Dec 28 2009 4:00pm

12 Days of Cthulhumas: Day 4

On the fourth day of Cthulhumas gave to me...
Strange aeons past,
Grim tales told,
Yule horrors spawned,
And Old Ones wrought in effigy.

Requiem of madness #1: Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown
“Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown is a chronicle of the life, work and mind that created these weird tales as told by many of today’s luminaries of dark fantasy including John Carpenter (The Thing), Guillermo Del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth), Neil Gaiman (Coraline), Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator), Caitlin Kiernan (Daughter of Hounds) and Peter Straub (Ghost Story).”

Requiems of madness #2: The Call of Cthulhu: The Celebrated Story by H.P. Lovecraft
A silent film adaptation of Lovecraft’s most famous story, complete with intertitles in twenty-four languages.

The Rules: To get this giveaway, all you need to do is comment (once—duplicates won’t count) on this post. The winner will be selected at random. You have until noon EST on Monday, January 4th, to comment here. Please check your e-mail in the following days—if you do not respond we select a new winner.

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T. Rohl Underbridge
1. T. Rohl Underbridge
T. Rohl Underbridge
3. Alex D.
Sounds interesting, I need to check out more Lovecraft-related things!
T. Rohl Underbridge
4. Tuka again
Is 4 lucky (or unlucky)?
T. Rohl Underbridge
5. AAsh
On the fourth day of Cthulhumas, gave this to me
T. Rohl Underbridge
6. Dr Tucker
good for what ails you ..?
T. Rohl Underbridge
7. Kadere
Cthulhu is my high priest.
T. Rohl Underbridge
8. techtigger
more spiffy c'thulhu swag! love it!
T. Rohl Underbridge
9. Matt Carpenter
Be prepared to be Lil Cthulhu
T. Rohl Underbridge
10. INCyr
Yay Cthulhumas! I already have the dark radio adventures, so I wasn't going to deprive someone else of those, but I'd love a copy of these!
Gary Schaper
11. Garyfury
Perhaps the most merciful thing about this comment is humanity's inability to fully comprehend it.
T. Rohl Underbridge
13. sftmtrhkr
Trying for lucky 13!
T. Rohl Underbridge
16. Amanda M.
I am a big fan of old movies!
Steve Burnett
18. steveburnett
I have neither of these, which is surprising.
T. Rohl Underbridge
19. R. Emrys
I write this to warn the world against digging too closely into the secrets concealed by #11.
T. Rohl Underbridge
22. chrisiss
I've been eagerly awaiting both of these, but I can't buy them so...
T. Rohl Underbridge
23. amobogio
In the words of the prophet Homer Simpson...
mmm, rugose...
Thiago Leitão
24. kwisatzhaderach
Everybody knows 24 is the number most likely to be randomly chosen.
Clifton Royston
26. CliftonR
Those who aren't lucky enough to win this Call of Cthulhu video should really rent it. I saw it from Netflix, and it's really great - rather than being hampered by the limitations of doing a very-low-budget independent film, they used those limitations to make the movie as it might have been made in the '20s, and it worked out really well IMHO.

Having said that, hell yeah I want either of these!
T. Rohl Underbridge
32. Ore'esgaleglauva
Right on. I'm picking these up, regardless, but might as well try to get 'em for free. How does it work? You send us an email and we respond with shipping info? In any case, best Cthulhumas ever!
T. Rohl Underbridge
33. LouWW
Please, please? My DVD player hungers...
T. Rohl Underbridge
34. c'sue'lhu
oh my goodness, really?!
call of cthulhu silent film sounds unspeakably awesome.
T. Rohl Underbridge
35. Jestocost
It's tentacle-lickin' good!
T. Rohl Underbridge
36. kjohnson989
Looks awesome!
kathlyn smith
37. castiel
i've seen the film (once, someone else's copy) and it was BRILLIANT! so much fun!! i'd love a copy of my very own, pleeeeaase dice gods!
T. Rohl Underbridge
38. ninshark
silent film always wins
T. Rohl Underbridge
39. WormBuffet
I pray to the Old Ones that I get this!
T. Rohl Underbridge
40. Krisbjork
answer the call!
T. Rohl Underbridge
41. CharleyK
It seems to me we need some sort of steampunk/cthulu crossover here...
T. Rohl Underbridge
43. danscale
If I don't win this my brother will stay trapped in R'lyeh forever! If you can hear me, I'm coming for you Billy!
Evan Jensen
44. eoghanacht
Holy moly, that lineup on the doc is amazing.
T. Rohl Underbridge
46. Pilmun
Oh boy I hope I win.
T. Rohl Underbridge
47. Nick Mamatas

