Oct 28 2009 6:36pm

Steampunk Month Giveaway: Antique Watchwork Swarovski Crystal Pendant

With only three days left of Steampunk Month, I am starting to get to the bottom of my gorgeous pile of beautiful shinies. *wipes away a tear* Don’t worry, though, I have some real goodies up my sleeve.

This absolutely stunning pendant is a vintage watch movement with two Swarovski crystals. It measures 7/8“ across, comes on a sterling silver bail, and hangs beautifully from a 18”, 2.5mm silver cable chain.

We gave one of these away as a contest prize at the Steampunk Meetup and let me just tell you that it is GORGEOUS. The crystal fits beautifully into the piece and it sparkles wonderfully. This pendant comes from the phenomenal LondonsGate. WARNING: their Etsy store might be responsible for the recession. Go check out their incredible range of items, all of which are fantastic.

The Rules: To get this giveaway, all you need to do is comment (once—duplicates won’t count) on this post. The winner will be selected at random. You have until noon EST on Monday, November 2nd, to comment here. Please check your e-mail on this day—you have 24 hours to respond before I select a new winner.


Torie Atkinson recently succumbed to an Etsy shopping spree. Her wallet was never seen again.

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Jacqueline L.
1. Jacqueline L.
Ooooh! Shiny!
Jacqueline L.
4. The Literary Omnivore
Goodness, that's gorgeous.
Jacqueline L.
13. ldraxx
love it love it
Jacqueline L.
17. Awolfe
Sign me up for a chance, thanks!
Jacqueline L.
18. R. Emrys
Oh, gorgeous!
Jacqueline L.
19. Aru-n
Very beautiful...
Jacqueline L.
22. Liathiana
Oooh lovely!
Jacqueline L.
25. CousinJessica
Wow. That's beautiful!
Jacqueline L.
26. robbadler
I like the pretty. Who could price that, when you think of how unique it is :D
Jacqueline L.
28. Mandula
Wooo... :worship: It is gorgeous. I would love to have it... :)
Jacqueline L.
31. RemSaverem
Wow, that is a beautiful pendant!
Jacqueline L.
32. WildeRose
Very pretty, good luck everyone!
Jacqueline L.
35. Froglet
I say, this is stunning.
Please courier it to me forthwith!
Jacqueline L.
38. Papajack
Cool, Cool, Cool...
Jacqueline L.
39. ContraU1
If only you were giving that out before Halloween. It's so perfect!
Jacqueline L.
41. Jocelyn R.
This is fabulous!
Jacqueline L.
42. Jamcaro
Shiny thing is Shiny!
Jacqueline L.
44. MelissaT
Oh, Oh. Pickme.Pickme.Pickme!
Jacqueline L.
45. StaceyC
WANT! You must pick me! LOL
Melissa Cooper-Martin
54. Melissima
Wow, that would really inspire my steampunk Nanowrimo novel. Pick me?
Michael Below
55. ediFanoB
The days of the digital watch are numbered.
Tom Stoppard, British dramatist & screenwriter (1937 - )
Molly 314
59. mollie
Okay I was confused by my post under mollie314 not being linked to an email address, so I signed up for a Tor account. Hopefully this will work. :)
Jacqueline L.
62. Lynne Lumsden Green
That is one sigh-worthy hunk of glitter. Pick me!
Jacqueline L.
65. RSnaps
Ooooh, it's gorgeous! Want!
Jacqueline L.
69. Sadie Awesome
Wow. that's one way to generate traffic!
Jacqueline L.
71. btfreek
Oh geez, DO WANT.
Jacqueline L.
72. Anna Carpenter
Wow. I love steampunk. And that's just awesome.
Jacqueline L.
73. Comrade Matt
I feel desire.
Jacqueline L.
75. ChasingRay
Very very cool!
Shaun Barger
76. FiveAMfrenchtoast
Please enter me! It looks beautiful.

End of steampunk month = saaaaad face.
Jacqueline L.
77. CaitlinB
That is beautiful!
Tim Lewis
78. RaPToRFunK
Shiny is an understatement. Nifty keen bees knees.
Hannah Mattner
80. Maelenna
Ooooh! Gorgeous!
I'm going to have to go back through allllll of Steampunk month (I only just joined) to check out all of the fantastic!
Jacqueline L.
82. JackiAnne
Love It Want It Love It Want It Love It Want It!
Jacqueline L.
83. Hagabanana?
November 2nd!

Ooooh lala.

