Oct 9 2009 2:54pm

Steampunk Month Giveaway: Cherie Priest’s Boneshaker

Let the giveaways continue!

Today I have 20 (yes, twenty) copies of Cherie Priest’s fabulous new novel Boneshaker, again generously provided by our friends at Tor Books. Here’s the official summary:

In the early days of the Civil War, rumors of gold in the frozen Klondike brought hordes of newcomers to the Pacific Northwest. Anxious to compete, Russian prospectors commissioned inventor Leviticus Blue to create a great machine that could mine through Alaska’s ice. Thus was Dr. Blue’s Incredible Bone-Shaking Drill Engine born.

But on its first test run the Boneshaker went terribly awry, destroying several blocks of downtown Seattle and unearthing a subterranean vein of blight gas that turned anyone who breathed it into the living dead.

Now it is sixteen years later, and a wall has been built to enclose the devastated and toxic city. Just beyond it lives Blue’s widow, Briar Wilkes. Life is hard with a ruined reputation and a teenaged boy to support, but she and Ezekiel are managing. Until Ezekiel undertakes a secret crusade to rewrite history.

His quest will take him under the wall and into a city teeming with ravenous undead, air pirates, criminal overlords, and heavily armed refugees. And only Briar can bring him out alive.

And if you don’t get picked but this sounds interesting to you, remember that the book is 30% off in the Store ($11.19).

The Rules: To get this giveaway, all you need to do is comment (once—duplicates won’t count) on this post. The winner will be selected at random. No geographic restrictions apply, for those asking. You have until noon EST on Wednesday, October 14th, to comment here. Please check your e-mail on this day—you have 24 hours to respond before I select a new winner.

Torie Atkinson has a hint for the next giveaway: it’s oh-so-shiny.

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1. ditto
Sweet. I'm looking forward to reading this book.
Richard Fife
2. R.Fife
Mmm, books, steampunks and zombies. Doesn't get any better than that.
Eugene Myers
3. ecmyers
Seems like required reading to me. Sign me up!
4. Starla Huchton
The book sounds really interesting. Would love to get my hands on a copy!
5. NomadUK
Ooo! Ooo! Me! Me!
Dru O'Higgins
6. bellman
Excellent! But I'm so not going to win!
Gregory Heyer
7. gheyer
I was looking or something different to read. Now I found it!
Brian Roloff
9. Ronin-alTyr
I’ve never been a steampunker, but I am beginning to realize that I may be missing out. Sounds like a very interesting book.
Mark McKibben
11. Manzabar
Been hearing good things about this book...
12. Peggy Hailey
I've heard nothing but good things about Boneshaker, and I can't wait to read it!
13. Amber Cooper
Rock on! Cherie is a sweetheart and her books are made of WIN!
14. Lydia Presley
I'm currently 22nd in line to get this at my library and I can't wait to read it!
16. RKCharron
Hi :)
Thank you for the awesome giveaway!
Isn't the cover of Boneshaker one of the best?!
Wolf Bro Joe
17. Wolf Bro Joe
I'm new to Steampunk, but this sounds pretty good. Even if I don't win a copy, I might just have to buy it...
19. DemetriosX
Between Wil Wheaton and John Scalzi saying nice things about this one, I'm certainly willing to toss my hat in the ring for this one.
20. Niki Browning
Made of awesomeness! I'm dying to read this book!
21. Tom Gaffney
Totally sounds like my kind of book! I will definitely read and review one way or another!
C. Bailey
22. felynbelarra
Free steampunk books for the win! ^^ I'm with Joe (#17) - if I don't win, I'll likely buy a copy.
24. Leslie Dicken
I'm trying to write a Steampunk novel myself and I have this one as marked to read. I'd love a copy! Sounds like an awesome story!
25. pete lenz
sounds like a great read!
26. ChellieO
Thanks @cmpriest!
27. PNRBookworm
Big money! Big money!
Cherie rocks!
29. R. O'Quinn
Dying to read this, but broke like a really broken thing. Won't be able to afford it for weeks!
30. John Aridi
Monkey purple dishwasher! If I win a copy I'm going to read it then donate it to the library I work in. Other people need to read a story that looks this good.
31. Comrade Matt
I need to get some goggles!
32. RichD44
sounds like an interesting novel
33. Nadine, the other Nadine
Wonderful! I just finished "Fathom" - it was bizarre and wonderful. Keeping my fingers crossed for Boneshaker!!!
34. rbn1234
Looks like a good read.
35. danielleus
I am so excited to read this book. It seems to have all of the right elements, for sure. Is it bad that I partly really really want to read this because the cover is AMAZING!!!!!!! Love it.
36. Brock Hall
I can't wait to read this book!
Aaron Roudabush
37. Phelanar
Sign me up for this one. Be interested in reading this.
Christopher Sandoval
38. crsandoval
Looks like a great book i can't wait to read it.
40. djjd
been looking forward to this book since i first heard about it
42. Scabbard McDooflemock
If I don't win I'll jump off a bridge!
43. Tommy Acuff
Dug the Eden Moore books...gotta love somebody who writes Chattanooga. Looking forward to this one...
44. likenion
Oh I am sooo in. I hope luck picks me. Weee!
45. Corvus
The only thing keeping me from buying my own copy is lack of a job- I've actually got a list of books to splurge on the moment I hear "You're hired." First thing I'll do, before I even tell anyone is buy books. Particularly this one- I've followed Cherie Priest since before she hooked up with Tor.

