Dec 25 2009 11:00am

Cthulhu Month Wallpaper: Marc Simonetti’s R’lyeh

Marc Simonetti, Lovecraft

Lou Anders tipped me off to Marc Simonetti’s amazing painting of Lovecraft’s non-Euclidean undersea city R’lyeh. Marc is graciously offering “R’lyeh” to us as a desktop wallpaper.

Be sure to check out his website for other great images—of Lovecraft and beyond. (Man, this freaks me out.) He offers prints for sale on his Deviant Art shop.

As always, you need to be a registered user and signed in to download these wallpapers.

2560 x 1600 — for 30-inch behemoths

1680 x 1050 — WSXGA

1600 x 1200 — Non-widescreen monitors

1920 x 1080 — 1080p

1024 x 768 — XGA

1024 x 600 — for netbooks like the Asus EeePC

800 x 600 — SVGA

480 x 320 — iPhone/HVGA

480 x 272 — PSP

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Tudza White
1. tudzax1
Hey, I'm signed in and it isn't letting me past the "You must be registered" message.
Tudza White
2. tudzax1
Okay, it remembers what image I was trying to download when I wasn't signed in. Weird.

I can get it now that I've restarted and signed in first.
Ilya Veselov
3. l3xforever
Link to the 480x320 version is broken (should be file=Wallpapers/simonetti/MarcSimonetti_480x320.png)
seth johnson
5. seth
Awesome!!! Thanks for the desktop image.


Mrs. Micah
6. MrsMicah
Netbook-sized wallpaper! Very thoughtful, thank you. :)

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