Jun 29 2010 11:37am

True Blood episode review: “It Hurts Me Too”

This week on True Blood, things got messier. Way messier.

Um. That ending. Certainly one of the more memorable True Blood endings in awhile. Maybe not in a good way. I’m not sure what to make of it. Kind of left me speechless at first. Well, no, at first I was hoping Bill was going to pop Lorena’s head off so we can finally get rid of her boring storyline. Then I noticed the cheesy Tom Savini-like effects and laughted my ass off a bit.

That was a bad sex scene, but I still can’t say it was more off-putting than Tara and Franklin’s creepy sex noises. I get that touching “the void” in a vampire’s pants is supposed to be like an exorcism, but I just didn’t want to see Franklin’s O-face. Ever. That shifty bloke is all over Bon Temps, snooping into Bill’s life and hiding Jessica’s body. For a minute I thought maybe Franklin was genuinely interested in Tara and her troubles, but forcing her to invite him inside Sookie’s place convinced me otherwise.

Before having truly Linda Blair-like relations, Bill was busy having flashbacks to the last time he saw his family. I liked it better when I thought Bill had never seen his wife and children again after being turned, so we don’t have to sit through another scene with Lorena telling Bill to obey his thirst and embrace his new nature as a vampire and get rid of Sookie because he’ll only hurt her. We get it! Vampires are evil at heart but Bill is noble because he tries to act against it and it makes him all tragic. Didn’t we see this scene in pretty much every other Lorena and Bill flashback?

Not that Bill’s loyalty will matter much anyway. Countdown until Sookie sleeps with new werewolf Alcide begins... now. I agree that he’s a welcome addition to the cast. But you have to wonder what kind of man gets left for Cooter. For real?

Sookie’s headed right into Bill’s path. I hope. But I imagine Bill will really want to take his engagement ring back now. Not because he’s suddenly evil, but because I bet he’s going to regret his affair instantly. He was pretty much regretting it as he did it. Hence the extreme awkwardness. Sookie better find something to do with anyone soon because watching her ask everyone about Bill is getting a little one-note.

Other points of interest:

  • Arleen sucks. I liked her until she decided to lie to Terry about “his” baby. Which must surely be Renee’s, right? I kind of hope it’s a monster baby with accelerated growth and Terry really is the father, just because he looked so damn happy.
  • Jason has been the philosopher poet of Bon Temps ever since he helped defeat Maryann. Every scene with him contains some little pearl of idiot logic. He’s getting to be almost as funny as Lafayette.
  • Eric patting the passenger seat of the “discreet” new convertible he’s giving Lafayette.
  • Pam gets some of Eric’s Estonian dancer.
  • Talbot asking if he could get Cooter a Zima with about as much disdain as anyone could ever muster. Do you think Russell was buying what he told Bill when he said making Talbot his eternal husband was the best thing ever? They don’t exactly seem like the best match at times; like the honeymoon ended a few decades ago.
  • Sam’s family was probably best kept lost. That rainbow assortment of shots was impressive though. I hate watching lovable Sam get exploited. These guys seem like grifters. Who was snooping around Merlotte’s in animal form? Mama or Tommy?

Share your theories and thoughts below!

Theresa DeLucci is a graduate of the 2008 Clarion West Writers’ Worshop. her short fiction has appeared in Chizine, Morbid Outlook, and Tear magazine. She’s also pretty excited about Johnny Lee Miller being cast in the fifth season of Dexter.

j p
1. sps49
I may have to start watching this.
2. MirandaL
Oh, I'm not sure about the last scene... See, remember in the flashback, Lorena basically ordered Bill to a) not kill his wife as she'd been begging him and b) to erase her memory. It is starting to look more and more like she has some sort of control over him. Which disturbs me because that means in the last scene Lorena basically raped Bill. As he's repeating that he'll never, ever etc., it looks like she basically just forced him... At the same time, it makes me wonder if maybe the head twisting part is him maybe starting to break that bond that appears to make him completely at Lorena's mercy.
Andrew Belmont
3. rosetintdworld
I really didn't like this episode, as much as I wanted to.

There are now so many plots in True Blood--unrelated ones, unlike the last two seasons--that it seems like the general pacing of things from here on out will be to advance each of the two dozen or so major characters' plots by about four minutes an episode. I hope that I'm proven wrong very, very soon, but this episode just struck me as unforgivably slow.

