Nov 25 2009 10:30am

Logicomix Giveaway!

The folks at Bloomsbury USA have generously donated to ten copies of the New York Times bestselling graphic novel Logicomix, by Apostolos Doxiadis and Christos Papadimitriou. Logicomix also appeared on Publishers Weekly’s list of 2009’s best books. Here’s the scoop:

An innovative, dramatic graphic novel about the treacherous pursuit of the foundations of mathematics.

This exceptional graphic novel recounts the spiritual odyssey of philosopher Bertrand Russell. In his agonized search for absolute truth, Russell crosses paths with legendary thinkers like Gottlob Frege, David Hilbert, and Kurt Gödel, and finds a passionate student in the great Ludwig Wittgenstein. But his most ambitious goal—to establish unshakable logical foundations of mathematics—continues to loom before him. Through love and hate, peace and war, Russell persists in the dogged mission that threatens to claim both his career and his personal happiness, finally driving him to the brink of insanity.

This story is at the same time a historical novel and an accessible explication of some of the biggest ideas of mathematics and modern philosophy. With rich characterizations and expressive, atmospheric artwork, the book spins the pursuit of these ideas into a highly satisfying tale.

Probing and ingeniously layered, the book throws light on Russell's inner struggles while setting them in the context of the timeless questions he spent his life trying to answer. At its heart, Logicomix is a story about the conflict between an ideal rationality and the unchanging, flawed fabric of reality.

Sound intriguing? The Logicomix website has even more information on the authors, behind-the-scenes details, and news on upcoming events.

The Rules: To get this giveaway, all you need to do is comment (once—duplicates won’t count) on this post. The winner will be selected at random. You have until noon EST on Wednesday, December 2nd, to comment here. Please check your e-mail on this day—you have 24 hours to respond before we select a new winner.

Ashley W
1. a_neonta
What timing; my husband just added this to his Christmas list.
2. Mycrea
Oh! I keep meaning to check this one out.
Adrianna Pinska
5. confluence
Is the offer open to commenters outside the US? If so, here is my comment. :)
6. AlexFerrie
Mathematicians! Philosophy! Comics! Fantastic
10. james jurack
Sign me up!
Rajan Khanna
12. rajanyk
Are sometime contributors eligible? If not, no worries, but I have been interested in checking this out.
Ben O'Connell
13. benjamin_oc
This book keeps popping up in conversation with acquaintances. I'd love to read it at some point.
Jaime Nichols
14. SenorJaime
Nice giveaway. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Frank Nagy
15. fjnagy
Try try again. There is no try, just do.
Tim Nolan
20. Dr_Fidelius
*crosses fingers* better than Santa.
22. Daniele A. Gewurz
Here is another non-US reader. Am I in?
24. Jmarc
Very cool. Looks great.
Eric Riemer
28. jester
there is always a slim chance that I will win one of these give aways…
30. ttrentham
Free is good.
Rafael Penaloza
31. rpenalozan
This is a good way to get the perfect gift...
Samantha Brandt
35. Talia
Yo Tor, I'm happy for you and I'ma let you finish, but I've got the greatest comment of all time.

Nathan Macey
36. nafhan
I'm interested. This would be my first true story, historical, graphic novel about a mathematician. I haven't seen a whole lot of those.
37. PhilipM
Looks very interesting - sign me up!
38. jefff
My fingers are crossed!
40. Susan at Stony River
An accessible explication of mathematics? This I've got to see LOL. Brink of insanity I've already got covered...
41. Wojit
I could totally go for one of these, again if non-USers are eligible. Been having trouble finding it in stores.
43. Nick Mamatas
Once a week, go Greek.
44. Gabe_D123_456
Looks like great comix.
45. boyhowdy
I love Bertie.
shawn kilburn
47. paperclypse
One of these days I'll win one of these Tor giveaways!
49. natw
I was going to ask for this for christmas, but this sounds much nicer.
Nicole Cantwell
50. NclCntwll
It's a history comic book? That's quite...well awesome. This would be a great thing to give a kid who hates history (or someone like me since I struggle to remember the boring fluff of names and dates and what happened). Applause to the author for doing this, I love and support this endeavor.
Kate O'Hanlon
52. KateOH
This would make such a great hristmas proenent for one of my (many) friends doing philosophy PhDs
54. Eric Sadoyama
I'd like one please!
Rick Crain
55. rcrain
Statistically speaking, I have to win one of these one day.
57. Voyageur
Oh! How I would love to see it under my Xmas tree.
58. Pete Cooke
59. rubydog
Wow! I'd love to win this title for Christmas.
Chris Battey
61. DarthParadox
Math and comics! Two great tastes yadda yadda so forth.
Chris Meadows
62. Robotech_Master
This sounds like an interesting idea, so I'm throwing my hat in the ring. But I won't be devastated if I don't win.