I want.
I want.
I win?
I won't.
Jacqueline L.
87. Manuel Yupa
Looks ace!
Jacqueline L.
88. StephS
Am I ever going to win one of these things?!
Patti Taylor
90. sapience14
these give-aways are going to be hell on my pocketbook when I don't win... =)
Matias Miguez
93. meiyas
I want it... yes precious... it is ours...
Jacqueline L.
98. Arithmos
That thing looks awesome!
Jacqueline L.
100. Rhapsody_Angela
EE! I love it!
Jacqueline L.
102. shaperofmyths
Jacqueline L.
105. AwesomeDog
Very Pretty!
Jacqueline L.
106. Kristina1438
I want it!!!! Pretty, pretty, pretty!!!
Eric Carlson
109. Tennerock
No whammies, no whammies!

This is a shiny I'd love to have. Love, dangit.
Jacqueline L.
110. GashlycrumbTiny
That is the most gorgeous piece of clockwork I have ever seen! The shiny! The shiiiiinyyyy!
Jacqueline L.
111. dg10050
Commenting away.
Jacqueline L.
114. Hann1bal
Oooh, pretties.
Jacqueline L.
119. JennyJ
This is so gorgeous!
Jacqueline L.
120. rlivings
nice piece of work.
Jacqueline L.
122. JakeLsewhere
Spiffy. ^_^
Jacqueline L.
127. azmodean
ooh yes please
Jacqueline L.
129. Aye Aye Sedai
Hey are you all reading Leigh's wonderful recap of Jordan's wheel of time - this looks like a piece created at Rands school.

Read The Gathering Storm too :)

Swords and steam engines - yeah
Erika Nelson
131. Odessa_3
Oh, Miss Torie, you *did* save the best for last!
Jacqueline L.
136. Bannahleigh
So very pretty!
Jacqueline L.
138. Xak
Saving the best for last? Or at least, near the end.
Jacqueline L.
142. porus
1 in 142 chance and decreasing. worth it for such a shiny piece!
Allison Lockwood Hansen
143. Talisyn
Tik Tok! What a wonderful crystal clock!
Jacqueline L.
144. APRock
Nice. I like it.
Jacqueline L.
145. IndigoJez
loving it!
Jacqueline L.
146. Timbosquad
Oh my god, I soooo want this. I just bought a new watch because I lost my other one, and now it feels wanting :(... :D
Jacqueline L.
148. Colin Boyer
This is something I want.
Jacqueline L.
149. *^Nena^*
That would look really good with my new jacket, *^_^*
Christopher Schwartz
150. Schwrtzman
That would look really good with anything. As the lolcat says, IS CAN HAZ?
Jacqueline L.
151. Saul McClintock
My precious...
Jacqueline L.
152. Leona Sperling
Gotta love a steampunk pocketwatch.
Jacqueline L.
153. tldaisy888
this is really beautiful.
Jacqueline L.
155. KaranR
Here is my attempt yet again
Péter Király
158. Dirky
I hope I win, otherwise I must buy one anyway.
kaolin fire
161. kaolin
Ooh, it's lovely. =) I went through a pocket-watch phase for maybe 5 years, that ended when I gave in and got a cell-phone (same functionality, a little larger but went in the same pocket...)

I think something like this would make me find some other way to carry my cell-phone. ;)