Of course, I wouldn't mind winning a copy and thus saving myself the waiting. ;)
46. jefff
I would like to play!
47. GreggM
I'm from Florida too. Does that help me win? : )
48. bharrison1976
would be nice to win!!
49. etchlings
Astounding! Winner, please?
51. Understep
People passionately prohibiting the punting of penguins.
52. stacy w
This book sounds so awesome. I love how the summary sounds, right down my alley :)
Josh Kidd
55. joshkidd
Looking forward to reading it. Whether I win or not. ;)
Brian Kaul
56. bkaul
Air pirates and zombies? Sounds like fun.
57. thelittlefluffycat
twenty copies! what great odds! Lovin' me some steampunk month!
58. Oberonia
I can't wait to get my hands on this book! The stupid recession is making me wait. This is the only book of hers that I don't have.
Nancy McPoland
59. NancyMcP
Oooh, shiny! This has been getting fantastic reviews, can't wait to read it.
Michael Catapano
61. hoping
just had a zombie dream last night. Must be a lucky sign
63. WickedKira
This looks like such a great book!
64. TimothyLantz
Book sounds awesome, I'd love to read it!
65. Ydnic
Can't wait to read this!
66. Samantha R.
Thanks for the giveaway!
67. Erica Ianetta
Bombarded by huzzahs for this book by several writers I respect -- must read! Also intrigued by the location, since I'm from the Seattle area -- trying to imagine which downtown blocks are obliterated. Can it actually be worse than current construction madness?
Ross Newberry
68. rossnewberry
Sounds like a ton of fun. Come on, lucky 7!
Tony Smith
69. g8rda
I'd like to read this!
A toxic city filled with "ravenous undead, air pirates, criminal overlords, and heavily armed refugees" Are you sure we're not talking about Baltimore?
70. Chaffro
Whoosh! Count me in!
71. Celia L.
Oh my goodness - please enter me! I'd love to read this (I will anyway, but I'd rather own my own copy than go to the library). Thanks!
73. GinnyLou
Boneshaker sounds like a treat! I'm excited that it's steampunk set in the Pacific Northwest - my home territory! Please enter me.
76. Kathryn Hinds
My husband and I have really been looking forward to this book!
77. Stewart Bushman
Me want book!
78. JonN12345
84. sadieloree
I love Cherie's books and can't wait to read this one!
Sassy Brit
85. Sassy
Oh my! I have this on my blog as one of my Friday Finds (lists of books that I want to review for Steampunk month!) Please enter me.

Thankies for this opportunity!
87. L. Grabenstetter
Excellent! I loved Cherie Priest's 'Four and twenty blackbirds', but was having difficulty getting a hold of Boneshaker! Looking forward to reading it.
88. bvberry
Steampunk is so cool.
89. RobK
Looks like a great book!
90. time_to_read
More printed goodies from Tor?

Count me in!
91. Headed West
Huzzah! I'm in.
92. Darren A. Jones
That sounds cool! I'm in.
94. Rigger Dave
I went to Borders looking for this book and was so disappointed that it wasn't out yet. I am so looking forward to seeing what Cherie does with the Steampunk genre.
95. Steve Roby
Ceci n'est pas un comment. Well, yes, it is. I would love to win a copy of this book. (Boy, it's weird to see steampunk take off so long after the days of books like Infernal Devices....)
96. Buzzregog
Would love a copy of the book.
97. imanerd
I'd love to read this.
98. Story Cottage
Another chance at a book. Yipee!
100. Strike3?
I wonder how many entries this one will get?
Nicholas DAutremont
101. nickd29
Free books are almost better than free beer!
103. Neonjade
Thanks for the contest. Looks like a great book!
Dayle McClintock
104. trinityvixen
Egad, I realize I've never read a Steampunk book, not really. Let's see if I can change that...
105. Mercwriter
I'm so looking forward to this one!
106. Amanda M.
I'd love to win a steampunk book given that steampunk is my new fascination. There's a lot of entries though, lol.
107. Moshiah
Awesome book.
108. Alden Ash
Thanks Tor! Another shot at freebies out there now. These comments seem to be piling up quickly.
109. TheBar1
I'm really looking forward to reading this book!
111. shrrlygrrl
Love the synopsis. Pick Me!
112. Rob K.
(Potential) Free stuff! Outstanding! You guys rule.
113. kiirstin
I would love to have a copy of this! It sounds wonderful. Thanks for the opportunity.
114. photon
I'm already excited about this book
April Vrugtman
115. dwndrgn
This one was already on my 'to read' list so even if I don't win (I never do) I'll be getting it.
116. GoblinRevolution
pick me!
Adam Miller
117. AdamM
Not a Zombie Movie Person, but liking the Zombie Book ideas . . .
Michael Cummings
118. mcummings
This would go well with the steam powered coffee maker I'm trying to make. Unfortunately, all I can make so far are lattes...
119. Thomas Bowman
Too Awesome. Looking forward to reading Ms. Priests latest. I'm an older Steampunk fan, I guess I'm the steam in their punk...Tor is awesome for having a give-a-way. Let the games begin...
Paul Weimer
120. PrinceJvstin
Ooo. Heard good things from early reviewers about
Priest's novel.

I am definitely interested in reading this!
121. Stevejking
I've been looking forward to this book for months.. very excited to get my hands on a copy! :)
John Pigott
122. AbEnd
Now I know what caused the Viaduct to shake. And to think the current solution is to dig a tunnel, probably releasing more blight gas!
Cash McManus
123. moneyman
sounds cool.. can i get it as an ebook?
125. Jim Steuer
Ms. Priest is such a fantastic person and dedicated to her work. Found out about her through Cemetary Dance and look forward to further titles!
126. Alden Ash
Who would have thought there would be this much interest? Is it just because it is free, or because it is Steam?
Angel Banchev
127. Tiranas
A ring, a book and a zeppelin ? Good tordotcom, very good tordotcom indeed :)
128. ofabookworm
This looks fantastic!
129. Lost Track
Did I already enter for this one?
131. Michael Brewer
I'd love to win a copy!
Jacob Silvia
132. aethercowboy
I want this book! So do a lot of other people, apparently.
134. avianto
Just saw somebody reading this book in the Subway. The goggles in the cover caught my eyes and now I'd love to have a copy!
136. word of wyrd
I've heard so many good things about Priest's novels and about steampunk I'm anxious to try it out!
james loyd
137. gaijin
Mining, is it? The title sounded more like a velocipide.
138. MsBox
Brilliant! That looks like a lot of fun.

