay another grab bag!
Pamela Adams
157. PamAdams
Booookkkkzzzzz.... (said with that zombie-ish inflection!)
Will Heus
158. BrianMc
Free book? Sure, sounds great.
Will Heus
159. ninjapenguin
Free books? Pretty please? I'll give you a cupcake.
Kristen Cook
160. Clover4
Paranormal romance? You read my flirty mind!
Will Heus
161. Alicia Hall
Count me in my tbr pile is starting to look a little slim!!
Will Heus
162. AWright
Always looking for more tasty books!
Brian McCullogh
163. webmccullogh
Thanks for the opportunity, these giveaways are great!
Will Heus
165. Galena
nom nom nom books!
Will Heus
166. emmad
Oh wow a bag of Tor books what more could a girl ask for?
Will Heus
167. Susan McFarlane
Free books please.
Will Heus
168. Debbie Whittemore
I would love to win a bag of Tor books! Especially, if there are some blood-suckers in there!
Will Heus
169. Kimberly B.
Sounds awesome, of course! I'd love to win!
Will Heus
170. Alexx D
OHH!!!! I would LOVE TO WIN!!! OH~!!~
Bonnie Andrews
171. misfortuona
Grab bag for me too please.
Mis-needs more reading material
Doug Browne
172. dejaffa
I know someone who needs this bag...
Will Heus
173. incendiarylvr
I could use a bag of books. Would love some new reading material!
Will Heus
174. donnas
Awesome. Thanks for the chance!!
Will Heus
175. HavelockDT
trying again ;)
Will Heus
176. Chelsea B.
Fantastic contest!
Maarten Bouwman
177. Bouwman
Hope I'm still in time to participate on this Magical giveaway.
Ciao to everybody!
Tina A
178. Tinaa
~hand up~

Pick me! Pick me!

Pretty please?
Will Heus
179. heatwave16
Books are fabulous!!! Sign me up!!!
Will Heus
181. Dot S.
Fantastic! pick me!
Will Heus
183. Buffy Mize
Fabulous contest! Book are my world. ^_^
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