Jun 2 2010 12:04pm

Shaun Tan’s The Lost Thing trailer

Shaun Tan’s fifteen minute animated adaptation of his book The Lost Thing—the story of a boy’s empathy with a lost, er, thing and his attempts to help it find its place—is completed and making the festival circuit. If anyone gets a chance to see it, please report back! I’m dying to see it. In the meantime, anyone else as in love with Shaun’s work as I am can play around on are character studies, color keys and production drawings to see. And if that is not enough, check out this 5 minute documentary on the movie.

Hannah X
1. h4nn4h
That reminds me, did the Saturday Morning Cartoons feature end? It was one of my favourite things about this site, but I haven't seen it in months...
Judith S. Anderson
2. jskanderson
this film was nominated for an academy award!! you should have a post on it

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