This is a comment : )
139. hargy
come on baby! Give me the swag!
140. Rinda Elliott
This sounds great!
142. Ford75
Sounds like an interesting book!
144. ThinkBaker
Zombies! Zeppelins!Steam Oh my!
146. Trevor Chris Gardner
Steampunk is the stuff!
149. wherobouts
did someone say airships AND zombies? where's my shotgun...
150. Zanson
Keep hearing good things about the book. Guess I'll wait to see if I win before buying a copy.
151. Jamie T.
I would love to read this book but I am short on funds lately to be able to buy it.
152. llasram
Looks like fun stuff!
156. Chris Cochran
I hope it it as good as her first book, (although I lost my copy when I moved)
157. rencheple
I would love a chance to win this book!
158. Schleproque
I really really want one.
159. Woodge
One way or another, I'm reading this!
William Uniac
160. Billiac
Free is very affordable. 30% off is also good.
161. Isabelle Fetherston
I would like to read this book!
162. JohnnyTToxic
I've heard so much about this book lately. All of my Twitter Idols are pitching it. Kinda excited.
164. John M Riggs
Boneshaker sounds wonderful!
166. Andrew Gifford
Looks awesome! Sign me up.
Bret B
167. bretjb
Looking forward to reading more steampunk!
168. steampunk4ever
I want it! I gotta have it!
Ilya Veselov
169. l3xforever
I love some steampunk books. Would be wonderful to have this one too.
170. filamena
Cheri Priest is awesome, and I want a copy so bad!!
Emma C
172. monkeyelf
Would love to read this book, it sounds so interesting.
173. SeannG
Can't wait to read this book, maybe as a reward to myself for comeplting Nanowrimo this year!
177. Xsyntrik-Devan
This is the only one of Cherie's published books I don't have yet.... I want it!~ *grin*
178. Steph Burgis
Ooh, please enter me in the drawing. This book sounds great!
179. Arithmos
Awesome looking cover and book! Can't wait to read this!
180. garetJax
It looks like a good read. I'm in.
181. BrianL
Can't wait to read this!!
182. SJN
Looks like a good book.
Tom Sias
185. tsias

I prefer not to sugar coat these posts with things like politeness or manners.
186. JCHicks
Looks like an interesting book. I'm in.
Amir Yoeli
187. Betterthenyouknew
steampunk and zomies... I'll try anything once... :)
188. Gaea712
Sweet! This looks really good.
189. Kiolia
I'd love a copy.
shawn kilburn
190. paperclypse
Bring on the zeppelins! Or babbage machines!
191. emgre
Sign me up. I'm pumped to read this one.
Todd Johansen
192. Gher06
Cool, always need a good book to read.
Nathan Sullivan
193. Knmochl
Love the cover, but I'm a sucker for goggles.
larry shirk
198. lorenzo
Leviticus? Do you 'spose people called him Levi? Levi Blue?
202. StephS
I can't wait to read this book. The story sounds great and the cover is wonderful!
204. azmodean
Awesome, count me in :)
205. coolare
this has a really interesting premise. i will definitely read it whether i win it or not!!
206. sparkatito
several posts about this book on twitter already make me want to run out at buy it, but i would love to win a copy first. can't wait to read it.
Péter Király
207. Dirky
Ok, I'll try my luck with this one.
Jonathan Rose
209. macguffin37
Man, look at all the entries. Still, I gotta try.
210. hankroberts
Hey, if you like ice, this is a wonderful read, recommended:

“If that wind ever shifts, to south strong wind, we have to run like heck to get out of here a.s.a.p. that means everything, everybody, off the ice. it takes 8 hours to set up that whaling camp correctly, It takes just 20 minutes to “Killigvuk” EVACUATE,… RUN…One huge mass panic of over 600 people… run for your lives because it is that sudden. Ice is headed our way and it will run right over everything in its path. This advancing ice will pile up into gigantic piles.”

At least, look at the one picture:

Oh, it's not fiction.
212. Theresa L Gardner
I loved her E. Moore series and Fathom was gripping, so completely looking forward to her new read!
213. Chris Ing
I would like! Pls? :D
215. Sara Harvey
I heart Cherie!!!
216. hawkwing_lb
*crosses fingers*

(At least the local bookshop appears to have copies...)
217. sagefire
I love most of Cherie Priest's stories. I expect this will be no exception!
Nathaniel Payne
218. DoctorSetebos
Fantastic! This looks like another great Cherie Priest book. I'll acquire it one way or another. :)
219. Valkrist

Also, the link from the main page still says "Filigreed ring" instead of "Boneshaker"

Just so's ya know.
221. Sak102010
Dropping my name into the hat.
222. Slackergrrl
Awesome. I can't wait to read this.
225. aliwood
I'm excited!
226. cliff52
No one does alternative history like Cherie Priest!
227. jlpearce
Ooh, pick me, pick me! :)
229. Manuel Yupa
Sounds brilliant, and it's the perfect excuse for me to break out the steampunk goggles and ray gun.
Bryan Sims
230. bmsims
Post a comment for a chance to win a Cherie Priest book? I am definitely in. I have been watching her talk about this book for a long time. I can't wait to read it.
232. EmeraldFrog
Interesting - would love to get my hands on a copy.
Paul Calabrese
233. SlugMan
I don't want the world, I just want your half
Alfred Elter
234. Ximman
Had my eye on this book for a while now, would love to get for free.
235. lhagan
I've heard so many good things about this book! I'm going to read it eventually, from the library or with my own copy!
236. Papajack
Looks good! Count me in on this...
Leah Hagan
237. lhagan
Oh crap, I didn't realize I needed to be registered for my email to show up.

