Mar 19 2010 2:13pm

Thinking of Selling Your Soul to Get To Dragon*Con?

Then have I got news for you! To celebrate its fifth anniversary, Pyr Books is holding an essay contest, and the grand prize winner will be going to Dragon*Con in Atlanta this September. Prize includes con membership, airfare, and two nights in a hotel. The contest theme is “five reasons why science fiction and fantasy is important to you”—look, they’re handing you an essay structure on a cuendillar platter!—and Pyr says to keep in mind that

All eligible essays will be read and reviewed by publishing staff at Prometheus Books. Not all of these preliminary readers will be science fiction and fantasy fans, so outstanding essays will likely be those that pique their interest in the genre and make them want to read it too.

The contest deadline is June 1st and the word limit is 1500, so if you start now, that’s only 20 words a day! Full details are available at the Pyr Books website.

John Massey
1. subwoofer
le sigh... this is a non issue for me... could edit-not-end edit go even if I won...

Lou Anders
2. LouAnders
Second prize is a full set of all Pyr books published to date, just over 90 titles.
clint killam
4. clint killam
why is it that you have to be a resident of the continental US...
I am practically on the border here in Ontario!

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