I still love my True Blood, though, and with that, here are some other thoughts:

I found THAT SCENE really, really disturbing. For the same reasons that Miranda@2 did (I think that it's pretty clear she does have some sort of sway over him...) and because unlike the reviewer, I thought the twisting effect was way more ick than humorous (ughhhh), and just, ew.

In one of your previous reviews you noted that it's been forever since we've seen Tara and Sookie be best friends, instead of just being told they were. The funeral scene here made me really happy for that reason. Of course, it's followed up immediately by Tara getting mindraped YET AGAIN. I mean, really? Is Tara now only good for being the show's mental punching bag? Really irritating.

The Lafayette and Eric interaction was great. Same with Pam and Jessica. I really love the Batman and Robin routine they are developing. And I just love the way Pam chews the scenery. She really lights up the whole show.

Sookie's "performance" at the werebar was a nice reminder of how competent she is, even if she is totally headstrong and gets into trouble way too easily.

Regarding Arlene: when I first saw the scene with the doctor, I assumed that the timing of the pregnancy was off because she can't remember her and Terry's first time--it was Maryanne induced. But I have no concept of how much time passes in the course of this show, so I can't tell if this is plausible? Is it possible that the baby IS Terry's, just conceived via Maryanne's hypnosis?

Thanks for these reviews. They're great.
Theresa DeLucci
4. theresa_delucci

It did seem like a rape. Or extreme hate-sex. Bill was saying no almost the whole time and I think that's why he turned her head around. He couldn't stand to look at her.

It seems to be more than just the power a sire has over his/her child. Bill certainly isn't as controlling of Jessica. And Godric seemed to inspire loyalty in Erik, not demand it. They have paternal love. Not this weird domination game.
Mitchell Downs
5. Beamish
The really uneven thing about True Blood is that, even though it is based on the "Sookie Stackhouse books", Sookie is the most boring character there.

Every time she is on screen I want them to return to Jason or Tara or Lafayette or, shockingly, Jessica. There is little about Sookie that is remotely interesting right now (the "Where is Bill?" one-not observation is excellent).

The ending sex scene was absolutely ludicrous. At first I thought we were in for a "Red Shoe Diaries" moment then suddenly it morphed into "John Carpenter's The Thing". It made me laugh out loud - which Ii really hope was their intent. If that cene was not meant to be played for comedy they would have done better to not even show it.
Theresa DeLucci
6. theresa_delucci

Oh yes, agreed it was nice to see Sookie and Tara behave like friends. It was a nice scene.

For me, I watch a lot of horror movies, so my reaction to gross things is to kind of laugh through my shock. It was icky, certainly. But so unexpected!

Good call about Arleen maybe forgetting she slept with Terry while the maenad was in town. I'm a bit fuzzy on the timeline, too, but the third season picked up on the night Bill was kidnapped. Before their date, I believe there was only a two week or so interlude, when Maryanne was gone and then we saw life slowly getting back to normal at Merlotte's. (The second season started on the same night the first season ended, too.)

And thanks for the nice words!
Jason Henninger
7. jasonhenninger
My feeling about the ending can be summed up as "ugh, eww? Hurf? Blagh yar!"

I love that True Blood is way over the top so often, but man, this was wrong with wrong sauce.
8. Cowboy Funk
Umm...it was definitely vampire rape. Can she be arrested for this? But it was a disturbing scene in the moment and simply hilarious later as I thought to myself "Hm, Bill just had missionary and doggy style all at the same time." hehe.

Tara's story is pretty boring...but what else is new? I actually like the new creeper vampire wandering around as we need a 'bad ass' vampire not going all mushy on us because of an infatuation for Sookie. I agree Jason and Lafayette are in a race for comedic relief...though poor LaFayette just cant cut a break this season. All in all season seems to be picking up. Though last episode kinda felt like a repeat of the previous episode with some slight plot movement.
9. used to love this show...
Now I hate it. I mean seriously, I thought this show was for adults. The head twisting thing was so stupid. Tara getting hypnotized again.... I used to be loyal, now I'm ready to cancel HBO.
Theresa DeLucci
10. theresa_delucci
Just a random thought. Did anyone else notice that Alcide's internal voice sounded kinda like Christian Bale in Batman? Why does he sound so gruff in his head!?
Andrew Belmont
11. rosetintdworld
I assume all the wolves think "in wolf," like Maryanne thought in Greek. Sookie seems to immediately recognize whenever she's hearing a werewolf, and get defensive/trigger-happy really quickly.
12. krazykarlo
Did anyone else think that Franklin was a perfect stand-in for Cassidy from the Preacher comics? Both the look and feel were eerily spot on...
13. sofrina
isn't all this just a few days after maryanne was killed? i thought eggs was killed the following night. so now it is two days later. eggs was shot and jessica killed the trucker. eggs got a quick funeral b/c of the decay, while jessica's trucker went over very quickly in the heat.