Please ignore that other comment by me!
Cam Laforest
240. camlaforest
Hi all,

I'd love to be considered for a free copy of this book -- it sounds great!


Tim Novak
241. Spiderbox
I was going to buy this, but free is always better. I may still buy it for someone else to enjoy, though.
Tudza White
242. tudzax1
I would certainly not refuse a free copy.
243. nin_shark
Set in Seattle? count me in
Chris Taylor
245. Sidereal
Please count me in, too! Sounds like a great book.
246. GarthCola
Oh, sign me up please.
Eric Riemer
248. jester
This sounds like a really cool book.
249. slan agat
Oh yes please, this does sound like a good one!
250. wldhrsjen3
I've been looking forward to this book for *months*. It looks fantastic!!
251. Dantheman55
You blog with the best!
252. Windrider
I'd love to read this with my son. Then, when we're finished, pass it on to my nephews.
253. kepalo
Put my name in the hopper, thanks.
Melissa Cooper-Martin
254. Melissima
Omg I cannot wait to get my hands on Boneshaker! :Bounces:
255. Fuddster
Of course I would enjoy a copy of this fine tome. Thanks for asking!
256. Nick Ruffilo
I haven't read steampunk stuff in a while, but I do live a bit steampunk (I resurrect old things and make them all new). I hope I win this book. A small shameless plug: The best book rental website!
257. K.A. Stewart
This one is at the top of my tbr list right now, and my local Barnes & Noble is out of it! Help!
259. Pazuzu
I can't wait to read this.
Heather Coursey
260. CatGoddess
Sounds like a very interesting story. I hope to get the book soon :)
Jo Morrill
262. JayceM
This sounds like a novel that should be required reading in Seattle now that the city is planning another massive tunnel downtown! And required reading anyway for all Priest fans.
264. Donna B.L.
I've been eyeing this book ever since all the press has been going around on the web about it. Would love a chance to win it. Thanks Tor!
265. Jennifer RL
I've liked everything I've ever read by Cherie so far. Sign me up for this, too!
266. Barbed1951
I'd love to win a copy of Boneshaker! I've been hearing so much about it, I really want to read it.
Kimberly Woods
267. Calli
Ooh, I've been hearing a lot of good things about this book...another to add to the TBR pile!
268. hrollaug
Awesome. Looking forward to reading it!
269. Beth C.
I've had this book on my wish list for six months. WANT.
270. JGS
Mmmm... steampunky...
Miki Garrison
271. miki
I would want this book even for the cover alone, but the story itself sounds awesome as well. :D
272. suriel
yay for Boneshaker!
Chris Watson
273. docwatson223
If your not Steampunk, you're living in the past!
274. Poppy
I so want to read this book!
276. JackiAnne
Sounds like a great read. Here's my entry!
278. Casey Lynn
*crosses fingers*
279. D. M. Domini
::attaches dice to her heels, runs past the comment thread::

This does look like a good book. :)
280. Rahul R.
Looking forward to read it, whether I win or not! :-)
281. Ran Mac
Wow I'm In
284. Seattle Joe
maybe we'll learn the *real* story of the city's underground.
286. Durandal
Looks great. Sign me up!
287. aoifeharper
This is my kind of book!
288. Kevin Hogan
I have enjoyed many things that Cherie has written at short story length, and am looking forward to hunting this down and reading it.
290. Other Alias
Count me in on this one too!
292. Barerster
I'll give it a whirl.
293. Brian B.
Count me in - sounds like a great book!
Geek Girl
294. geekgirl
Oooh, sounds like a great read! I love Cherie Priest's earlier books.
295. Paulina H.
Pick me! :)
296. Requiem
Nothing wrong with steampunk zombies!!!
Lianne Burwell
297. LKBurwell
Coolio! Assuming of course that you would be willing to ship to Canada.
298. LissaMonster
I'd love to get another copy - I bought one, but I'd like to have one to giveaway in order to bring someone else into the Cult of Cherie. ;)
299. nfonseca
here's me trying to win it :)
300. Brenta
I do have all of Cherie Priest's other books...
Heather Massey
302. sfrgalaxy
Would love to read this. Thanks for the giveaway!
306. Bill Fogarty
Win a free copy or not, I am looking forward to reading this.
307. Nellisir
309. artspin
Commenting! Hopeful commenting!
310. year_of_rabbit
Excellent choice in authors to have a contest for! Thank you!
311. Nentuaby
Mmm. Goggles.
312. cScott
If this book is even half as good as her previous books, it will be fantastic!
313. Jenn M
I'm in it for the air pirates.
314. Moxie
I'm a bellydancer who believes steampunk is an aesthetic, not a buzzword, and you can't throw it on as an adjective to make the thing interesting. It has to be interesting and good in its own right. Steampunk is a wonderful accident.
315. Art M.
I would really like to win a copy. Viva steampunk!
316. callmedeb
I devour anything she writes!!! I can't wait to read this one!!! Cue the exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!
317. LouWW
Looks very interesting--would love a copy!
320. Meldrena
I love Cherie's work - can't wait to read this one!
321. DIYGene
Pick me! Pick me!
322. AimeeG
Oh man, I'd been planning to pick this one up anyway. Free would be better. ;-)
323. Eric Sadoyama
I would love a copy, thanks.
324. John Donald Carlucci
Pick me!
325. Dave Fooden
Steampunk + zombies = bacon + chocolate
Amit Kotwal
326. amitkotwal
Ooo! Me! Me! {Fx: Jumps up and down, hand raised}
328. Wiredwizard
This one's definitely on my to get list.
331. Anthony Buchanan
Cherie Priest! Steampunk! I am so there!

