Jun 25 2010 2:25pm

Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings Tour Announced!

Brandon Sanderson’s tour schedule for The Way of Kings, which sees release on Tuesday, August 31, has been revealed! Click through for dates and cities.

Monday, August 30th (Midnight)
BYU Bookstore
Provo, UT

Tuesday, August 31st (7:00 PM)
West Jordan Barnes & Noble
West Jordan, UT

Wednesday, September 1st (7:00 PM)
St. Louis Barnes & Noble
Chesterfield, MO

Thursday, September 2nd (7:00 PM)
Orlando Barnes & Noble
Orlando, FL

Friday, September 3rd – Sunday, September 6th
(Events/signing times to be determined)
Dragon*Con/Decatur Book Festival
Atlanta, GA

Tuesday, September 7th (7:30 PM)
Quail Ridge Books
Raleigh, NC

Wednesday, September 8th (7:30 PM)
Washington D.C. Borders
Baileys Crossroads, VA

Thursday, September 9th (7:00 PM)
Chicago Borders
Oak Brook, IL

Friday, September 10th (7:00 PM)
Mysterious Galaxy Books
San Diego, CA

Saturday, September 11th (3:00 PM)
Borderlands Books
San Francisco, CA

Monday, September 13th (7:00 PM)
Powell’s Books
Portland, OR

Tuesday, September 14 (7:00 PM)
University Books
Seattle, WA

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Jason Deshaies
1. darxbane
Wow, no New England dates? Major bummer!
3. Kadere
This is a pretty god awful tour. No New England, barely any midwest, no Texas, only lasts about two weeks. But I guess it's because ToM will be out shortly after and they'll send him on a bigger one for that. Here's hoping they bring him to Michigan.
Mike Worden
4. wordenme
Brandon needs to stay home and finish ToM!
Daniel Goss
5. Beren
I'll second the request for a Michigan stop! Or maybe for the ToM tour? Please?
6. Freelancer
ToM needs to be completely out of Brandon's hands before this WoK tour if it is going to make the November 2 release date, so that's not an issue.

@Kadere - Yes, he has posted on Facebook that the ToM tour will be covering some areas which this one does not. Which means I'll be able to get his signature on WoK when he comes to San Diego, but unless he includes LA on the ToM tour (and I am free to drive there), I won't get that one signed until sometime next year.

This is what happens when you are finishing one massively epic story, starting another, and twiddling around with Alcatraz books in between.
Alice Arneson
7. Wetlandernw
Hmmmm. He'll be in Seattle for the WoK tour; does that mean he won't be here for the TofM tour? I'm going to try to make it and at least get WoK and TGS signed, but it's a Tuesday night and incidentally my husband's birthday. *sigh* Sure would be fun, though!
Marcus W
8. toryx
Wetlandernw @ 7:

I'd guess that the ToM tour will be larger and he's likely to visit the larger cities again. WoK is going to merit a much smaller audience and since he'll be going on tour again just a short time later, it makes sense for it to be a small one.
9. Denari6
No Philly or New York visits. I think I have to drive all the way to Virginia~

Hope he remembers the Northeastern US when he tours for ToM =/
Barry T
10. blindillusion
Atlanta, here I come!

Maybe I'll even stick around for Dragon*Con

Heidi Byrd
11. sweetlilflower
I guess it makes sense to make the ATL stop Dragon*Con, and I planned on seeing him anyway, but it means the lines will be much longer :(
James Hogan
12. Sonofthunder
I wish he'd come to UK for the ToM tour, since I'll be in Scotland late this fall. Sadly, I sort of doubt it...
13. trench
Nice! He will be in Raleigh on my birthday. signed WoK and TGS copies are a great present.
Peter Ahlstrom
14. PeterAhlstrom
The Towers of Midnight tour is actually going to be SMALLER than this one (the guy needs a break), though it will go to some cities this one will not.

The BIG tour will be when A Memory of Light is released.

And Brandon may be going to Europe sometime next year.
Rikka Cordin
15. Rikka
Wah! Last time he was in Philadelphia when I was not there, now he's going to be in Raleigh when I'm not there. Mr. Sanderson and I seem to be on opposite wavelengths! D:

Maybe I'll manage to catch him for TofM....
16. FrostyNight
What?! No Colorado love?!
17. jadesymb
Come to AZ!!!
Bobby Stubbs
18. Valan
Peter, I hope he's got Texas on there for the ToM tour since he came for the Gathering Storm. ?? Really lame if not, but I understand the guy's been working insane hours for two and a half years.
19. JRKworks
TOR doesn't like Canada. They never send them to Canada. :( Same thing happened with the TGS tour.
Jennifer Liang
20. JenniferL
@JRKworks, Tor isn't responsible for his lack of Canadian appearances. That's up to his Canadian distributor. There are a couple of Facebook groups trying to get him to Vancouver or Toronto. If enough people join, then it will be easier to talk them into scheduling one. That's how Raleigh got their tour stop this year.


I can't seem to find a handy link to Vancouver, but it's out there.
21. Speradigm
I second AZ
Adam Sampson
22. Relient A
He said on Facebook that he WILL be coming to Texas again, because we have shotguns. And that it may not be Dallas this time. So, hopefully it'll be Houston this time so I don't have to make travel plans.
Gabrielle Rashad
23. neverearth
Well, if AMoL is going to be the big tour, here's hoping for a New Mexico appearance. No one ever comes here, and it's a good 6-8 hour drive to the closest booktour spots in Texas and Arizona.

