Jul 2 2010 7:03pm

Fireworks! Chickens! Patriotism! Weirdos! Happy Fourth from!

Happy Fourth of July to everyone celebrating the holiday weekend, and for everyone simply celebrating the regular weekend, Happy Friday! We’ll be posting as usual over the next few days, but in the meantime, let’s all sit back and enjoy some classic, Muppet-style patriotism courtesy of Sam the Eagle: keeping the world safe from weirdos since 1976...

John Massey
1. subwoofer
The clip is not working for me -won't play- but happy 4th to all the American folks out there!

Good times:)

Tess Laird
2. thewindrose
Hiya sub!!! Maybe it only works for Americans, not Blightnadians:)

Liza .
3. aedifica
And Sam didn't notice that the Swedish Chef is Swedish? *grin*
Phoenix Falls
4. PhoenixFalls
Not to mention the bear who is likely Canadian and the penguin who is likely Antarcitcan. . . and if Animal is based on Keith Moon wouldn't he be a Brit? :)
Daniel Brown
6. I_Slap_Raptors
There is no occasion that cannot be improved by The Muppets...

Happy Fourth of July weekend to our American cousins!

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