Oct 30 2009 1:30pm

Wallpaper giveaway: H.M.S. Stubbington Steampunk Logo
Tomorrow we must say goodbye to Steampunk Month, but, surely, not to steampunk altogether. It is time we launch our beloved airship, the H.M.S. Stubbington (full story here) into the world. Download these wallpapers to take her on your own adventures.

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2560 x 1600 — for 30-inch behemoths
1680 x 1050 — WSXGA
1600 x 1200 — Non-widescreen monitors
1920 x 1080 — 1080p
1024 x 768 — XGA
1024 x 600 — for netbooks like the Asus EeePC
800 x 600 — SVGA
480 x 320 — iPhone/HVGA
480 x 272 — PSP

Irene Gallo is the art director for Tor, Forge and Starscape books and

Angel Banchev
1. Tiranas
H.M.S Stubbington or just Stubbs for short is awesome here. It just look gorgeous on my 17" screen. Thanks a lot people, and let's just wish fare wind to Stubbs wherever its voayges takes it...
2. grilojoe77
I wasn't sure if I'd like how this one looked on my little laptop screen. My fears were completely unfounded. It's a fantastic wallpaper. Thank you!
Irene Gallo
3. Irene
Perhaps I shouldn't admit this but...this is my favorite of all the wallpapers we have offered. I think, since it my job to look at art all day, this more "designy" wallpaper doesn't compete with what I need to be doing and sits better in the background while still looking authoritative. And I just love the ship the more I look at it. Still, it'll be nice t see the ole' (futuristic) Stubbs back, November 1st!
Angel Banchev
4. Tiranas
Authoritative indeed describes it perfectly. After almost a day watching it readying to take off my screen whenever i change between windows it always catches the eye :) Is there any chanse to get a similar wallpaper of Future Stubbs too ? I think it would tie in nicely with the post about making H.M.S Stubbington in its different stages ( which i loved by the way )and going back to the original Future-y Stubbs.
5. grilojoe77
Well said. It's visually interesting without making my desktop feel cluttered or too busy. I like the other wallpapers as art, but I like this one as art and as a wallpaper.
John Leavitt
6. jrrl
No love for the 1280x800 laptop (MacBook) crowd, sadly, but I'll figure out something. Awesome design.
John Leavitt
7. jrrl
Ah, the 1680x1050 gives the same proportions! All is good! Thanks!

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