Sep 28 2009 2:54pm

Administrativa: on comments and galleries

 Hi all, just a quick note: a scheduled maintenance upgrade has gone slightly awry today (we seem to have crossed our streams), so comments functionality and some sections of the site are currently unavailable. We're working hard to be back up to full fighting strength, so please, bear with us! Keep an eye on our Twitter feed, where we'll let you all know when we're all clear.

UPDATE 2:52 EST: We're back, and comments are functioning (although you won't see them counted on the front page just yet), as are most of the other things that were broken.

Pablo Defendini kept telling Venkman to watch it with his power pack. But did he listen? Nooooo....

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Philbert de Zwart
1. philbert
Totally know what you mean. Crossing streams is a good male bonding activity, but you can get your shoes awfully wet.

P.S., now if you fix the WoT reread link, we're all sorted. Thanks!

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