Apr 24 2009 3:38pm

Star Wars Giveaway

Bored with sabacc? Too broke to chase your blues away with glitterstim? Well, we’ve got a treat for one lucky Sith or Jedi out there: Star Wars Punch Out and Play! No, that’s not Han Solo’s idea of a good night at the cantina, it’s a book of cardboard figures you can use to reenact your favorite scenes. Sadly, there is no Episode II/III Anakin to dip in ketchup and light on fire. There are quote-bubbles, though, so you can flip through the book and read the quotes out loud in exactly the inflections used in the movie! (“I’mLukeSkywalker, I’mheretorescueyou!”)

Leave a comment on this post with something you love about Star Wars or an idea of what you would use your punch-out people for, and we’ll pick three numbers entirely at Math.floor(Math.random()*[number of comments]+1) to receive the three copies of the book we have here. There's no deadline yet, so go crazy. And may the Force be with you. Always.

1. aaziz
The thing I love about Star Wars is that I still think it's real. Really. I'm 20. And I use my TV remotes as light sabers (with length/thickness control!!). Those nights I don't get laid ;/
2. Dagobah
Light saber duels and fun names like Dagobah!
James Goetsch
3. Jedikalos
I like ewoks. And Jar Jar. And Episode I is my favorite movie. And I like the special editions of the original trilogy. And if I get the book I will have a nice ewok celebration dance with my ewok cutouts. And we will all laugh at the prequel haters and the jar jar defamers and the ewok despisers as we dance beneath the starry skies.
Heather Johnson
4. HeatherJ
I grew up loving SW and now I've got my son into it. He has some of my old action figures from the '70s plus lots of the new stuff (and the Lego SW stuff too!). We have lightsaber battles all the time. We will be bringing at least 5 lightsabers with us on our camping trip next weekend so we can battle through the woods at night - what fun!

Yes, I know, a bit overboard for a 30-something mom ... deal with it. :)
5. ackbar
Sometimes the only thing that gets me through the day is pretending that I have Sith force powers.
This conversation has gone on far too long. Force lightning!
You pulled out in front of me. Force choke!
6. crsandoval
Episode IV will always be my favorite. I Love Han Solo and Chewie. I work at a school and i would use the books with my students to recreate their favorite scenes. It would be so awesome, due to the fact that i work at a low budget school and they dont have anything starwars. wich is a travesty.
7. DanielE
I loved playing with the star wars figures when I was a kid.

Even though you could build anything with LEGO blocks, and GI Joe figures had bendable knees, I always ended up playing with Boba Fett.
8. Sir Winston Thriller
Star Wars made me feel really good when I was going through a tough patch in college.
Phillip Birmingham
9. peejaybee
I love the lightsaber duels and space battles, and when the dialog is snappy.

I also love that my son dips chicken nuggets in ketchup and hollers "I'm Anakin! I'm in the lava!"
james loyd
10. gaijin
I could reenact the Star Wars Holiday Special...until hired goons wearing Skywalker Ranch jackets kick in my door and haul me away.
11. Errin - aka
Star Wars ... how do you just have ONE great thing about this wonderful saga!

I grew up with the series... so toys, lunch boxes, bed sheets, VHS, Laser Disc, more VHS, DVD (more DVD)... TV specials... OH... even my wonderful picture 33 record!!

Enjoy the scores sooooo much!!

Hope to win the punch outs to do my own YouTube memory videos!!



aka one of the
Jeremy Guebert
12. jeremyguebert
My favorite part about Star Wars is the Expanded Universe (EU). George Lucas' movies are great, but what makes Star Wars special is the sheer quantity and quality of EU material. The Star Wars universe spans not only the original and prequel trilogies, but also includes comic books, novels (New Jedi Order, Legacy of the Force), video games (Knights of the Old Republic), even the recent Clone Wars animated series. It really is a dynamic, growing universe and I think it will continue to be for the foreseeable future.
14. Tamisan
Wow I always wanted SW paper dolls. Now my dream is complete. *glow*
15. boyhowdy
My favorite thing about Star Wars? Toss up between Ewoks and Gungans.