T. Rohl Underbridge
49. JennyJ
These look fantastic.
T. Rohl Underbridge
53. Rev. Marx
I can haz Cthulhumas, pleez? Me want be WINNER!!!
Tina A
56. Tinaa
Hoping the Gods are listening,

Ashe Armstrong
57. AsheSaoirse
The bell tolls this morn, Cthulhu desires the goods for his humble servant.
T. Rohl Underbridge
58. ozymandiaz
What a coincidence, I was already planning on dedicating 2010 renewing my acquaintances with our other worldly masters
T. Rohl Underbridge
60. Rabid Fox
I'm not a huge mark for Lovecraft, but I've had the chance to read a few of his stories and have enjoyed them. Any chance for some Lovecraftian swag is a chance I'll take. :)
T. Rohl Underbridge
61. Rikka Koi
Totally dig it.
Jacob Silvia
65. aethercowboy
Ooh! Moving Pictures! That don't move through supernatural means. Or do they?
T. Rohl Underbridge
66. Raybourne
I haven't read either and really want to.
T. Rohl Underbridge
67. deadjack
Awesome. I've been wanting to see these for awhile now...
T. Rohl Underbridge
68. NotMyselfToday
Good stuff
Jennifer McBride
74. vegetathalas
I'll volunteer for virgin sacrifice duty.

Oops, too late.
Emilie Nouveau
75. DyanneNova
I'd love to have these! Also, the cover art for the The Call of Cthulhu looks awesome.
T. Rohl Underbridge
77. The_Halibut
T. Rohl Underbridge
79. John H.
I am writing not so much to enter, but to say that I own a copy of the Call of Cthulhu movie pictured above, and that it is terrific.
T. Rohl Underbridge
81. thegreattim
Ooh! Goody :-)
T. Rohl Underbridge
90. Chris-Moore
The silent "Call of Cthulhu" is great! Check out the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society website for more eldrich stuff! HPLHS
T. Rohl Underbridge
95. MetaCarpal
Perfect midnight viewing.
T. Rohl Underbridge
96. Tracey13
Perfect midnight chewing.
T. Rohl Underbridge
97. askandar
Perfect midnight... spewing?
T. Rohl Underbridge
98. Story Cottage
how did I miss this one?
Howard Lovecraft
101. LovecraftianHat
I would be thrilled to win these goods and/or services
Joel Salomon
105. JCSalomon
Watched it a few days ago. I want to own it. Pretty please?
T. Rohl Underbridge
107. NormanM
I like winning.
T. Rohl Underbridge
109. cangelucci
I've really been enjoying's Lovecraft coverage. Bravo!
T. Rohl Underbridge
110. Joe09876
Awesome stuff. I'd love to win.
T. Rohl Underbridge
111. Ashtalet
All I wanted was some Sun Chips!
T. Rohl Underbridge
113. Robyne
Heather Chambers
114. Saxicide
I juuuuust missed a showing the "The Call of Cthulhu" in my city, but I had never heard of the other film....hmm....I bet Scarecrow video would have it....
T. Rohl Underbridge
115. patmcc19
More books for the shelf
T. Rohl Underbridge
116. ochre24
All I want for Cthulhumas is my two fwont tentacles.
T. Rohl Underbridge
118. NegativeQ
In the name of why the hell not =)
T. Rohl Underbridge
119. Stuck0
Hmm.... Lovecraft biography....
T. Rohl Underbridge
122. Moon Ranger Laura
I may need to watch the DVD on my old TV. The horror may not be intended for HD.
T. Rohl Underbridge
123. Cmaaarrr
Video of the year, for sure.
T. Rohl Underbridge
124. summerdown
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn
T. Rohl Underbridge
128. rmbellovin
Very nice.
T. Rohl Underbridge
129. Dovile
T. Rohl Underbridge
133. Christian O.
T. Rohl Underbridge
135. ShaninC
Ooooh! Pick me, Pick me!!
T. Rohl Underbridge
136. spedwin1
A classic of a classic awesome.

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