lorena can compel bill but not to that extent. otherwise, why not do it back in the hotel in dallas. all she did was prevent him from moving, a force he's able to break through if her attention wanes. the maker 'command' only seems to keep a vampire from doing something. i'm counting that scene as hate sex. what's one form of violence versus another to creatures like these? it can hardly be termed an affair.

- to that, i think the flashbacks serve to show us that bill was always fighting for his humanity. it was very difficult for him to give in to his new 'nature.' lorena picked him b/c of the honorable man he was and it was very hard for her to bring him around to her callous way of life.

when you consider this in addition to their insane rampage in "hard-hearted hannah" it tells us a lot about both of them. bill is not an ideal vampire. his personality doesn't fit. lorena made him to love her and she chose poorly. the very things that drew her to bill in the first place, have stood between them always.

fyi, my t-shirt says "team alcide"

"mickens' chicken & chitlins"
Ashe Armstrong
14. AsheSaoirse
Thing that most people seem to forget about Lorena is that she's a fucking delusional psycho. She had bodies lying around Bill when he woke up the night she turned him. Said she'd been waiting for the right person to turn. Now, you could argue that "waiting for the right person" is what we all try to do but in this case, she was literally waiting in the middle of BFE for her man to come along. She tried to seduce Bill, he refused, she turned him, she's psycho. I think that psychosis might extend a bit into her sway over him. That or he was so full of sorrow and hopelessness that he just totally couldn't help himself.

And for the record, I thought the head spin was hilarious and completely fitting.
15. sofrina
@14 - beg to differ. lorena simply laid a classic honeytrap to find a consort. being in the middle of nowhere, well the better to go unobserved. and leaving the other victims to rot just seemed like an awesome spin on the "bluebeard" concept and "the vampire lestat." it was no worse than what eric & co. have going on in the basement of fangtasia.
Ashe Armstrong
16. AsheSaoirse
Well then call me a misogynist cause that screamed "I'M A PSYCHO" to me.
17. sofrina
i don't know you to label you. it just seems that what lorena did is in keeping with the spectrum of behavior we've seen from the vampires in this story. she just tricked herself out as a vulnerable, lonely woman. time is relatively meaningless to these people. they can play 'long games' for kicks. she was lonely and she wanted a decent person for a sidekick. she obviously comes from a world where women are powerless. i think that's a strong aspect of her history with bill. imagine lorena being eric's maker. that would be a power struggle all the time. when bill put his innate decency aside, he really rolled with her brand of fun.
18. Nazgul35
The shark has been jumped...and they started out in the air to begin with.
19. IGPNicki
I dunno, the last scene seemed more to me like she wanted- hate-sex I guess? Lorena wants him to "shed" his humanity so I wouldn't necessarily call it rape. As for the Linda Blair moment, that seemed to lessen the impact for me- but maybe that was intentional? I definitely can't believe how many different plot threads they have going on this season, that's for sure!
Theresa DeLucci
20. theresa_delucci
Agreed. It does seem like everyone is off in their own world so far.

And re-watching that last scene, yes, it seems less like rape and more like extreme hate-sex. Which clearly turns Lorena on.

Bummed there's no episode this week!

Any bets on who Sookie will kiss first: Alcide or Eric? I'm sure there's more sexy Eric dreams to be had, but I think they're going to tease out the real thing for as long as possible. But I think there's some chemistry between her and the werewolf. Or at least Alcide and every other female viewer. It's all I heard on Monday! "Did you see the new guy?" Half the office swooned. (Again, Twilight for grown-ups.)
Julius Wright
21. jnwright
After watching the first season, I'm all too excited to watch this till the end!

Jefferson Starship
22. jstarship
Aww... I shouldn't have read all the comments. Spoiled me a lot. :(

Anyway, gonna start watching it right now. :D


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