Nov 19 2009 2:25pm

Ray Bradbury on Fahrenheit 451 and Humanity’s Future

Today we offer the final installment in our series of interviews with Ray Bradbury. These videos follow closely on the heels of our serialization of Tim Hamilton’s graphic novel adaptation of Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. Bradbury has discussed Hamilton’s vision of his famous novel, and reflected on his writing process, his life philosophy, and other collaborations he’s joined to bring his fiction to new media. Last week he shared how he overcame one of the greatest challenges of his career–a fear of flying which prevented him from traveling and lecturing as he wished.

In this week’s segment, the author is enthusiastic about the forthcoming film adaptation of Fahrenheit 451, to be written and directed by Oscar-nominee Frank Darabont. Bradbury advocates for a renewed focus on childhood literacy in the United States, lest his novel’s dystopian vision come to pass.

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Marcus W
1. toryx
I think Ray Bradbury is great; I've always wanted to meet him and I'm absolutely interested in anything he has to say.

The problem is, I'm hard of hearing. I can't understand what he is saying in these videos. Is there any chance of getting a transcript?

You know, getting online 20 years ago changed my life; it was the first communication medium that allowed people like myself to have an equal part in participating. But in the age of YouTube, iTunes and streaming Netflix, online services are increasingly shifting over to video and podcasts. Close captioning is rarely provided. No one ever seems to think that they're shutting out a large part of their online audience.

Sorry to complain about it here but it's been a slow day for posts on and to find a new post on a subject that I'm so interested in, only to be unable to enjoy it, I just couldn't keep myself from commenting. At length.

-Edit for grammar.

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