Still, my chances are much better than for buying a lottery ticket!
63. gt0163c
Sounds really interesting.
Thanks for the chance to win!
64. Simon_Halliday
It is on my wishlist, so if I do not get it now, then in the future it shall be mine!
65. DaveQat
Oh my. Yes, please!
Sandi Kallas
66. Sandikal
I've never read a graphic novel. I'll give it a go.
69. Oook
Saw it in a store, thought about buying it... put it on the Amazon wishlist. But maybe THIS is the pathway to acquisition.
70. Ben Burgis
The first sentence of this comment is a lie.

The second sentence is about how much I'd like to get that comic.
Wen Wen Yang
74. muteddragon
Pretty please? Math + graphic novel = geekness!
75. puredoxyk
Woot! I'm buying this anyway, but if I get it for free the copy I buy can be a gift! ;)
76. mmccoola is so wonderful at giving us a chance to get our hands on wonderful books...
Joe Johaneman
77. dogboi
I'm looking for something new to read. This looks awesome. Even if I don't win it, I might buy it. :-D
Jacob Silvia
78. aethercowboy
What's this? Mathematics _and_ a comic book, and it doesn't have the word "Manga" in the title? I'm sold!
Bret B
80. bretjb
Ooh. I'm a graduate student in Philosophy, so this would be extra exciting for me! Ethics, granted, but who doesn't love a little Russel/Wittgenstein? Boo analytic/synthetic distinction.
82. Jonathan Shaw
Will you send to Australia? To commenter 82?
Jay Franco
83. Jayf44
Looks like an interesting comic, please count me in.
84. Shireling
Thanks for all the giveaways.
85. Doug M.
Sure, what the hey. Sounds like a fun read.

Doug M.
Evil Loanword
86. Illogician
... that's pretty much in my field, too. Dare one hope for an early present? (And how to convince the department library to buy a copy...?)
87. Kevin J-M
This looks really good.
Goetz Kruppa
88. goetznl
comix are cool - I would love to have this...
91. Stephen W.
Ooh. Want please.
Jeff Caslake
92. roid
I have been meaning to pick up a new graphic novel. That one would be awesome.
Tudza White
93. tudzax1
Hey, I'll type something to win a book.
James Cappio
94. cappio
I wrote my Ph.D. dissertation on Russell; I need this book!
97. Rip Van Redneck
I need to learn about the logic.
98. jogloran
Papadimitriou really gets around, doesn't he? As if his contributions in computational complexity and algorithm game theory weren't enough...
99. Derrickc
Be nice to win.
100. wendy wallach
Great item for someone on my gift list!

madamerkf at aol dot com
Andrew Ty
101. eldritch00
I know someone who'd absolutely love this...!
David Miller
102. Dimitrii
I have been meaning to get back into these.
103. Marian Such
I want to win!
there will be paradox in it if it chooses me :)
105. Brian Charles Clark
Logically, I should be the winner of this comic.
108. Other Alias 2
Comment! :D
Alex Steinberg
110. Slartibartfast
Hmmm.... Math/Philosophy Comics? I'll have to get my hands on this...
111. doug m.
Curious. A math biography in comic form? This idea has potential.
113. Gene Mui
Hmm, I've never heard of this novel before - could be interesting.
114. Ratatoullie
The art and story are excellent!
115. mkunruh
If Canadians are included I'd love a copy.
117. slan agat
Sounds fascinating....
118. gevertulley
Count me in.
Mike Dominic
126. MDominic
"If there were in the world today any large number of people who desired their own happiness more than they desired the unhappiness of others, we could have paradise in a few years."
I desire my own happiness in receiving this prize.
128. MTGlen
I would like a copy of this very cool book...
129. skynomad
I get high staring at fractals
And that is factual
Weird feelings that aren't quite tactile

Slant rhymes and synesthesia, yeah!
131. DPZora
Gimmee gimmee!
Darius Bacon
132. Darius
I read the preview a while ago and would like to read the rest.
134. bobthebuilder
Pick me! Pick me! My philosophy is pretty rusty, and my math, well, you know...but it still sounds like a great read.

135. sparkatito
comix about math? yes! sign me up
136. Christopher S. Green
Logic and mathematics is the foundation of modern rationalist...oh who am I kidding.
I just wants the pretty pretty book.
Ed Dyer
137. HumbleReader
Looks great - My son and I were just talking about this topic yesterday!
139. ThomM
How awesome does this look? I love Russell, and I love Wittgenstein, and I love graphic novels. Yes please!
141. Michael Habif
Yes please
142. JakeLsewhere
Oh this looks very nifty.
144. Subliminal Confusion
I need a bit more logic...
145. Maurice Funken
Been meaning to check out "Logicomix" for a while now, so maybe here's my chance (btw. non-US reader of your awesome site, too)... :)
147. Agninus
now or christmas
148. rcutshaw
Mind blowing literature
150. Xak
Graphic Goodness!
152. nfeldl
This sounds super cool. Would love to read it!
153. JoshuaDEvans
This sounds right up my alley. I'd love a shot at this.
154. Shane X
Math is fun!
155. addisonblitz
Sounds great.
156. RandolphCutter
This will get my wife into comics.
Rudi Dewilde
157. BalRatMort
I'm the most illogical man on the planet! Rescue me... ;-)
158. Chet Twarog
Logical and emotional? I am
alessandro montagner
161. black_swan
A graphic novel?
On Bertrand Russell?! With Wittgenstein & Godel?!
Oh... I think I will comment.

