Dec 22 2009 4:00pm

Tor.com Story Podcast 002 - “Overtime” by Charles Stross

Overtime by Charles Stross

Happy holidays! For your Christmas treat, we bring you Charles Stross’ “Overtime,” and don’t forget to check the rest of the blog for more news and discussions. Read the  story here.

Promo for 7th Son, by J.C. Hutchins.

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Theme music is “Clockworks” by Beatnik Turtle, used with permission. Visit TheSongOfTheDay.com for more of their music. Podcast copyright 2009, Tor.com. Story copyright 2009, Charles Stross.

2. thegreattim
Seconding cdthomas' statement...
Sandi Kallas
3. Sandikal
I subscribed last week and I didn't get the new story on iTunes this afternoon.
Soon Lee
4. SoonLee
If you go to the page for "Overtime", you'll find on the left, options to print, download, listen etc.

Or you could simply click on the following to download the mp3 of the reading. The reader's voice is strangely familiar. ;)

I agree that having the link on this page too would be better.
Pablo Defendini
5. pablodefendini
The podcast feed in iTunes is updated, and the audio is in post here now. Sorry for the delay.
Sandi Kallas
6. Sandikal
Pablo, it's still not showing up for me in iTunes, even if I go to the iTunes store. The "Listen" link in the story just streams the story, it doesn't download it.

Maybe I should just see how many pages it is in PDF and print it out. I'm a better reader than listener anyway.
Amir Yoeli
7. Betterthenyouknew
11 PM est, andstill nothing in iTunes podcast. Only Ep' 1 is up.
King Rat
9. kingrat
Doesn't show in Google Listen for android either, though something appears in the podcast RSS. I wonder if the RSS is malformed.
King Rat
10. kingrat
Yup. RSS doesn't have 002 podcast attached.
Charlie Stross
11. cstross
Sleeve notes:

I recorded this on an M-Audio Microtrack II digital recorder. That's about as professional as I get. My office window overlooks a busy main road; the traffic noise would have been audible. So to make the recording, I had to go into the workroom in the hall, a cramped windowless closet without a working radiatior. It was a bit cold.

At the time, I was recovering from a throat infection, so I made a number of false starts -- hopefully these have been edited out of the final cut (I haven't listened to it yet).

I was also interrupted a couple of times by Frigg (one of our two cats), whose strategy for locating a misplaced food ape is to walk around the flat howling mournfully until the human surfaces and fixes whatever is wrong in her universe.
Sandi Kallas
12. Sandikal
Yeah! It's downloading to my iTunes right now. I'll get to listen while wrapping Christmas presents. It'll be perfect since one of the books I'm reading right now is "Wireless". I just finished reading "Down on the Farm". I absolutely love that story and will be seeking out more of The Laundry stories.
rick gregory
13. rickg

Listened to some of it last night and it sounds fine. Perhaps a bit faint, but perfectly fine.

Mur - thanks for getting the authors to do these. It's fun having two of my favorite SF authors read a story to me.
Sandi Kallas
14. Sandikal
I really, really enjoyed the reading of this story. Mr. Stross sounds like I imagine Bob would sound. I had previously listened to the Starship Sofa podcast of "Down on the Farm" and really loved it. I re-read "Down on the Farm" last week in Stross' book, "Wireless" and found I'd missed quite a bit while listening. This story was just as good, but I think I spaced out a few times and missed things. I have decided that I really like Stross' stories about The Laundry and am going to hunt down the novels that take place in that setting.
Janice Hopper
15. Archergal5219
This was an amazingly twisted story. I loved it.

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