Jun 16 2010 11:01am

True Blood: “Pack of Wolves” episode review

HBO’s sexy hit series returned with its third season premiere and female fans everywhere were grateful for the invention of paid cable.

I’m just grateful for the return of guilty pleasure summer TV. If I’m going to be indoors on a beautiful, warm evening, I demand vampires, gore, soapy romance and gratuitous nudity. True Blood delivers. While a certain segment of the audience will appreciate Eric Northman in the buff and Bill and Sam almost sharing a dream-shower, the episode offered enough thrills to look really good to anyone.

No time has passed in Bon Tempscharacters with this much drama in their lives don’t have time for a hiatus! Bill’s kidnapping is the big mystery to start the season and we get at least a partial answer to who’s behind it. For as much of an old-fashioned stick in the mud as he is, Bill definitely has his moments of kick ass that remind you he is indeed a powerful vampire. And pretty clever. What scares him so much about Mississippi? Is it more than just werewolves? (Insert inbred cannibal hillbilly joke here.)

Sookie is still hilariously self-absorbed. I loved the way everyone mocked her for needing a few minutes to herself before answering Bill’s marriage proposal. For a telepath, she’s pretty oblivious. I get that Bill would be
her number one concern, but sparing a few more moments for Tara might have been nice. Or noticing that Jessica was clearly hiding something (a corpse.) Hell, Sookie barely batted an eyelash at a naked Eric, that’s how flustered she is. Her “Holy S!” was adorable though. She may act like an idiot sometimes, but Sookie’s also really likable.

Speaking of Tara, remember when we saw that she and Sookie were best friends instead of being told they were? They haven’t really hung out since the first season. I thought Eggs was probably the worst character on TV last season, so watching Tara mourn for his death is boring. Watching her lash out at everyone is also pretty boring. I’ve got a bad feeling that Tara’s scenes will continue to be most conductive to fridge runs and bathroom breaks. I hope she gets over the angst quick and something interesting—maybe even positive—happens to her. Jason dealing with the psychological aftermath of killing Eggs and searching for some direction in life is more interesting. Provided he finds some direction soon.

I’m excited to learn more about Sam’s family and what makes them so bad. Shapeshifters and werewolves in the same season? I hope he runs into Bill outside of his dreams.

Meanwhile, in Fangtasia, Eric and the Queen of Louisiana will probably have to kill the Magistrate if they want to keep their V-dealing secret. Which is a shame because that actor is really good. I knew Eric couldn’t have kidnapped Bill. Too obvious!

Werewolves, vampire plots, rotting bodies, shapeshifters and drama! All in all, Bon Temps is looking really hot this summer, making me feel a lot less guilty about my guilty pleasure television viewing.

Some highlights:

  • Pam: “I don’t know what it is about me that makes people think I want to hear their problems. Maybe I smile too much. Maybe I wear too much pink. But please remember, I can rip your throat out if I need to, and also know that I am not a hooker. That was a long, long time ago.”
  • Andy Bellefleur to Jason: “Conscience off; d—- on.”
  • The scary, non-CGI, titular pack of wolves as seen in the episode’s postmortem. I really appreciate they’re not-ridiculous animatronics or silly cartoon dogs like in...some other vampire/werewolf bit of pop culture.

Theresa DeLucci is writing her post about True Blood on vacation. That’s how much she loves Lafayette.

Daniel Goss
1. Beren
For me, the funniest moment this week.

Jason: "I keep seeing these bullet holes in your head"
Girl (Missy?): "I'm outta here."

Could. Not. Stop. Laughing.

Andrew Belmont
2. rosetintdworld
My favorite line (paraphrased):

Pam: How did you know that was my favorite color?
Sookie: I don't have TIME for any creepy lesbian stuff right now, Pam!

Oh, Sookie. You may be whiney 50% of the time, but when you're on, you are ON.
3. Stylester
Great recap! I am officially in LOVE with Eric! I want to see a softer emotional side to him again and see him actually feeling something for someone like Goderick in the last season.
You are dead-on with Sookie! She's annoying but lovable.
I'll be back for more True Blood reviews!
-Ritu from
Jason Henninger
5. jasonhenninger
I enjoyed this episode a lot (and your recap as well). Just like to add that the vampire queen really gets on my nerves. Her acting more than the character itself, but some of both. I hope "bad things" happen to her soon (not the fun sort of bad things the show specializes in). She can join Eggs in the "characters I'm happy to see departed" list.

All I know is so long as there's plenty of Lafayette, I'll be happy. He's my favorite character on the show by far.
Alex Brown
6. AlexBrown
Can we PLEASE just kill of Tara already? Every time she comes on I zone out. I had to watch this ep with a book handy (Pete Dexter's "Deadwood") so when Ball spent 5 frakking hours on her whinging and sulking I didn't have to be bothered. Her screen time could've been spent on two or three more naked sexy Sam/Bill shower dreams.

Jason @ 5: Lafayette isn't my favorite character by a long shot but I do loves him mucho. No one else in the world could pull off that basketball dress and feathered fedora :)
7. default88
Whats everyone's problem with Tara. Yeah she's whiny and a bitch but she's not exactly that functional of a person. From day one we saw that. From her alcoholic mother, her exorcism (turned pseudo-exorcism, turned summoning), all the crap with Marianne, now this.

She kinda relied on Eggs to be that one stable person in her life to hold her together through all this crap. Sookie wasn't there exactly so she relied on him at the end. He gets shot in the head so of course thats gonna make her lose it. Yeah, she's a pain (but a funny one at times. The early bar scene in this episode) but its kinda understandable.
Alex Brown
8. AlexBrown
default88 @ 7: My problem with Tara is that her entire point in life is acting like a box of TNT anytime anyone says anything at all. And she only knew Eggs for, what, a month? Eggs wasn't much more than a six pack with a nice face, and it's not like they were in love. And he was a serial killer. A drugged up serial killer who came at a cop with a giganto knife and made it very clear that he wasn't putting it down. Tara isn't upset about her childhood trauma, she's upset that the serial killer dude she crushed on got himself shot attacking a cop.

If Tara could go back to being interesting and more than just a bundle of screaming irritations, I'd like her more. She was great when she was still working the bar with Sam, but she just kills me now...

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