Just kidding! My favorite thing about Star Wars is free stuff!
16. Jason Mckie
I love Darth Vader the most, more than anything else to do with star wars and the book would fit perfectly in my steadily growing Darth Vader/Star Wars collection.
17. skeptict
I liked coming away from Empire Strikes Back with a feeling of genuine disbelief, that Darth Vader HAD to be lying, even though that wasn't the case.
Matias Miguez
18. meiyas
I really like the music.
I find myself whistling different themes all the time.
19. sps49
Not only does someone actually like Jar Jar, but they actually admit it? !!!
Travis Splawn
20. MoreBooksForMe
My favorite thing would be Han Solo and his general badassery.
Andrew Ty
21. eldritch00
I love how watching Star Wars at an early age made it even more fun to see Peter Cushing in the Hammer horror films I ended up watching a few years later. I love how my seeing many of those Hammer horror films made watching Count Dooku just as fun.
alys sterling
22. cthulie
What eldritchoo said!

Plus, I love paper dolls.

The best thing is seeing how kids now love it just as much as I did when I first saw it. And, Jedi mind tricks.
Michael Cassidy
23. barnowl66
Lightsabers, definitely lightsabers... The book should have the Jawa Hero who really destroyed the Deathstar, not that pansy Skywalker.
Kacie Pettit
24. Kacie
I love the vision of the original trilogy, pre-remastered 'special edition' releases, of course. Though the circa-1977 cheesiness is apparent at times, it was a stellar work that has since been muddled with revisions and horrible prequels that wouldn't have stood the critical tests of fans without 'Star Wars' label being plastered to them.

The extended universe has its treasures. Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2 have whisked my heart away and infiltrated my imagination!

One of my favorite aspects of Star Wars is instilling the dream that there is a vast galaxy of life full of epic adventures just awaiting us to jump on a ship and join.
25. JoKer
What I love is the fight of good against evil, even when good is an underdog. It's as simple as that.
26. MichaelFeder
Not only do the Star Wars figures punch out (they are on cardstock, not paper), but they come with stands so you can have them on your desk (or dashboard)- or, forget the stands, and use them as ornaments on your next holiday tree ;-) We hope you have as much fun with them as we did putting the book together. Best, Michael & Karan Feder (authors)
27. Dana Bullock
Yoda proving that good things really do come in small packages!
28. PetaBee
I love my collection of orig. Star Wars figures and (this is a tad on the sad side, I know) enjoy making dioramas with them... They can get a bit rude when I have friends over though :(
29. LizP
I love everything about Star Wars, it's so hard to pick just one thing. I have to say that Yoda has a special place in my heart - what a great character!
Chris Meadows
30. Robotech_Master
Even with George Lucas's revisionist fiddling, the original trilogy is still as powerful as it ever was.
31. jec
I truly do love Star Wars, esp. the orginal three. I have this fantastic memory of watching the first movie from the very front row at the theater with my husband, mother, and brother. Wow!

We have multiple copies of the movies at our house. However, my grandson is the real Star Wars fan. His mother worried before he ever started school that he'd be disappointed that it wasn't Jedi Academy. He's a 4th grader now & hasn't lost one bit of interest in any of Star Wars. The constant request for birthdays & Christmas is "anything Star Wars."
33. Ralph contreras
Right on! I'm a huge star Wars fan. I remember standing in line to watch Empire when I was a kid. I super excited when my dad's Time magazine came in and had photo stills from Return of the Jedi. Rock on!!!
34. daemonrange
Too funny ... My favorite Star Wars memory was watching my dad wait in line for hours to get Jedi tix on my 10th birthday from a McDonalds while I ate pancakes. Recently, my wife made the ultimate sacrifice and completed my quest for Yoda. I would station the Pop-up characters around my Yoda.
Megan Messinger
35. thumbelinablues
Thanks for piping up, everyone! Winners have been generated and contacted - congrats to 4, 9 and 30, but may the Force be with you all.

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