Mar 30 2009 11:30am

Tor announces The Gathering Storm, Book Twelve of Robert Jordan’s legendary Wheel of Time® fantasy series

In my inbox this morning, from the publicity dept. at Tor Books:

New York, NY: Monday, March 30, 2009

Tor Books is proud to announce the November 3rd, 2009 on-sale date for The Gathering Storm, Book Twelve of The Wheel of Time and the first of three volumes that will make up A Memory of Light, the stunning conclusion to Robert Jordan’s beloved and bestselling fantasy series. A Memory of Light, partially written by Jordan and completed by Brandon Sanderson, will be released over a two-year period.

Robert Jordan, one of the greatest storytellers of the 20th and early 21st centuries, passed away in 2007 after a courageous battle with the rare blood disease amyloidosis. Brandon Sanderson, the New York Times bestselling author of the Mistborn books, was chosen by Jordan’s editor—his wife, Harriet McDougal—to complete the final book.

The Wheel of Time series has sold over 14 million copies in North America and over 30 million copies worldwide with translations into 28 languages. The last four books in the series were all #1 New York Times bestsellers, and for over a decade readers have been eagerly awaiting the conclusion to the epic story.

Harriet McDougal said on the process behind A Memory of Light: “The scope and size of the novel was such that it could not be contained in a single volume. It was a piece of marvellous good fortune that Brandon Sanderson undertook the work. He is a great pleasure to work with, as well as a wonderful writer.”

President and Publisher of Tor Books, Tom Doherty, also expressed his happiness with A Memory of Light, saying: “It is a magnificent closure to a great American epic fantasy whose journey began almost twenty years ago. There is no way Robert Jordan would have squeezed it to a single volume, and somehow it seems fitting that what began as a trilogy will also end as one.”

The first ever JordanCon will take place this April 17th – 19th, 2009 in Alpharetta, GA. Harriet McDougal, Tom Doherty, Brandon Sanderson, and other members of “Team Jordan” will attend as featured guests and speak personally on The Wheel of Time and The Gathering Storm and the stories behind the rich literary legacy of Robert Jordan. JordanCon will also include a special preview of The Gathering Storm.

This year will also see major publications of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time comic books and graphic novels with the launch of The Eye of the World comics in May and the New Spring graphic novel with bonus material in November. The Dabel Brothers will be releasing the comic book series, which will then be collected and published as graphic novels by Tor Books.

Universal Pictures acquired the movie rights to The Wheel of Time in August 2008, and currently plan to adapt The Eye of the World as the first movie. 

In addition to this release, has a good interview with Harriet McDougal here, which expands a bit upon why the book has been split, and how the writing process has been handled.

EDIT: Here’s Brandon Sanderson addressing the book-split issue. Well worth a read!

1. backspace
Heh, back to the old “three more books”, eh? Looking forward to it!
2. matt7863
um...2 years??? and 3 parts? I can understand 2 volumes, but 3 is ridiculous. Great way to treat your fans, Tor.
3. grrm is slow
So Jordan dies and he still gets three books out before GRRM gets one...


on a related note- don't screw us on release do it every 6 1 year apart to make more $$$ from soft-hard cover release dates
4. Cloric
I have to say, I hope that this allows a majority of the myriad storylines to come to a satisfying conclusion. I rememeber RJ saying that not everything would be resolved, not every question would be answered, and I'm good with that, but I would like to see resolution on the major themes and conflicts.
Lannis .
5. Lannis
Uh, no! Not more waiting! Well, I guess we're all used to it by now...
6. matt7863
@ grrm

--yeah, that's what they plan on doing.
Kate Nepveu
7. katenepveu
Since I prefer to be able to hold my books, read them without a magnifying glass, and have them not fall apart, 3 volumes for 750,000 words is just fine for me. (Word counts of prior volumes)

And since I also prefer my books to be properly line-edited, copy-edited, proofread, and so forth--all of which takes TIME--three volumes over two years is also just fine too.
8. matt7863
@ Katenepveu

Don't be naive...Like was said earlier, this is about money. I understand that editing is not a short practice, but it won't take THAT long.
Kate Nepveu
9. katenepveu
A) What, because FEWER people would buy all three volumes if they were released closer together?

B) And your experience with publishing is what, exactly, that you can speak with such authority?