New Mexico needs love~
24. Random Man
@neverearth: Hear, hear! I'd be willing to make the 4-hour trip north to 'querque for a book signing. I'll even pony up a nice ristra for a
Mike McD
25. msmcdon
Michigan is left off the list... again. Here's hoping he makes a stop here for ToM. Ann Arbor, perhaps?
26. seanchai
I'll say again, we would love for Brandon to come to Michigan--especially Ann Arbor!!!
27. Kadere
I think it's crazy how many fans I find out live in Ann Arbor (I'm one of them) and yet we never get him to come within 50 miles of here. I can't get Tad Williams here either. I just thank god that GRRM likes U of M football so he makes it a point to come. :P
Todd Johansen
28. Gher06
I know where I'll be this August 30th. :D
29. JRKworks
@JenniferL - Thanks for that. Im not understanding of how the whole book tour stuff works. Thanks for that info. :) Much appreciated.
Justin Levitt
30. TyranAmiros
I love that Brandon loves Mysterious Galaxy here in San Diego. Too many authors/bands/etc think LA is close enough and don't bother stopping by.
31. Tasogare
Gee, terrible tour. :( Why not come to Pittsburgh at least? That's a pretty big location and the fact there's -nothing- in this entire part of the country is seriously lame.

I have no interest in going to a tour for the next WoT book, so even if they do go on a larger one for that I probably will have no reason to bother. -.-
Rebecca Heath
32. Melantha
I'm also voting for Mr. Sanderson to come to Michigan - notice how many people are posting merely to say this?
Michigan has an extremely active and largely overlooked fanbase. We also have the flagship Borders store.

If he's going to have a signing in Michigan, it needs to be either in Ann Arbor or the metro Detroit area's suburbs.
Alice Arneson
33. Wetlandernw
For those of you wailing about Mr. Sanderson not coming to your area, I have two thoughts. One, he doesn't always have much to do with how his tour is set up, so don't be upset with him. Two, he has a deep-seated love for independent bookstores, and will almost always urge Tor to lean that direction for his tours. If you have a biggish independent bookstore in your area, start bugging them to bug Tor to include them in the AMoL tour. It might not work, but getting the bookstore to request it might have a lot more impact than a few fans saying "come to my town" on a forum like this. Alternatively, put a note on Peter Ahlstrom's facebook page or tordotcom shoutbox and ask him what you can do about it. Bemoaning the lack on here isn't likely to make much difference. I'm just sayin'...

(Sorry, Peter, don't mean to set you up with a landslide of requests, but I'm reasonably confident we'd all rather have Brandon working on the books than responding to a bunch of people asking how their town can be included in his tour!)
Peter Ahlstrom
34. PeterAhlstrom
Brandon loves meeting and interacting with fans. He tries to add some new cities to each tour. He's never been to Orlando, Raleigh, or St. Louis before. Last year he went to Milford NH, Dallas, Phoenix, and Charleston for the first time. He specifically turned down a few cities on this tour because he'd already been there multiple times.

He wants the chance to see as many people as possible, but each city visited also takes a lot out of him. He gets hardly any writing done, loses his voice, usually catches some kind of cold, and crashes for a week once he gets home.

The suggestion to bug your local independent bookstore to ask Tor to bring him there is a good one. (Though he also wants a mix of chain stores since those are very important.) I'll put Ann Arbor on the radar. Brandon has been to Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Denver in the past and will go there again someday. New York is very likely for the TofM tour.
Alice Arneson
35. Wetlandernw
Peter, thanks for the insights! Most of us have so little clue how these things work, it's good to hear from someone who sees the workings.

I'm guessing, somewhat to my dismay, that since Seattle was on the TGS tour and is again on the WoK tour, the chances of him coming again for the TofM tour are... slim? Not to say skinny, or perhaps emaciated? Well, I'll just have to do my best to get there in September, and wait for the next tour to get TofM signed.
Richard Fife
36. R.Fife
I wish to make note at this point that I will be at D*Con and at Raleigh, just cause it's only 2 hours from where I live, so it would be a shame to not wiggle up there and help out (which I probably will be doing at D*Con too, craziness)
Irene Gallo
37. Irene
I'll be at DragonCon, RFife. It'll be great to say Hi in real life!
Richard Fife
38. R.Fife
Woo Irene! Indeed it will be. I trust we will be having another meetup this year? (And I ask not strictly out of hope for free beer)
Richard Dickson
39. DailyRich
Um, there are a couple of Barnes and Nobles in Orlando, can you be more specific?
40. RogRet
Thanks for including St. Louis in this tour! I've been waiting for years and was starting to worry he'd never make it.
41. ComeToBoston
No New England? WTF?
Guerry Semones
42. gsemones
Thanks so much for coming to St Louis! I'm already spreading the word!
Peter Ahlstrom
43. PeterAhlstrom
@DailyRich: The Orlando one is at the Barnes & Noble at Colonial Plaza.
44. Alsén
@PeterAhlstrom: Saw that a Brandon may be going to europe next year. Are there any estimates so far as to which countries are being considered? It would be tremendous if he ever came to Oslo, Norway! (At the bookstore Outland they even have Magic cards....)
45. Covenant dude
Epic win for St Louis!!
46. Aielyn
Any chance of Brandon coming over to Australia for a couple of tour stops, for any of the upcoming books?
47. I killed Asmodean
when BS came to Arizona he was in Scottsdale not
Phoenix so if he wanted to see Phoenix he really should come back ;D
Brandon D
48. Ishmayl
I've never been to a book tour event before, do I need to get a ticket or call ahead or anything, or is everyone that shows up welcome to come inside?
49. Josh-From-Oregon
Wow, actually stopping on Portland, OR the night before I leave for Vegas! Couldn't ask for better timing.

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