Speaking of "there," anyone who claims to be steampunk should try to get to Steam Con ( the guy who won't be able to make it (*even though my birthday is also happening then!*).

But seriously, I love Cherie Priest. Gimme a copy, plz.
332. Melody Lu
Zombies, steampunk, Seattle. That is a boatload of fun right there!
333. jenwlee
Please...pick me!
334. vampiregirl76
Can't wait to read this one!!

335. Don Waugh Esq
As a cyberpunk, I keep wondering what the deal is with steampunk.

School me, please.
336. Thomm
Postapocalyptic steampunk? Ten shades of awesome! Does it feature a steam age Starbucks that's staffed by zombies?
337. Alicia Hall
Count Me In!!
338. Ian M Helgesen
Sounds interesting. Another hat in the ring.
341. Shanwa Lewis
Perfect I have wanted to read this for as long as you have been talking about it!!!
Thanks for this amazing chance you ROCK!!!!

342. Masonian
You had me at blight gas... er, I mean zombies.
In truth I've been wary of steampunk for a few years. Got scared off by a few crappy cliche ridden stinkers. But this one has zombies! So, I'm game to try another bite.
343. BerniP
I am a tremendous fan of Cherie Priest's, having found her on LJ when she posted as . (I hope I'm remembering that correctly. It was a clever variant of Wicked Witch.) I would love to get her new book.
348. Sqotty
deal me in...I'd like to write a review of it for my blog.
Andrea Chettle
349. Pagecrawler
The cover alone makes me want to read this The story summary makes it a necessity Please please enter my name in the draw

350. Elie N
Please enter me, this would be my first steampunk novel. The cover is sooo cool.
351. adiav
Oooooh. I'm dying to read this!
353. t0kengirl
Enter me please too! Sounds like fun
354. Emmett Davenport
I would love a copy of Boneshaker.
alys sterling
355. cthulie
Well of course, I'd love to win one of these!
René Walling
356. cybernetic_nomad
Is there anything I can say about wanting this book that hasn't been said before?
357. seth e.
Re-throwing my hat in the ring.
359. Damfino
Tired of the everyday grind? Ever dream of a life of romantic adventure? Want to get away from it all? Tor offers you Steampunk! Yes, please!
360. Marcelo Nick
Hey, I would like to win ... God only knows when this book might be avaible here in Brazil...
Mike Petrucelli
361. mpetruce
More and more people are telling me they loved this. Looking forward to reading it.
363. Mimzy
This sounds really good! I hope you draw my number!
364. Morning Glow
Wow! I'm trying to get into the steampunk genre... this would definitely help! And I think the cover is amazing... Count me in! Thanks!
366. Cory Gross
Sure, why not? I'll give it a shot.
367. JenL
It's on the list. It's a very long list. Giving me the book will bump it higher up on the list.
368. Toni L. Chapman
I really love Cherie's books and am waiting for my turn for the book from the library but would love to have my own copy. Boneshaker seems to be an awesome book.
George Baker
369. wraeththu
Sounds like a good read. I'm wishing myself good luck at winning a copy.
370. Faydra
With air pirates and zombies and a great heroine who would'nt want to read this.
Cherie always puts a ton of research into these great books of hers so this read should be a great one.
371. Dysaiga
Steampunk ftw^^
Lee Barker
372. lee-tyke
looking forward to winning this book i'am : )
373. Joe Parrish
I like what I have read about the book and have been thinking about buying it. Might even do this week.
374. Key-R
Shocking how I had always like the steampunk genre without actually knowing its name. lol Fun stuff nonetheless.
375. Susan03038
This books sounds pretty good :)
376. janicu
There's about 5 million people already entered, but what the hey. Count me in.
377. Matdak
I want one. u_u
379. Ashe Armstrong
I could sorely use some new reading material and I'm a fan of steampunk soooo, here's my comment.

Interesting site you guys got here too. I'll be visiting more.
381. Davetech
Give me some of that sweet, sweet, Steampunk love, brother.
382. Raelena
count me in please!
383. jonah Von Spreecken
mmmm boneshaker...delicious, delicious.
384. ShimmerGeek
I'd love to win this - I've become recently obsessed with Steampunk Tales on the iPhone, so I'd love to get some more to read :)
Melissa Lim
385. riande
Oh, me! Me! I *love* Cherie Priest's work. Steampunk just adds a cherry to the metaphorical sundae.
alessandro montagner
386. black_swan
It gets better by the hour...Sweet.
I so need to get a pair of goggles.
388. Patrick Pillars
I am looking forward to cracking open this book, the reviews and the lead up has been tantalizing to say the least.
389. Benjamin B.
Must be a great book!
390. Crystalmorning35
Saw Cherie Priest at Dragoncon recently and I am really looking forward to reading one of her books.
391. aubade
This book looks really neat.
392. Cthulhette
Me Want! *happy tentacle wave*
393. Allegory
Oh! This book looks lovely. And how wonderful is steampunk month
394. Luis Baars
I love free books!
395. usullusa
Sounds like a fun read. I'd like in. :D
397. Knucklehead
I like free
398. Michael Habif
hell yeah
399. sandro50
Hi, I'd like to enter this context: I love steampunk novels and I'd like very much to read this novel.