(Mine: I know copyeditors and editors socially, and my husband is having a nonfiction pop-science book published by Scribner--which has taken over a year in substantive edits, the final draft was recently turned in and put into the production pipeline, and its release date is December 2009.)
10. motoxer
Our world has turned into one big whinefest. Everywhere you look there is someone whining about something. (Hell, look I'm even doing it here)

He wrote some great stories. They were enjoyable. If they want to put them out in 3 books, and people will buy them then more power to them. You go Harriet and Team Jordan, get all the money you can. Everyone whining here would do the same thing if in the same position.

If the story is satisfying and your glad you read it when it's done, then it was worth the money. If you are not satisfied, then if you must, come back and whine after.
11. jkdshbcdkjsah
it could easily be 2 volumes. half of 750,000 is 375,000 which is still less than lord of chaos and shadow rising. this is upsetting especially after being told we were gonna see a conclusion this year. i dont mind the three volumes really i just dont wanna wait.
12. douglasm

Ok, what email address should I be sending my protest over this completely unnecessary delay to?

Brandon has been very open about exactly how fast his progress on writing has been going, and it seems like he should be done in plenty of time to shave at least a full year off of this schedule, probably a year and a half, and possibly (though I don't really expect it) in time to publish all three at once in 2009. I, personally, will buy all three in hardcover immediately on release regardless of what time of year that is or how close together they are, and I expect most of the purchasing fan base will do so as well. Spreading out the releases like this seems to me like it will do nothing but anger the fans without bringing in much more money.
Leigh Butler
13. leighdb
For what it's worth, I'm with Kate on this one. I've seen what happens when authors and publishers rush books into print, and frankly I'd rather not deal with the inevitable shoddiness that results.

(Still remembering this one book in a popular series - not WOT - that had obviously been zoomed through the edit process, and as a result was so riddled with typos, grammatical mistakes and continuity errors I almost threw the book across the room. In fact, I probably should have. That's just unacceptable and sad in a professionally released novel from a respectable publisher.)

If it's a choice between getting mediocre now or getting good later, I'll go with good later.
Samantha Brandt
14. Talia
#10 exactly. No one's forcing anyone to read any of these books... hehe.

Here's a link back to that blog post about people complaining about when books are coming out..
15. BCinJP
@katenepveu I totally agree with you. I would rather have something that is in line with the rest of the books and properly edited, especially considering the two writers on this last book.

@matt7863 This series has taken close on 20 years to complete, what is another two? Are you telling me you're going to pass on the 3 volume release, hold onto your cash, and wait for a single volume print which might never come? Of course TOR is running a business and making a profit, as is the writer, editor, etc. As customers we get to decide if what we are getting is worth what they are asking. No complaints here.
16. marchon
I do understand that, from Tor's point of view this is about money. But, I can't possibly believe that Robert Jordan's wife, who is his editor, who brought on Brandon Sanderson to write this book and who has been intricately involved in this process would just want to screw the fans. I seriously don't think so. If she's behind splitting this and, as an editor, believes this is the best way, then I'm going to take it on faith in the people who are working on making this book (not necessarily the company for whom they are working) that this is the best way to release the book. I'm sure there were compromises made. I'm sure they would want to release them as soon as possible. But I also know that we wouldn't want a rushed book, a book that was not faithful and a book that was ultimately unsatisfying.

I've been watching Brandon Sanderson's blog, and the guy has been trucking away at this writing (in the midst of working on one or two books of his own). To get as far as he already has is amazing (as I writer myself, I understand how difficult it is to produce day in and day out). As far as I understand, he already has over 400,000 words done, which is more than half of the book and already longer than any of the other WOT books. They are trying to get the book out to us as soon as possible, thus, instead of making us wait longer, they are releasing it as they get it. If they waited until Brandon was finished with the whole document, we might not get it until November 2010. At least now we'll be able to read the first part by this november.

That's my two cents. I trust the people who are working on writing/editing this book.
Blake Engholm
17. UncrownedKing
All of us as a fan base should be extatic!! I mean 3 books in two years ( i would imagine each November a book would be released). Thats AWESOME!!

How long have we waited between each book?? Years. And now that they've said that we are going to get 3 books at light speed, relatively speaking :), we should be thankful.

This type of publishing rarely happening for reasons already brought up( hardback, paperback and other money stuff)

I for one, am pumped. Because,
1) They are not cramming it into one book
2) Theres a higher probability that they are not going to leave anything undone, mess anything up, or do anything that would hurt the already magnifisent series
3) This garuntees that it will be done right and will satisfy the great series started by a great and gifted human being.

Honestly whats two more years after we've waited almost 20 years since the beginning.

