Apr 22 2010 5:59pm

Mrs. MacOlsson’s Moomins

Moomin, or Mumin as we say in Sweden, is part of everyday life in our family. The kiddies have duvets covered with Moomin, their favourite DVD films are Moomin, I have a Moominmamma on my keyring and suitcase, and Mr. MrsMacOlsson has Moominpappa on his suitcase. We have little Moomins, a Moomin mobile over the cot, a Moomin house to keep the toys in, Moomin plates, Moomin cutlery, Moomin glasses to drink homemade fruit cordial from, and a HUGE collection of the beautiful Moomin mugs from Arabia.

There is something about Moomin which appeals to adults and children alike. Moominvalley sounds like a wonderful place to grow up and live, and reflects Finnish culture and lifestyle in so many ways—long warm summers spent swimming, picking berries to make fruit cordial and then mushrooms in the autumn, before the long winter when Moomin Valley is covered in snow and the Moomins hibernate. You can run and play in the forest and spend hours at the beach looking for beautiful shells before coming home ravenous and eating as many pancakes with jam that you can manage.

I suppose it wasn’t so surprising that in the middle of my crafting development, I wanted to crochet a Moomin for our kiddies. I tried to find a pattern, but ended up combining feet from one with a chubby body and a hippopotamus-like head. The result was Snork, the blue Moomin, and only because I had run out of white yarn! The MacOlsson kiddies immediately started fighting over who would have Snork, and so Snork was joined by Snork Maiden, Moomin, Moominpappa and Moominmamma.

The Moomin family is a warm and welcoming one. Moominmamma is my favourite and I have to admit, I try hard to be more like her—pottering in the garden, making gallons of fruit cordial from the berries in the garden, always calm and collected, completely unfazed by the tricks and adventures her family and friends get up to. But the pancakes? Well, unlike the Moomins, it’s Mr. MrsMacOlsson who puts on the apron and makes stacks of fluffy pancakes to satisfy even the hungriest of Moomins!

So that you, too, can have a little Moomin in your life, we're giving away this crocheted Moomin! The Rules: All you have to to do be entered is comment on this post—once; duplicates won’t count—by noon EST on Friday, April 30th. The winner will be chosen randomly. Please check your email over the weekend; if we don’t hear back from you by noon on Monday, another winner will be chosen.

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1. MoominAndrew
That is adorable! Please enter me in the drawing!
2. Tess Wolterstorff
How sweet! :)
3. Kimberly B.
Oh, I want one! That is truly one of the cutest things I've seen!
Thanks for the great giveaway!
4. Sekaigo
Oh, those are adorable! :D
5. ChrisB2
So you're the one who drives up the prices of moominalia on ebay. I hate you.
Celine Bout
7. Cehlina
I wish I could make one myself, it's really cute :)
nadav shner
9. nadav1
I had a green frog when I was three, no reason why my kids ~3 years wont have a blue moomin as a friend
Go moomins !
Marissa Lingen
10. Mris
I never enter drawings, but I love Moomins. So awesome!
Michelle Mulford
11. DervishJ
How cute! What would be even better, though, are pictures of your fantastic collection.
Edyta Jurkiewicz
12. editinko
they look sooo sooo great!!!! really well-done!
13. Monica Edinger
I want, I want! My fourth grade class wants too!
14. ElianaRus
Is there a publicly available pattern for these? DD#2 crochets & would enjoy making one.
15. SKateTyler
ooh, that is fantastic
17. Limertilly
if it's possible to work out how you did that, i'd love a copy of the pattern. he's *adorable*
18. Mrsmacolsson
Thanks for all the comments! Good luck to all who entered.

19. Margaret Whyte
What is a moomin?

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