{this is an entry, yes it is :) )
kaolin fire
162. kaolin
(pardon the duplicate)
Jacqueline L.
164. Afifter
Great gears and cogs!
Jacqueline L.
165. Gemma Robinson
Oooh shiny thing of shininess. I wants it.
Jacqueline L.
166. Mahray
My own, my precious...
Jacqueline L.
168. Quantumtroll
Mm, that looks fantastic and yummy.
Jacqueline L.
169. silentcadence
Very nice!
Jacqueline L.
170. Arorax
Would be nice if it still can work.
Jacqueline L.
171. Wontacceptmyname
That is the most beautiful thing I have seen in along time. Hope I am lucky to own it :)
Jacqueline L.
172. LukcyTimesAreHereAgain
Oh go on then please
Jacqueline L.
173. Agninus
One comment.
Jacqueline L.
174. Rachel Stark
Wow - this is gorgeous! I'm disappointed that I missed the meet-up.
Jacqueline L.
178. ofabookworm
Not the end of Steampunk month! How sad... Anyway, would love to be entered. Thanks!
Jacqueline L.
180. Derrickc
Avarice is a sin, but one I occasionally indulge in. Oooooh, shiny!
Jacqueline L.
184. Audra Smith
so pretty!!
Jacqueline L.
188. Brian B.
SHINY! Count me in a thousand times!
Paul Lewandowski
189. Snowkestrel
I applaud your willpower in actually giving these up. Bravo!
I have no willpower. Can I have that, please? :)
191. cirelle
All my posts in these giveaway threads are variations on "so pretty", but anyway... SO PRETTY!
Dale Wentz
192. digid
Very nice, need to run and add some wood to the boiler, its getting cold in here!
Jacqueline L.
196. ark4str
My precious.
Jacqueline L.
198. MMB Italy
Instead of Steampunk to read, Steampunk to touch!
Very nice idea. will check out the Store for more.
Jacqueline L.
201. AbsentMindedProf
Wow. That is truly gorgeous.
Jacqueline L.
202. Mhlavaty
I would fight tooth and nail
Jacqueline L.
203. CatherineKay
Ohh shiny! and sparkly! Thanks!
Jacqueline L.
204. JGH
If these caused the "Great Recession," then let's weigh the costs and dive right back into it!
Jacqueline L.
210. SMuse
Wonderful workmanship
Christine Evelyn Squires
212. ces
YES!!! It is an "absolutely stunning pendant."
Jacqueline L.
213. Spacefork
I need that.
Jacqueline L.
220. Gambit410
Me please!
Jacqueline L.
221. baronjonah
I dropped this over the bow of an airship one time. I want it back.
Jacqueline L.
224. *Thorn*
I will happily comment for the chance at a pendant.
Autumn Theriault
226. twofistededitor
I'd think I can find a way to wear this to my wedding if I try hard enough!
Tom Sias
228. tsias
Sweet clockwork Jesus, that thing is awesome!
Samantha Brandt
229. Talia
I just drooled on my keyboard.

Jacqueline L.
231. Alden Ash
Awesome gearnness!
Jacqueline L.
232. tuka again
What are the chances of winning one of these before it all ends?
Jacqueline L.
233. Dr. Tucker
Can one have too many trinkets?
Jacqueline L.
235. rubydog
Beautiful prize! Great contest!
Jacqueline L.
236. Maria BearMountainBooks
Well, I think I better enter this one too. What an interesting, pretty watch.
Jacqueline L.
237. DRickard
Just in time for X-Mas!
Jacqueline L.
240. wandering-dreamer
Once again, do want!
Jacqueline L.
241. fogdude
Now that's sweet piece of antiquity!
Jacqueline L.
244. Kudusch
Nice piece of art.
Aimee Stewart
250. Foxfires
Haiku for the win!

