Feb 19 2010 1:29pm

Firaxis Announces Civilization V!

It’s been five years, but Sid Meier is back with a new Civilization game. Civilization V is due out in Fall of 2010, and the official site has a few tantalizing screenshots.

The most immediately noticeable change is the hexagonal tiles, which make it look a bit like a PC version of Settlers of Catan.

I, for one, welcome our new Firaxis overlords. Civilization IV is one of the best games ever made, and it’s one I return to whenever possible. Its expansion, Beyond the Sword, was the best expansion to a game I ever bought. Frankly, they could just continue to release expansions and I would be a happy camper. I hope that the latest iteration has a more robust multiplayer aspect (something Meier specifically mentioned in his statement today over at Gamasutra) and a more dynamic set of AI personalities.

Civ IV was so great, why mess with a good thing? I didn’t much care for Civilization: Revolution, the Xbox 360 game released in 2008, and better graphics don’t necessarily improve a game—they totally killed the Caesar franchise (Caesar IV was nigh unplayable as its graphics created unprecedented bugs and glitches). But it does look beautiful.

One thing’s for sure: I’ll need to upgrade my computer before Fall 2010. And stock up on food and water. For a few weeks. Months, maybe...

Now when’s the next Pirates game?

Torie Atkinson just wants one...more...turn...

Rob Munnelly
1. RobMRobM
Torie - Nice post.

On a separate note, please take a look at my petition to you and Pablo on the WoT Spoiler thread. The re-read gang wants and needs a new WoT thread. Pretty please. Thanks. Rob
Marcus W
2. toryx
You know, I never got around to playing Civ IV. Now I'm thinking I ought to see if I can find a copy somewhere before the new one comes out.

I do hope that they don't ruin a good thing. That's always a danger when another installment of an old franchise gets released.

Personally, though, I'm still waiting and hoping for a sequel to Alpha Centauri. That was a damned good game.
Stefan Raets
3. Stefan
Very exciting! I still have several PBEM Civ4 games going, but a new edition is always welcome :)
Alex Brown
4. AlexBrown
FINALLY! I have been waiting for this for ages! I have been a Civ player since the beginning (Civ II was always my fave version), but even with Warlord and whatever that other expansion pack was, Civ IV was really getting boring. So pleased about this :)
JS Bangs
5. jaspax
I just about peed my pants when I saw this. CivIV is one of my favorite games... in fact the BtS expansion is the only game that I'm playing regularly these days. I can't wait.
Torie Atkinson
6. Torie
@ 2 toryx

What a shame! Pick it up, you won't regret it. I never played Alpha Centauri--I'll be on the lookout for a copy.

@ 5 jaspax

Same here. It's still fantastic. The BtS expansion has, in addition to the much-needed "Late Start," some fabulous mods and scenarios, too.
Nathan Macey
7. nafhan
Very much looking forward to Civ V.
I'm also going to throw in:
Download the Fall From Heaven II BtS mod. It's a complete facelift for Civ IV with a "dark fantasy" setting. It's easily on par with many commercial games, and it's free. I figure anyone who likes Civ IV and participates in the community for fantasy book publisher would appreciate it.
David Bilek
9. dtbilek
Yeah, the Fall From Heaven II mod for Civ4 reinvigorated the game to an unbelievable extent. It's incredible.

I use the Orbis ModMod for it but new users could get overwhelmed by the number of choices in terms of modmods so its best simply to use the Fall From Heaven II mod until you know what you like.

Civ4 + angels, demons, undead, monsters, spellcasting, and artifacts. What's not to like?
John Massey
11. subwoofer
Hi Torie:)

Just saying hello on one of your threads and maybe offering a trade for a new general WoT discussion thread... there's a tribble in it for you. Hmmmmmmmm?

Luke M
12. lmelior
Hmmm, my previous comment was marked as spam. My main points were:

- Sid Meier doesn't own the IP to Alpha Centauri, so we are not likely to see the sequel to that anytime soon. But you might check out another BtS mod called Planetfall (previously I included a link, but I'll leave it out in case that's why it was flagged).

- If you are looking to purchase Civ IV, look for "Civilization IV: The Complete Edition" with a red banner, as it is the latest release, and DRM-free to boot (not to be confused with "Civilization IV: Complete" which has DRM and doesn't include Civ IV: Colonization).

Hopefully this one goes through.
Torie Atkinson
13. Torie
@ 7 nafhan and @ 9 dtbilek

I will definitely check those out. I've been meaning to play around with the science fiction/space mods some more. The zombie one was pretty crazy, too!

@ 11 subwoofer

Bad Woof! This is not the place, and you should know better. The Committee will take note.
Torie Atkinson
14. Torie
@ 12 lemelior

Not sure what happened there, I definitely didn't delete a comment of yours. Very odd.
John Massey
15. subwoofer
I should know better? Torie, when, in all my postings have I ever demonstrated good judgment and common sense? Honestly, I thought you would know me by now... I do bug you all the time.