18. AlleyGirl
Considering that Mr. Jordan passed away, I am just grateful that we are even getting these books. It could very easily have turned into a situation where it would just never have been finished which would have been a shame.
Am I thrilled about a 2 year wait for 3 volumes... no. But I AM thrilled that I will get them.
Ronald Hobbs
19. dustrider
I'm with @AlleyGirl, I've waited for 15 years. 2 more won't hurt much and at least we're getting something. Considering how distraught I was when there was a chance the series would never be finished, I'm just hoping for a good conclusion even if I have to wait another 15 years.
Bill Siegel
20. ubxs113
Yep, I've spent half of my life reading this series so I'd prefer that they get it right, what's a couple more years for a satisfying conclusion?
21. Theodor89
@Uncrowned King

If I understand it correctly, the total wait is going to be: 2 years + 7 months = 2,5 years, with a book each november. Im ok with the splitting, but not this wait, not when the whole of "A Memory of Light" is going to be finnished by this year.

A 6 month interval would have been better. For example: November 2009, Juni 2010, November 2010. This would also leave more then neccacary time for the editing.

Instead we propably are getting the dates: November 2009, November 2010, November 2011! I can accept this, but I dont see the reason for it. A wait this long clearly also would be against Brandon Sandersons wishes, who has stated that he wanted the book, if splitted, published as fast as possible.
22. Maricats
I for one was not looking forward to trying to cart around a 750,000 word book, so yay Tor for taking my wrist strength into consideration.

To Grrm above - I completely agree that Tor is driven by financial considerations, but how exactly would delaying the publication of a (almost certainly) New York Times bestseller help out Tor's bottom line? Much less three New York Times bestsellers? My guess is they're far more invested in getting these books out than the fans are.
Chris Maurer
23. grayfox
Frustrating (and disappointing) to have to wait another 2 years, but at least we have a time table now.

Leigh, will you do another re-read in 2011? :)
Bill Siegel
24. ubxs113
Ahem, I assume that we will be getting a satisfying conclusion...
25. DennisH
@ katenepveu, leighdb, et al.:

I disagree to a certain extent, with the caveat that Brandon Sanderson has all of aMoL ready for D&A by December of 2009.

A year apart does seem timed for marketing convenience, rather than a real estimation of when the books will be ready. Everything is ready by the end of the year, I think Tor could do a nine-month or even six-month span, without sacrificing quality. (Nine months is what they did with The Viscount of Adrilankha, which was similar (though still less) in scale to A Memory of Light.)

But that's all dependent on Mr. Sanderson's progress. A huge amount the 'quality issues' will be resolved in the line-editing, which according to Mr. Sanderson's blog seems to be happening before D&A. And if we want a quality book, he and the Tor team can't skimp on that part. If it takes into 2010 and pushes the end of the series to 2011, so be it.

And anyway, that's just my opinion.
Dale Norman
26. dokipen
Theodor89 @ 21.

I totally agree with your feelings on the timing of releases. A year between each is going to kill me. Again, as Leigh iterated earlier, I'd still rather that than rushed work.

Excited now. Come on!
27. Erik_Wetter
Obviously, Mr. Sanderson is right now working to finish the first volume of 250.000 words. When done, he'd probably need another year to finish next 250.000 (including editing and such) and yet another one for the last 250.000 words. This is a huge episode that demands time and patience. What is the alternative? Release all three at once two years away? I would rather read the first one comes November. As long as the split feels natural so that the waiting won't in some way diminish the overall story, I am utterly confident that Harriet & Co has made the right decision.
Let's celebrate that our beloved story at last is about to come to a conclusion.
Dale Norman
28. dokipen
Another thought... It is possible that the two years span could just be a 'placeholder' as it were. Maybe they're giving us the outside limit but could actually release them at a faster rate if it were possible. Just wondering.

Nevertheless, I am very excited now.
29. matt7863
Let me be clear. I am not saying I think they should rush the book out. But after following Mr. Sanderson's blog for a while, he has always seemed certain that the book would be done in time for this fall.

If that is not that case, fine--finish the book with the exact measure of attention to detail and quality assurance that the conclusion to this incredible series deserves. I trust Mr. Sanderson, Harriet, and the other editors to get it right and believe that they will.

But I just don't believe that there is not a way they could publish these volumes sooner. Why not publish 6 months apart? The only reason I can think of is that there is more money to be made with 3 HB/PB releases than 2.
Leigh Butler
30. leighdb
grayfox @23:

Leigh, will you do another re-read in 2011?