Isaac Doubek
401. Dr.Goggs
pretty sure that steampunk + zombies = glorious :)
403. Piechur
Fan of steampunk? Visit Steampunkopedia!
404. LPMedusahalo
Heck, I'll give it a shot and if it doesn't work, well I know my local library will get this and I can get it there. My local library rocks and has all of Cherie's books. And if I do get this, then I can donate it to my library and be sure they get a copy.

405. Mishel z.
I think entrant #405 should get a copy =)

407. jonwings
I would love to read this
408. Tibs
Hmm, looks interesting.
410. SusiSunshine
This cover is so wonderful. I totally adore it!
I always wanted to start a steampunk novel. Thanks for the chance to win.
411. Blitz
This sounds good.
412. Matt Weber
412th post! I'm totally going to win.
413. Teel McClanahan III
Hooray for free books! I should do something like this for my new book. Hmmm...
414. Bobbie Schafer
Sounds like it'll be a good one. Crossing fingers... :-)
415. George Richard
Free readage!! maybe!
Valentyne Martinek
416. Valentyne
This sounds awesome, and the cover is gorgeous.
417. Michael Kwan
Looking forward to this book since I first read about it.
419. SarahMcKee
I cannot wait to read this book, it's so refreshing to have great novels around again!
420. natalie hatch
Loving the steampunk month, have heard great things about boneshaker.
421. MilesL
421. Doubt I can say anything original at this point. Happy to be in the drawing.

Thank you Cherie for giving us a wonderful combination of Steampunk and Zombies. Include a plush Cthulhu and we would faint with glee.
422. velvet
steampunk and zombies rock!
424. tldaisy
Would love to get a copy of this book!
Kirtis Dyer
426. fattius
It's cute that everyone entered and all, but we all know that I'm going to win this "random" drawing. All twenty times. It's okay, though, kiddies. We can't all be winners or rocket surgeons. Someone has to wind the Great Clockwork Whozamajig and empty the spitoons. Make sure mine gets a nice polishing while I'm reading my new book.
429. Kaitlin V.
Sounds interesting, giving it a shot!
Jeff Caslake
432. roid
I've already added it to my reading list.
433. Ozymandias
That sounds like a very interesting read. I am going to add it to my 'Books to Find and Read' list whether I win or not.
434. Dreamlinez
I iz tha winner...pleaze?
Avi Schwartz
435. the1avi
Looks like a great book. Looking forward to reading it.
436. Lykouleon
This book has been on my radar for a while now. Zombies and the wild west? HECK YEAH!
437. DaveQat
Ooooh. Yes please!
438. RossArnold
Never turn down the chance of a free book...
440. Otsana
Ooh, pick me?
441. Jdog
Zombies! Giant Wall! Big Freaking Drill! Count me in
442. SethSL
Count me in!!!
445. Mark Sevi
Tor's always been ahead of the curve. Thanks for this.
446. Zahra
Thank you for this wonderful contest! Steampunk is fascinating. I hope I win!
447. Jenny Ng
Thanks for the giveaway. I would like to enter.
449. amadandedallas
Always enjoy Cherie Priest's work.
450. EliasC
Looking forward to reading this book. I hope I win
451. Dottie
I've been hearing good things, can't wait to take a peek.

Thanks for the great giveaway!

Dottie :)
452. ElizatheGreat
454. twofistededitor
455. Doc Washboard
Gold rush steampunk! Yeah, baby! And isn't there actually some kind of underground city beneath Seattle? I'd love to get my hands on this one.
456. felinewyvern
Add my name to the hat please - it sounds like a good book to read.
Darius Bacon
458. Darius
It was already on my Amazon wishlist, so, yes: want.
459. bookhling
Commented! Hope I win this. The book sounds interesting.
461. Gideon McManniss
I'm in!
463. Neville Thompson
WOW ! So many entries.

Guess my odds are very small but lets give it a try anyway.

I have not read any of this authors books as yet, but this sounds like a Jules Verne type of story and those were amongst my favourites many years ago.

So please enter me.

Thank you.

464. Laura D G
Going to have to get this from the library if I don't win a copy here.
466. Phil Moulton
Definitely sounds interesting - and worth a shot at winning.

Thanks for the opportunity
467. ferallon
My. This book is getting more positive press from teh interweb royalty than any in recent memory.
468. GJackson
Sounds like an interesting read. Sign me up.
470. tdxdave
Wow! I need this book!
471. sleonarz
I love the undead of Seattle.
473. syberwolff
475. awharward
here's to hoping
476. kb853
Sounds very interesting....both daughter, granddaughter and son-in-law's brother are hot into steampunk! Love to have the book and surprise them!
477. Jim Hardin
Sounds cool. Sign me up!
478. Olivia Mirot
Wicked awesome!
479. Lady Trae
I am new to steampunk but what i have read so far is very appealing to me :)
480. honeyspy
Count me in! This has been on my Amazon w.l. for a while now!
481. Bernard Crowshit
planning a trip to the undead infested other side of the wall is in my plans so this would be less of a novel more of a travel guide for me, please help me survive
482. J-Rob
Thanks for featuring Steampunk month! Loving it!
484. Aetherical
Thank you for Steampunk month, this is fabulous!
485. emfisher
Looks like a great read, can't wait to read it!
486. Fester
I'm in.

And thanks for featuring Steampunk!
487. leisurelyviking
488. Rebecca @ DSB
Me three! Or, I should say, Me 488!
489. NathanG
I'll go ahead and throw my name in the hat. Loving Steampunk month by the way, keep up the good work!
490. Anthony Allen
Bill Murphy
491. Vilhellm
Ezekiel always has been clued in to whats really going on.
492. Dutch63
To give a valid comment I should have read the book. So let's win a copy first. Due to yr review I'm finishing "Hyperion". Thanks!