shiny clockwork gem
swarovski steampunk goodness
salivation, now
Angela MacRae
256. angelshimmery
A pretty pendant watch, that is very shiny and should most definitely be mine....
Jacqueline L.
259. Camila F.
Love it!!! Very cool.
Jacqueline L.
260. Kevin Faulk
Christmas gift for my wife??
Jacqueline L.
261. Sabriel
luck be a moogle tonight!
Jacqueline L.
262. serhumxen
yes my book FINALLY arrived!!! wooo!
Jacqueline L.
265. TheBaronessTimeKeeper
This giveaway sounds positively bully!
Jacqueline L.
266. MegaPelican
Once again, incredible.
Jacqueline L.
269. cgradis
I'm a Tor fan
Susan Meek
271. smeek1958
Please, oh, please send some love and swag to Oklahoma.
Jacqueline L.
272. Strider
WOT fan in the house, would love this. :)
Jacqueline L.
274. John Gallagher
Jacqueline L.
283. Beth C.
Shiny and useful!
Jacqueline L.
285. Kishmet
Beautiful craftsmanship. No idea how you bring yourself to give these away.
Jacqueline L.
287. Redrobinreader
Jacqueline L.
289. MzLorraine
I want it pleaseeee!
Jacqueline L.
292. JKZ
That is just amazing!
Jacqueline L.
294. superpenguin
I likes the shiny!
Jacqueline L.
297. Pretty_Mary_K
GORGEOUS. I am very covetous of said pendant...
Jacqueline L.
299. Belladonna1975
Jacqueline L.
300. Olivia Louise
Jacqueline L.
301. Baravius
I want one!!!
Liviania Smith
303. Liviania
Absolutely beautiful! You've given away such great stuff this month.
Jacqueline L.
304. jazz2midnight
Jacqueline L.
305. McKee07
Absolutely gorgeous! I can haz necklaz naow?
Jacqueline L.
311. Leah D.H.
Steampunky gadgetries are so marvelously cool!
Jacqueline L.
313. pilcrow
Finally, an accessory that really does go with everything!
Jacqueline L.
317. Michael Cluff
Okay, this is my first time on this site... what the heck is "Steampunk" and please... I want the pendant.
Bel Bauer
319. Belcyrlis
Jacqueline L.
322. aoifeharper
323. Andrew
Wow, just wow. For the sake of my wallet, I'd love one of these (though I fear that may not prevent my very own Etsy shopping spree after all!)
Jacqueline L.
324. Kmarier
Simply lovely!
Jacqueline L.
325. Leland...
That looks great. I'll take one, please. :)
Jacqueline L.
326. gpav
Beautiful work.
Jacqueline L.
327. Mcavity
I'd love to see this in sunlight.
ezzkmo .
328. ezzkmo
Nice little ticker. Count me in for this!
Jacqueline L.
330. elfgrl2115
Twinkly! Sparkly!
Jacqueline L.
331. murklins
Oh... So pretty. *siiiiigh*
Jacqueline L.
332. Amy Pat Smith
Very cool!
Jacqueline L.
333. Barbed1951
Great prize, I'd love to have it.
Jacqueline L.
338. Sunryse
I could write a poem and wow our host
of goggles, gears and airships boast
but when this pendant my eyes did see
my mind went blank with sounds of squee.
Jacqueline L.
340. dirtpig
that is so cool
Jacqueline L.
341. Moonlup
Ooo, pretty!
Jacqueline L.
342. debraji
You got me. That's entrancing.
Jacqueline L.
345. terril r white
i'm coveting
Jacqueline L.
348. Phaedra
pretty shiny!
Keith Adamson
352. Tyrunea
Thats a beautiful piece of work!
Kevin Agot
354. ColeDaddy
This watch would leave Warren Ellis and his Freak Angels entourage speechless!
Katherine Otto
355. scifibklvr
That's incredible! I've always thought the inner workings of clocks were facinating, and this displays it beautifully!
Jacqueline L.
359. SevenRum
This appeals to the raccoon that lives inside me...
Jacqueline L.
360. hurgoll
Very Nice piece, worth checking out the store for sure!
Jacqueline L.
361. zenspinner
Commenting here! Thanks for the chance. :)
amanda trueblood
362. adnama
Yes, it's wonderful! Yes, I'd love to win!
Jacqueline L.
364. mundens
To those who haven't even bothered to butter the mod, PNTBIYP.

IAH, I don't find tat pky entg, its just another chatspeak argot, like we've been using in IRC and email for decades, and IMNSHO, t'would have been more Auh if had rfced the Phillips Code :, which tghers used in 19thC.
Aimee Green
365. brandogirl
I love the various jewelry items you guys have had. I'd love this.
Jacqueline L.
368. luckyme
I love the combination of the inner mechanisms and the crystals. Unique!
Abel Martinez
370. abelcm
Ooooooo! Shiny and Steampunk! I wants it!
Chris Turner
372. retrophisch
Oh good, something with which we can track the arrival of the next dirigible...
Jacqueline L.
374. slin(2)
Absolutely lovely!
Jacqueline L.
377. Amy E. Santos
I love it! Please enter me!! Thank you!!
Jacqueline L.
378. Elissa DeFalco
Ooh. Pretties.
Jacqueline L.
379. Mun Kew Leong
Jacqueline L.
381. djim
So... what does it actually do?
Jacqueline L.
382. Bobusan
I have no personal style, so this would fit with my lack thereof.
Jacqueline L.
383. chronicole
Lovely, count me in.
Jacqueline L.
384. kallisti23
Crystalline time, be mine!
Jacqueline L.
385. Dr X
Torie, I like the way your mind works.
Jacqueline L.
386. kilwann
Whaoo, amazing piece of art!
Jacqueline L.
388. kunger00
Pretty cool.
Jacqueline L.
389. FireShaper
Jacqueline L.
390. seekerval
I'll "watch" my email with high hopes.
James Butterfield
393. jimmyb
More free stuff
and this one's got crystals
When i'm in the buff
You can see my bristols.
Jacqueline L.
395. Chris Murphy
Very cool
Jacqueline L.
396. The Mad Hatter
Jacqueline L.
399. Sara Holmes
Hoping #399 is the charm!
Jacqueline L.
403. DeanaWS
I like, I like.
Jacqueline L.
404. PC Robinson
this would make a wonderful gift!

