May 18 2010 12:51pm

A Fond Farewell to Ripley, the Borderlands Cat

It is with great sadness that we note the passing of Ripley, the Borderlands cat and semi-official mascot of the SF community. Anyone wandering into Borderlands Books over the last seven and half years will have met the beloved hairless Sphinx who lived happily amid the shelves and stacks until her passing on May 12th, and many more may know her from her appearances on sites like GalleyCat, io9, SFSignal, and, of course, Stuff On My Cat.

Our sincerest condolences to owners Jude Feldman and Alan Beatts, who have set up a Memorial Blog on which people can share reminiscences and photos of Ripley. Anyone who has ever lost a pet can understand how difficult the experience can be—we encourage everyone with a fond memory or a kind word to reach out and share the love. Rest in peace, Ripley—you will be greatly missed.

Bridget McGovern has a thing for books, and cats, and especially bookstore cats.

John D.
1. John D.
So sad!

I visited Borderlands several years ago and Ripley sneaked up on me. She startled me at first but proved to be warm and friendly.

I'll miss you, Ripley!
p l
2. p-l
Poor Ripley. They should have called her Alien, though.
Alex Brown
3. AlexBrown
I love Borderlands and poor little Ripley. She'll be missed. She was such an awesome little cat :)
Allison Lockwood Hansen
4. Talisyn
Farewell Ripley, little feline friend. I hear star mice are quite fat, and very slow.
will shetterly
5. willshetterly
Ripley was a grand cat. She sat on my lap when I read at Borderlands. I am sure she's on Shakespeare's lap in the Bookstore in the Sky.
Madeline Ferwerda
6. MadelineF
I'll see if I can dig up photos from some years ago of her chasing the cord of my camera as I photographed her with it... I was in last year, and saw that she was slower with age and growing some fuzz. She was always a dignified and friendly creature, noble and fascinating. I will miss her.
YouDont NeedToKnow
7. necrosage2005
My condolences to all that knew her, bt hw s ths pprpt fr ths st? hv cts nd lv thm vry mch, bt whn thy pss wy wld my rtcl b pblshd hr? Hw bt dgs? r ny thr pts llwd? knw tht thr r ppl t thr tht ls hv prrts n thr strs nd hms. dbt t snc ppl lvng t th thr nd f th cntry wn't cr, lt ln th thr nd f th rth.

EDIT: Whoever altered what I typed, thanks for being so childish. I obviously got my answer since you are too much of a coward to actually reply. So much for freedom of speech on this site.

YouDont NeedToKnow
9. necrosage2005
My apologies, Komrad. I was unaware that politely asking how this is relevant to a site that I OWN STOCK in was considered "trolling" and also this was "a private website." In the future I shall make sure to only brown-nose on here for fear that I misstep your komand. Spasiba.

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