493. ll graham
Looks like a good book.
495. Ruth (Book Focus)
Wow, what a cool giveaway! Please count me in. :)
Vera Vukovic
497. tar0kun
This book sounds fantastic. Cherie's brilliant description of how it came about hooked me immediately!

Thanks so much for Steampunk month!
Aaron Tady
498. apt2501
I want this book. I'm hoping that io9 will pick this as the next book for its book club. That way, if I don't win it here, I'll have an excuse to buy it.
499. LeadingZero
George Mann just did steampunk and zombies in his novel "The Affinity Bridge", so I would be interested in comparing this take versus that take. Mann's novel was a Sherlock Holmes-style mystery and adventure (Lots of explosions toward the end!).
500. Steve Muse1
I must admit, I'm a newbie to Steampunk... but what I've seen so far blows me away. Thanks to Cherie, whose Blog I stumbled upon by accident, thank goodness, I am now very much interested in this latest novel of hers, Boneshaker. I would love to be considered. Thanks...
Wes Samson
503. poemanderror
This book has earned a spot on my reading list. What more can you ask for than steampunk and zombies?
505. TommyO
I'm in, Am I in, think so.
506. EAJ...
The cover is stunning; I'd like it for that alone.
507. CRAusmus
I've been reading a lot of reviews on this book lately and it is quickly moving up my list of books to run right out and get.
Matt Hammong
508. BeeM
This would be a perfect excuse to get into steam punk like I've been meaning to
Dave Jones
509. edu_dave
It's my shiny birthday on 14 October!
Now hand over that shiny oh-so-steamy oh-so-punky loot before I shame you and buy myself one for my birthday.

Punk you very much.

510. cdparker13
I love books!
511. Stmedeiros
not certain if my brain will accept zombies AND clockwork at the same go, but I am willing to give it a read..
514. Marian Perera
He tampered in God's domain. *shakes head sadly*
515. Alan Blank
How can you go wrong with that cover (and Cherie Priest's writing). Plus-Goggles! I've have to go for a book that I can share with my teen-age daughter who is so into steampunk she has her set of goggles.
Adam Shaeffer
516. ashaef
This book sounds very interesting. I'd love to win a free copy!
517. Donald Eitner
Oh my, this does look like an exciting read. I can hardly wait to get my hands on this one.
Michael Jensen
518. FantasyFan
Fascinating. Jules Verne has modern imitators?
519. Bo Balder
I am a huge steampunk and Jules Verne fan. Count me in!
David Epstein
520. sargepepper
Just saw this at B&N yesterday and it looked interesting...sounds like a nice mix
Ron Gould
522. rongould
Wow! A chance to win Boneshaker! I'm in!
523. kamandi68
Sounds like a good read!
524. TBGH
If the book is half as good as it sounds it will be a lot of fun to read!
525. Emily Taylor
Love all of Cherie's work! I am shaking in my goggles with anticipation for Boneshaker!
526. snuggles
would love to surprise my steampunk friend with this book.
527. SteveK
this looks good.. is it going to be on the Kindle?
Jon Throop
528. Throopish
I've been wanting to read this and now you're giving it away!! I love you Tor.
529. StevenC
Looking forward to it!
530. WilliamC
This is an ingenious way to get more people to post. I look forward to trying to win a copy of the book.
531. Ay-leen

I wonder how many comments will gather the further along these giveaways go.... @_@
532. Mark Bukovec
534. Naomi Parrish
I'm soooo looking forward to reading this book. :)
535. GalMontag
Printed words + Steampunk + Cherie Priest = yes, please!
536. TysonM
Really want to read this book, as someone from Seattle I am curious to see how bad the place as become in this alternate reality. Plus, I am new to steampunk and enjoying what I have read so far.
K Sokoly
537. NemoWho
Looks like a great book, one that would be fun to read with my son. He's a steampunk fan like me !
538. Jamie Waldron
Definitely sounds like a good read. Now I've gotta win it or convince my local library to start carrying steampunk novels!
539. Rodrigo L.
Steampunk rules! After reading the Amazon reviews, I'm eager to read the book!
540. Daniel P E
Sounds like a good book, I'm looking forward to digging in!
541. Darcy Casavant
I'm a librarian reading _Four and Twenty Blackbirds_ by recommendation of a coworker. If this is as good as that, Ms. Priest has a fan for life!
542. chrisv1
wow this sounds like a great book! Just discovering steampunk and who can beat zombies too?
Liza .
543. aedifica
Yes please! (And wow, this is a popular item. Not that I'm surprised!)
545. Reesachan
Looks like an interesting book.
546. CSI Seattle
I live in Seattle and all that bad stuff really did happen.
Dennis O'Brien
547. TheAuldGrump
Whether or not I win, I will most assuredly be reading this book. Going on my 'Must Read' list right now.
Cliff Bramlett
548. LabGecko
Though the timing appears a bit late, I will also be adding this to my must read list.
Kevin Ford
549. ranbeforewalked
I would love to have a copy! It sounds like a great book.
550. malpertuis
I'm in school like crazy, but want a copy for any free moments. I love her writing!
551. dijeratic
Must. Have. Now. Please?
552. Van P.
Sounds like a great book, please include me in the giveaway :)

553. Cara O'Brien
I can has Boneshaker?
554. Pat J
Well then. No geographic restrictions apply -- nice to hear, as a Canuck.
555. cheri Isaac
I just finished Cherie's 1st book and instantly became a fan! Boneshaker sounds awsome can't wait to read it.
556. Lilly Jean
Eeeeeeee! Boneshaker!
557. simply_ember
Please sign me up. I went to Borders and they were all out.
559. Dan Hollifield
Cherie's books are always good reads. Thanks for putting yet another one out there for us to enjoy!

