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Win Free Books with the SFR Holiday Blitz!

If you’re reading this, chances are you like to read genre books. And, there’s an even greater chance that you enjoy reading them when they’re free…! Therefore, I’m cross-posting a Galaxy Express book giveaway announcement at Tor as a way to introduce you to the joys of science fiction romance.

If you think you’re completely unfamiliar with science fiction romance, chances are you’ve sampled a taste without realizing it: Think of the romance in found The Empire Strikes Back. Or, perhaps you’re already a fan of Catherine Asaro’s character-driven hard SF stories. There’s room for all.

Here’s the scoop: 12 bloggers have teamed up with 17 authors for your chance to win over 30 SFR books. Yes, that’s 30 new books you could score for the coming year. Whether you’re new to the genre, or looking to beef up your current book shelf, this is your chance.

Entering is free and easy. All you need to do is leave a comment at one or all of the following blogs to enter. That’s it. There are no arcane questions to answer; no complex mathematical formulae to graph and solve; and no mounds of yak hair to weave or digest (although you’re certainly free to do so).

Note: Print book prizes are limited to U.S. residents. The deadline to enter is midnight on Friday, December 11, 2009. Winners’ names will be announced by each respective blog on Saturday, December 12, 2009. Void where prohibited by law or displeased gremlins.

Just click on one of the links to the participating bloggers below. Make sure to leave a comment on the post with the phrase “SFR Holiday Blitz” in the title. From there, you can then jump to the next blog. There’s a wide variety of books to win so why miss out?

Happy hunting!

Alien Romances
Dirty Sexy Books
Ella Drake
Enduring Romance
Flying Whale Productions
Lisa Paitz Spindler
Love Romance Passion
Spacefreighters Lounge
Take It To The Stars
The Galaxy Express
Queen of the Frozen North

Heather Massey is a blogger who travels the sea of stars searching for science fiction romance adventures aboard The Galaxy Express. Additionally, she pens a science fiction romance column for LoveLetter, Germany’s premier romance magazine.

Dan Carver
1. curiousgifts
“SFR Holiday Blitz”
Truthfully, I have never thought about reading Science Fiction Romance. But certainly there is plenty of it in the books that I frequent. For example I am currently reading Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series and I am just finishing the third book.

The relationship between Kahlan Amnell and Richard Cypher (Rahl) is most compelling. Surely their relationship is part romance and we as the readers want them to be together. But is this SFR just Science fiction with a lot more juicy scenes of Lovemaking? Or is it Romance with some Science Fiction thrown in? I ask because I don't know. I have not researched the genre as of yet. Furthermore, I am not sure that I need any more romance in my Sci-Fi Fantasy books than I already get. I am seemingly hit from all sides from the media, pushing sex down my throat at every given moment. While I enjoy a good build up with an expectation for something at sometime in the story, I am not sure I would enjoy it as much if that were the main body of work to be expected.

my first post

Heather Massey
2. sfrgalaxy
Dan, thanks for your comment. I've only read Wizard's First Rule, but I agree the romance between Kahlan and Richard is very sweet.

Regarding your question, "But is this SFR just Science fiction with a lot more juicy scenes of Lovemaking? Or is it Romance with some Science Fiction thrown in?"

In essence, science fiction romance involves stories where if you take away either the science fictional elements or the romance, the story falls apart. But the sub-genre does also contain books that are more romance with SF elements and conversely, science fiction with a significant romantic subplot (e.g., Wen Spencer's Endless Blue, although it could also be argued that EB is SF with romantic elements).

Not all science fiction romances have explicit love scenes (Pauline Baird Jones THE KEY is an example of "sweet" SFR where the bedroom door is closed). And most if not all SFR fans consider Lois McMaster Bujold's CORDELIA'S HONOR a terrific read--and it has zero sex scenes.

To me, science fiction romance is simply one way of writing character-driven science fiction. Some stories have more sex scenes than others, but a good SFR will offer a strong plot and great characterization no matter how hot or sweet.

Based on what you wrote, I recommend that you check out Catherine Asaro's SUNRISE ALLEY and its sequel, ALPHA. The hard SF elements in those stories made me squee as much as the romance.
Martha Anoush Azarian
3. Martha Anoush Azarian
Thanks for getting this horror lover into SciFi.
Martha Anoush Azarian
4. Theresa Shafer
Robert Heinlein's books are romantic love stories with strong females. It taught me so much as a teen-age girl about how to act and be strong. It taught me there is "Time Enough for Love" and how to drink deep at the well of life with "Stranger in a Strange Land". As well as "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress". All titles that are statements of truth. Loving life is romance. Enjoying life to its fullest is romance. If it makes you sigh with kindness, that is romance for me.

I fell in love with his characters and enjoyed the science.

oh...SFR Holiday Blitz
Martha Anoush Azarian
5. butterflynxile
I'm a HUGE sci-fi lover; been reading the genre since I was 12 and I'm now 52 but...sci-fi romance?
mm Season
6. mmSeason
Print book prizes are limited to U.S. residents.

– Got it, and fair enough.

I'm in the UK; had a look at a couple of those links but should i assume all the prizes are print books? (If not, i don't suppose you would let us know which are ebooks?)
Heather Massey
7. sfrgalaxy
Martha, my pleasure.

Theresa, hear hear. I'm a FRIDAY girl, myself.

Butterflynxile, we need all kinds of stories to make the world go 'round. Have you read Sharon Lee & Steve Miller? If not, their books might be up your alley. I also second my Catherine Asaro recommendations, SUNRISE ALLEY & ALPHA but also PRIMARY INVERSION. Or Dru Pagliassotti's CLOCKWORK HEART. Or Sharon Shinn's HEART OF GOLD. Okay, I'll stop Sam-I-Am-ing you now, lol! Thanks for reading!

MmSeason, good question and thanks for asking. There are actually four print books and a sampling of ebooks available for international visitors. Here's the rundown:

@ Ella Drake’s blog: FALLEN & GUARDIAN (print) by Claire Delacroix; FIRESTORM ON E’TERRA (ebook) by Ella Drake

@ Queen of the Frozen North: Ann Somerville’s ON WINGS RISING (ebook)

@Love Romance Passion: The complete Lycan Warriors series (4 ebooks in total) by Nathalie Gray

@Spacefreighers Lounge: LUCY IN THE SKY (e-book) by Barbara Elsborg

@Lisa Paitz Spindler: GABRIEL’S GHOST & SHADES OF DARK (print) by Linnea Sinclair (and I know the print disclaimer is posted on Lisa’s site but Ms. Sinclair will ship over the pond so I’ll follow up on that).

@Take It To The Stars: DARK NEST (ebook) by Leanna Renee Hieber

8. scepter
“SFR Holiday Blitz”

I love to read and I love sci-fi!
mm Season
9. mmSeason
Thanx so much for taking the trouble! I'm off to enter now - ish... soon as i'm over this weekend. ;0)
mm Season
10. mmSeason
Would you believe it - i'm over the weekend(!) but the deadline was Friday. *facedesk*

Oh well, i never have luck in draws anyway. :0|

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