Thanks for making it happen!!
David C
405. Malkier
more give-aways? what's not to like?
Jacqueline L.
406. captplothole
Very shiny!
Jacqueline L.
407. teleogryl
Nice, like it.
Jacqueline L.
409. Audrey7648
WOW!!! I want that!!!
Amanda Klepper
413. dichotomy08
This would look great with my DragonCon costume. (And everything else.)
Jacqueline L.
415. elglin
ooooooh, shiny!
Jacqueline L.
417. Nancik
Gorgeous! It would go so well with my velvet cloak!
Jacqueline L.
419. D.L.White
It's beautiful - I must have it!!!
Jacqueline L.
420. Mekare
Absolutely positively gorgeous!
Jacqueline L.
421. Juliebanderob
Oh please shiny to me!
Jacqueline L.
422. Tyson Murphy
awesome watch
Jacqueline L.
424. machinations
Jacqueline L.
425. Carly L
Very nice. I like! I want!
Jacqueline L.
426. TheBar1
Hope I win!
Jacqueline L.
428. CopperMistral
Oooooohhhhh, niiice. Shiny, with GEARS!
Michael Jensen
429. FantasyFan
Oh My! An exploded watch put back together with all the pieces found on the worktable.
Jacqueline L.
430. Annaka S.
I want this shiny!!!!!!
Jacqueline L.
433. Ziaria
Oh I love that!
Jacqueline L.
436. lady_legba
Very nice! Count me in.
Jacqueline L.
437. klitsman
want it want it
it looks so very nice!!!
Jacqueline L.
440. Beta2
Shiny! The broke college student wants it. lol!
Jacqueline L.
441. Tim Palecek
This is awesome!
Jacqueline L.
445. Moghedien21
I want to win it!
Jacqueline L.
446. DavoBear
What is the airspeed of the tip of the second hand if the ... never mind
Jacqueline L.
447. MsOgdredWeary
Tor =s awesome giveaways...always!
Jacqueline L.
449. Brian Charles Clark
Nick of time
Jacqueline L.
450. RockLove Jewelry
Me me me! I love it!
Dawn OBryan Lamb
451. Dawno
Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful pendant.
Terry Groom
452. Talheaern
I plan to donate this to a raffle at DarkCon
Jacqueline L.
454. Lindalee Stahlman Volmert
I would love to win this.
Jacqueline L.
455. VRishard
tha'ts awesome!
Jacqueline L.
456. Justin Loudermilk
This is unbelievably AWESOME!!!!!
Jacqueline L.
461. Jo Toon
That is beautiful!
Jacqueline L.
467. Empress Norton
Sassy Brit
468. Sassy
WOW! Please enter me!


Jacqueline L.
469. Philomytha
Ooh, that's lovely!
Jacqueline L.
471. Precious, my precious.
Jacqueline L.
474. Jennchlebus
this is just... gorgeous.....
Bob Wilkins
475. bobby_5150
That pendent would look great on my wife.
Jacqueline L.
477. Bo Balder
Adorable. I'd love to wear this.
Jacqueline L.
480. Wenchbabe
Wow. Absolutely stunning.
Jacqueline L.
481. Kvon
Re num 364, IMV you are correct to butter up the eds. ITFOT, ie Tmor, we shall find out if you are correct. Confused? BWLIU. HAND.
482. Aurelioooo
LondonsGate does some awesome work. Good luck!
Melissa Lim
483. riande
Absolutely exquisite. I can't stop looking at it.
Jacqueline L.
485. bluewoad
I'd love to win that one!
Jacqueline L.
487. JennieK
M. h.Todorov
490. Mamutoubietza
So... I guess it doesn't matter if the comment makes any sense, then? It's just the number in front - sad, I'd say, truly sad.

Doesn't mean I'll be shy about winning, tho'.
Jacqueline L.
492. Madame vonHedwig
Shiny things are good.
Jacqueline L.
494. DawnB
Wow! That is a gorgeous pendant!
Jacqueline L.
495. aetherical
Jacqueline L.
497. A.Wahnsinger
They look wonderful!
Jacqueline L.
498. Max Xavier
Again, this would make a GREAT addition to my Steam Punk garb!!
Jacqueline L.
499. Solange De leRenard
My Airship crew is just beginning in the Steampunk world and an item like this would be a great addition. It's is all in the details after all!
Jacqueline L.
500. G. Griffin
That is awesome!
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