Anyways, this game here looks suspiciously like Risk, on the computer, at least the link to the graphics makes me think that. I am not a hardcore gamer as I get vertigo for first person shooters so that rules out many big time games for me. And when the vision tracks different from the motion of the avatar- look out, just about kills me. I'm an old school Gauntlet fan so that tells you about the speed of things for me.

City of Heroes just about killed me but that was the only onliner that I could play too. This may warrant a peek-see.

Emmet O'Brien
16. EmmetAOBrien
As a Civ III hardliner, I welcome the news that they are rebuilding the combat engine from the ground up, because that plus the screenshots of the catapults and mention of ranged bombardment suggests a return to something closer to Civ III mechanics, and this would please me mightily.

I am mildly worried about the emphasis on multiplayer, as most of the vocal multiplayer Civ people I have seen online seem to be warmongers who think all Civ aspires to the condition of Risk, and I far more enjoy the constructive side of the game. (Not that I want it to fail in the direction of being Sim City, but every Civ so far has overemphasised war.) Also a bit worried that all the shiny new graphics will be resource-hoggy as hell; so far as I am concerned if the gameplay is good it could look like Civ I, which would also have the benefit of possibly making it playable to the Civ I hardliner I live with.
Torie Atkinson
17. Torie
@ 16 EmmetAOBrien

I don't bother with multiplayer unless it's in a cooperative LAN scenario with friends, but even there Civ IV needed work. It was clearly designed much more for competitive play (entirely not of interest to me).

Civ IV was a huge resource hog, so I'm worried about that, too. I had a reasonably high-end system in 2006, a year after the game came out, and textures wouldn't render, lag was ridiculous, and alt-tabbing was out of the question. Don't they know that folks who like strategy sim games don't give a damn about graphics or 3D rendering?

Here's hoping.
- -
18. heresiarch
I was debating whether I should shell out for a new computer this fall. Question answered!
Alex Brown
19. AlexBrown
Emmet @ 16 I never play the multiplayer game. I don't even install it. I think that's what set it apart for me from Civ II and III. You're right, it does get turned into Risk too easily. I like creating the worlds and dominating through cultural achievements (or, if I'm running out of time, doing a UN election). Much more fun that way for me :)
Iain Scott
20. iopgod
@17: But they are not after strategy sim fans: they know they have that market locked up anyway... the graphics and multimedia is to try and grab the other segments of gamers, who do care about such things. Perhaps they should include a "basic graphics" version as standard...
Marcus W
21. toryx
lmelior @ 12:
Thanks for the suggestions about Civ IV. I'll keep those in mind if I should pick it up.

I was wondering why there was never a follow up to Alpha Centauri. What a drag, man.

Torie @ 17:
That's why I never bought Civ IV in the first place. I had just bought a new laptop the same year that it was released and when I read the specs I knew it wasn't going to happen. I just replaced said laptop with a particularly high powered gaming machine last year, however, so it should be fine now.

Of course, that probably means that Civ V won't work for me at all.

Don't they know that folks who like strategy sim games don't give a damn about graphics or 3D rendering?

Seriously! And I'm not interested in competitive play either.
22. alreadymadwithloading
In true Civ franchise fashion, the loading screen on the official website stops and starts as it loads.

As someone who's been playing since the original Civ (which we sometimes couldn't play in class, because it might take longer than 45 minutes to load) I find this endlessly amusing.

Now, get off my lawn.
Marcus W
23. toryx
And now, several months later I finally managed to get a copy of Civ IV: The Complete Edition and I have to say, I'm a little perplexed. It's been a long time since I've played a Civ game and, um, it's gotten much more complex than I remember.

The one question I have, for any who would be willing to answer it, is should I be playing Civ IV the base game first until I get the hang of it, or should I just jump into playing the standard game using the Beyond the Sword expansion so I get to deal with all the extra goodies while I learn to play?

I'm overwhelmed with choices and I only have a little over two and a half months to get my Civ skills back before the new one is released.
Torie Atkinson
24. Torie
@ 23 toryx

The Beyond the Sword expansion doesn't actually change gameplay that much. It gives you the option of late start (i.e. starting the game in the 19th century), and it gives you a few more leaders, but mostly the appeal is in the mods. Don't play the mods until you have a handle on the real game, though.

It has gotten more complicated, but start with the tutorial. Sid Meier in his little Firaxis shirt will take you step by step through the whole thing, and you'll start small and build outward until you have a handle on all the little elements.

And if you ever want to play multiplayer, let me know!
Marcus W
25. toryx
Well I'm going Vanilla for now until I get the hang of it. I'm really looking forward to the Mods in Beyond the Sword after reading about them. I just have to work everything out.

There are seriously not enough hours in the day for this game. I can tell already that my sleep schedule is going to get royally screwed.

Anyway, I may well take you up on that multiplayer offer once I get to the point where I don't feel like I'll embarrass myself TOO much. Definitely sounds like fun.

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