560. Pachanga Sparks
this looks bangin awesome!
Doniki Boderick-Luckey
561. hecateae
I'm looking forward to reading this book.
562. Jazmia
Cherie Priest rocks!
563. Rachael Wise
I am a HUGE Cherie Priest fan! This is the only Steampunk book that ever interested me. Because her books are soooooooo frakkin' good.
565. jrodrig1
I want this book!
566. Don Adams
Sign me up, I've been following Cherie's fiction for several years now. Steampunk and Zombies... what more can you ask for?
567. Wikimancer
I like steampunk, books, and free things.
568. marbar
I like the Civil Warish name Briar Wilkes. It sounds like Ashley Wilkes from Gone with the Wind fell on his ass in a patch of thorns.
569. angelshimmery
Okay feel the chances are fairly slim but what's a girl going to do when the book looks fantastic and it doesn't come out in the UK till next year. Ahhh yes join the competition and jump up and down shouting me please!
570. DaNNN
Nice! Looking for some good new fiction.
Dan Robertson
571. chimaera_obscura
Sounds great. I'm looking forward to reading Cherie's new book.
572. LiteraryMind
Steampunk, zombies, and Seattle...interesting!
573. Dr. BedbuG
wow I want it!!!
576. Mike Hutchinson
After reading Scott Westerfeld's Leviathan with my middle school Guys Read book club I would love to introduce them to this steampunk jem.
577. Cindy H.
Sing a song of breath mints
Banana cream pie
Four and twenty blackbirds take to the sky
When the sky is filled up
With all the feathered wings
The birds will come protect me
For all those other things...

Ready to win!
578. Sarah D.
I am broke and cannot afford books but I love Cherie and want to read her pretty words.
579. Pernilla L
Books are like drugs, only better. Steampunk books even more so.
Dominic Wellington
580. riotnrrd
Can I still enter if I confess that I already put this on my Amazon wish list?
581. Dale S.
Heard about this on Twitter
582. VirtKitty
I'm in for a chance to win a fabulous book!
585. Polaris
Hooray for the resurgence of Steampunk!
587. Jagged Jack
Looks like a great read!
588. JonathanD
Alternate history and zombies and steampunk too? Sounds great.
589. SashaNova
I want to be Ms. Priest when I grow up. I'm a huge fan. Pick me, pick me!
590. Leslie G.
I've got Boneshaker on my wishlist - would love to win it. Thanks for the chance!
592. Moonsp1ke
Came here all the way from BrassGoggles - a long trip, but well worth it!
593. Michelle McGuinness
I would love to read this book. I have always read a lot of fantasy and been interested in steam punk, but for some reason have never actually read steam punk.
594. A.J.B.
I just read Cherie's description of Bonecrusher on John Scalzi's blog. Three words come to mind: Bring It On! I'm looking forward to reading this one.
597. Sandy Shin
This book sounds really wonderful, and I'd love to win a copy. :>
598. Backslashdave
Oo--pick me! pick me! :o) Just read Cherie's post on Scalzi's blog, and the preview. Looks great! Congrats to Cherie and to Tor.
599. Voyageur
Sounds like a wonderful introduction to steampunk. I wish me luck...
600. Rob Root
Everything I've read says this is a great book! I can't wait to red it for myself!
601. Omnicron13
My odds of winning don't look great, but my expected utility of trying is still positive!
Leroy Kugle
603. lkugle
I have been enjoying Steampunk month and would like to read this book.
604. Floriana
*does a little tapdance of excitement*
Ooh ooh!! I would LOOOOVE a copy of this book!
605. Maurice S Thaler
I am a huge fan of steam-punk, so this sounds quite appealing. I found this through

Looking forward to reading this :-)
Darice Moore
606. daricemoore
I would really love a copy of Boneshaker; it sounds amazing.
Karen McPherson
607. flotsams3
I saw this on display at the bookstore and it looks like it would be a fun book to read.
608. Inventor Nalius
This book looks great I'll have to pick this up next pay day!
609. Jim Henry III
I greatly enjoyed Cherie Priest's first three novels and have been meaning for some time to read her more recent work.
610. Thorfin
Looks interesting. Not that I need another book on my reading list, but this one is going to get added to it anyway.
612. area53
I started with The Anubis Gates, then read Infernal Devices and the Narbondo series, and I was hooked. Steampunk is my favorite genre. Now, after seeing The Clockwork Century site and reading Cherie Priest's blog, I'd really appreciate reading her Boneshaker. Congrats to the amazing cover!
P. S. Sent from an old, and not very smart cell phone.
613. AeolianDissent
Zombies + Airships = Awesome!
You have piqued my curiosity!
614. eviljim
I want win book.
Adam Geary
615. gadam07
Honestly, I haven't read anything lengthy in a long while, but I've been enjoying the short steampunk stories around here so much I think I would read this book cover to cover in under a week!
616. Random23
I hope I win, I hope I win..........
617. Frank M. Chimkin
Steampunk rules! Count me in, please!
Dru O'Higgins
619. bellman
I won something! How amazing is that?

thanks Torie, and Tor!
620. CrystalGB
Sounds interesting. Count me please.
621. Ivy Book Reader Times

I would love to enter this giveaway. :D
Thank you
622. Chasingisis
I've seen this in the store, and it looks very cool. The 30% offer is a good deal, too.
623. Andrew
Dang, think I missed this. :'( Any leeway for international posters? :P

I wish we could be notified by e-mail of any new contests...
624. Wilheim
I love the artwork on the books, too! More Cherie, more!!
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