Feb 11 2010 4:05pm

Picture Book Report

icture Book Report

Meg Hunt and colleagues have started a literary illustration blog, Picture Book Report—fifteen artists will create illustrations inspired by a favorite book. Many, in fact, most, of the titles are science fiction/fantasy, including A Wrinkle in Time, Hitchhikers Guide, Robin Hood, The Hobbit, Tarzan, and Peter Pan, among others.

From the mission statement:

There is a certain kind of magic to books and stories that is hard to beat .... At the same time, there’s this stigma against books with pictures, that they’re something you leave behind after you get to a certain age. The urge to make our own mark upon this format is immense. To give back to that tradition of storytelling and share our own along the way.

They began last week with a great series of bookplates to set the stage. I’m looking forward to checking in often and seeing fresh interpretations on so many classic titles.

(Personally speaking: in addition to all the great talent involved, I love anything vaguely Robin Hood or Tarzan-y—color me psyched.)

Irene Gallo is the art director of Tor Books and

Patrick Garson
1. patrickg
Oooh, these are great! I love the Rats of Nimh and Sabriel ones.
Mike Pritchard
2. Mike Pritchard
I love it! This has inspired me to make my website more graphic heavy. If you want to see what I mean please visit
Mike Pritchard
3. a-j
Thanks for the link to the site. I would love to see more books illustrated, especially adult ones. Maybe if this e-reader thing really takes off, this could be books' salvation? Doubtless being naive, but I like to dream...

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