Apr 22 2009 11:30am

Moon trailer

(Via Bruce Jensen’s twitter. This is the first I’ve heard anything about Moon, and the trailer makes it look good.)

Richard Fife
1. R.Fife
Hmm, that does look really good, although some small part of my head is screaming "time travel plot!". Kinda hope it isn't one of those, although if it is, I'll be happy if it is done well and not like a certain other space-faring time-travel plot I can think of >.>
Amar Ramraj
2. aiel1219
Looks interesting.
Reminds me of the I Robot short story where the guys get stuck on the energy harvesting space station with the robot trying to take over. LOL!!!

Hmmmm... wonder if it's about clones.
Eugene Myers
3. ecmyers
Wow. I would watch Sam Rockwell on the moon!
Irene Gallo
4. Irene
ecmyers -- somehow I don't believe that the make-up and hair department actually used a flowbee on his hair.
Greg Manchess
5. Greg Manchess
I'd watch anything on the Moon. Even BAD science fiction. I'm kind've a Moonatic.....
Greg Manchess
6. hannnah
Looks cool, but it annoys me a bit that in all those movies about the future, everything has changed....except gender roles. Buh!
Tudza White
7. tudzax1
That's because, in the future, man will stop trying to pretend he isn't an animal closely related to other primates.
Torie Atkinson
8. Torie
This looks really interesting! Though I have to admit, my blood boiled for a second when I saw that one blurb:

"One of those rare gems of the sci-fi genre." - Whitney Borup,

It looks like that quote was taken out of context, but still. GRR.
Eugene Myers
9. ecmyers
@ 4

Irene, it's probably just a product tie-in, like Pierce Brosnan and Norelco.
seth johnson
10. seth

Good catch! I think that quote is a bit condescending.

I think cinema hasn't done science fiction justice over the past 5 or so years. Stuff like Transformers gets presented as if it's sci-fi, but it's really just another comic book action film. I was disappointed to see that the next Terminator film is heading in that direction, too.

But there are some hopeful projects glimmering out there. Moon looks like one of them. So does the Ridley Scott "Forever War" treatment mentioned the other day...

Lydia Sharp
11. Lydia
I'm guessing time travel or cloning, but AI with a yellow smiley...funny.

If that yellow smiley is a "machine gone bad", I will be extremely disappointed. How many times has THAT been done? Seriously. Even Pixar jumped on that bandwagon with "Wall-E."

I like some of the idea behind it -- a project on the moon that helps provide energy on Earth -- but most of it looked horribly lame and unoriginal. I also don't find it believable that they would need to keep someone away from their family for such an extended period of time. Any longer than 6-12 months is pushing it, otherwise you'll go crazy...oh, wait...I think that was the point. *rolls eyes*
G. Drukier
12. Gamma_Dra
So how many tributes to 2001: A Space Odyssey did they manage to fit into that trailer? From the opening treadmill, to the concluding Earth/Moon alignment, they're almost non-stop. On that basis, I predict a black monolith to be a key element.
David Lev
13. davidlev
Kevin Spacey voicing an AI....This can only end in tears

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