162. CarlosNZ
Sounds great. Really hope you'll ship to NZ if I win.
163. rhbaby
This would save my wife an item off my wish list. It looks like a wonderful book.
Ben W-S
164. Sashi
This has been on my wishlist for months.
166. ChuckM
Reminds me of the movie "Pi". Gotta check it out...
167. Jim O.
A friend just loaned me his copy -- perhaps I can return it sooner!
169. Dylan Thurston
I've been looking around for a copy.
172. P. Wade Jaques
Please pick me!
173. Graeme Williams 2
I'm in!
174. tim hoey
Looking forward to reading this book......Looks great......
Joe Outzen
175. outzenj
Hadn't heard of this previously, but definitely sounds interesting...
176. microe
Hey, looks fascinating. Please pick me.
177. ebakunin
Got this on my wish list. Definitely interested.
178. gorilla076
Definitely on my list.
179. sofista
Yes, count me in!
180. dp1974
It's been on an ever-expanding wishlist for a long time. I do wonder, though, what ol' Bertie would have made of your pretence at random selection ...
Mark Schryver
181. mjschryver10
It's on my Xmas list. This would be an even better way to get a copy, though.
Anthony Aziz
182. aaziz
Woop woop!

I may buy this anyways it looks sweet.
Merryl Donn
183. merryl
Sounds fascinating. I'd love to win!
184. M4marya
This is on my wish list!
185. Philomorph
I love this!
Farshid Amir
187. Farshid
186 comments in 40 minutes, what chance do I have, don't these people have anything else to do?
188. christyjan
Count me in ;)
189. Nikko Bowen
190. Sadieros
Very cool! My husband would love this for xmas :)
Liviania Smith
191. Liviania
This is awesome - my physics professor just recommended this in class.
Topher Kersting
192. Topher
My significant other is a comic collector with an advanced degree in mathematics. What could be more appropriate?
193. Nowandzen
About time Bertrand got his own comic.
William Fee
196. WTBFee
To not pick me would be highly illogical...
198. Terra Incognita
199. gringo
Already read it, but would make a great gift.
james keith
200. jammer
Oh Wow.
I've wanted to read this book !
202. Marianne Reddin Aldrich
Oooooh! I would love to win a copy of this:)
Kevin Agot
204. ColeDaddy
Man, I'd love to win this cool swag!

(Ah, well...I didn't know my entry went in as there was no "Post accepted" blurb...whoops)
206. Aatish
Wow! I've been getting quite excited about this book. Am quite a fan of Bertrand Russell, in fact I just saw the place where he lived in London a few days ago.
210. C. A. Strait
i SUCK at math. Please help me to not suck at math so much so i can impress my hot math teacher and bed her soundly. That is all. Thank you.
211. chromiumman
ooo love to win this
213. castellan
I'm *very* interested in reading this, as I'm fascinated by how to engage teens and young adults with philosophical ideas. As a society, I think we need to help kids (help ourselves!) find meaning in places other than Simpsons reruns and Halo deathmatches.
214. bigbadjon
Sounds like a very good read. Count me in. I could use a real good book for the holidays, since I already sped full steam ahead thru The Gathering Storm already. ^_^ ..LOL
216. kazul
Amazing! This is one of my holiday gift requests so it would be awesome to win one!
Thanks for the chance!
Gennis Emerson
217. Gennis
Just read my first graphic novel, Laika, a couple of months ago; another would be fun.
218. Richard@Rivers
Haven't tried graphic novels...anything once.
219. battlinjack
This one is on my list. What a nice gift it would make!
220. EileenK
Way up there on my to-read list.
John G
221. galbeagle
Free comics are almost as good as free fantasy novels. Thanks.

222. Meaplet
I've been meaning to buy a copy of this for a while!
223. Andrew
Cool, this was on my to-buy list already, but I'll hold off till the 2nd and keep my fingers crossed! :)
224. AlfredKayser
This looks like a very cool book for my two sons (13 and 11 years) that are starting to explore philosophy and mathematics.
225. Bill Siravo
If I could have only one book, this would be it!
226. Dr. BedbuG
I want this comics!!!
228. dimporo
Sounds amazing !
229. ofabookworm
Oh! Enter me please!
230. Steve Wheeler
Sounds like the sort of thing my daughter would love.
231. CJ Wellman
The medium of graphic novels is such an exciting way to bring out thoughtful and intelligent storylines, with the added benefit of being able to visualize the world the author intended. Color me intrigued with this graphic novel! I would love to win a copy. Thanks!
233. inkling
*Crosses fingers*
234. carpeamentum
thank you.
237. Susan E. Booth
Please! please, please, please...
238. SRSabu
Sounds intriguing.

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