Dude, I think you just made my head explode. Ow.
31. Theodor89
@27 Erik_Wetter

Brandon is already finished with 420,000 words, and now is working with the editing of that portion. He also clearly, in his blog post, stated that he thought it would be splitted in 2 parts, with a three month wait. So his wished was propably ignored...

But as I have said I can live with it, the ending of WOT is still going to rock, even if I will have to wait 2 and a half year for it.
32. Aaron Bergman
One could see this coming a mile a way, but I would much prefer that they put the books out "when they're done", so to speak. If Sanderson can really finish it on the schedule and at the size he's been talking about (which is a big if, of course), one book every 6 months, or 2 books in a year seemed pretty plausible. But whatever -- I'm not exactly shocked Tor wants to make lots of money.

On the other hand, The Gathering Storm? You really couldn't do any better than that?
33. aguywhoreads
I will probably buy ll of them when they are released but will have to wait until I get them all to just read them straight through.
Mari Ness
34. MariCats
Matt -

As a writer, the unfortunate truth is that our guesses as to when our projects might be completed are frequently wrong. Just this month, I finished one short story six weeks later than I thought I would, thanks to various factors - and finished another short story about two days earlier than expected, thanks to a nice kick of inspiration. And that's just with short stories. Expand that into a novel and the guesstimation factor goes nuts. Expand this into a project where, according to Harriet, three separate editors are checking every written word, and...well. Wow.

So it's not at all surprising that their original estimates of when the final book(s) would be ready turned out to be wrong. It would be more surprising if they turned out to be right.
35. Rikka
I don't care if this is simply TOR capitalizing on RoJo's name. I crave the end to this series. I neeeeed closure. I will buy them all, 'thout any shame-facing or otherwise and with especial joy if they are written as one book.
36. BlacksmithButNotEmo
Agreed that this should go two, rather than three books. The starving for closure person that I am will devour any morsel dropped from the Tor table, so I'll be right there waiting. At least there is a relatively solid plan in place, to manage expectations...

...but damn it's been a wait.
37. hoping to be of the blood
"The Gathering Storm" - very Churchillian, altho that was the name of the first volume of his six book memoir of WWII. I hope we don't have any of that ironic foreshadowing going on.
38. Joshua Stigall
I understand the reasoning behind the decision, but I would respectfully request that they take as much time as is needed for the books, and release them when they are ready, allowing for proper time to announce and advertise the releases. If this means 6 months, 9 months, or even the aforementioned year between the volumes, that would be fine. I just would dislike having to wait until November of 2011 to get a book that might be ready by November of 2010. Hopefully, the 2 years comment is a placeholder, and we will get the last two books sooner. Only time will tell though.
Chris Maurer
39. grayfox
Leigh, I was joking! (obvious, I hope)

I think we're all ready for closure. Hopefully it'll be worth the wait...
Eric Robinson
40. perrin77
I am actually a bit relieved to see it will be 3 books long. I was really worrying over how they would possible bring to a SATISFYING close to all the story lines. I am also really pleased that Brandon is writing these books. He did a great job with his Mistborn trilogy. I am a bit disappointed in the wait time, but since I began reading this in the summer of 95 or so, another 2 years won't be to hard to endure. Especially if I am getting to read a new book in that series periodically through that time.
Adam Whitehead
41. Werthead
So after being told non-stop for over a year it was 'probably' going to be two volumes published six months apart, maybe a year tops, we now find out it's going to be three volumes published at one-year intervals. If Brandon had decided that the book needed to be 900,000 words long, this would be understandable. If it was two volumes for the book and a third for the book of notes, or the encyclopedia, then that would be cool as well.

But now we are told that there is no reason for the book to be split in three other than it'll make Tor more money, even though the individual books of the two-volume edition would still be shorter than Books 4 and 6 (and maybe 5) of the existing series, which were all published during the last recession, so that's not an excuse either.

More than once I have heard publishing professionals say that Tor Books is the house that Robert Jordan built (or more accurately paid for). Perhaps they should extend a little bit more courtesy towards the fanbase that made that possible rather than just milking them for every penny?
Abdel Masdoua
42. TheDarkOne
I agree with Kate, Leigh & al on this one.
As long as it's quality work, it's so worth it to wait...

However I have a question, will you guys buy the books one by one, read and then wait for the next, or wait till they're all published and then begin AMOL in one piece - so to speak?

I'm asking cause I honestly don't know what I'm gonna do and either way if I can hold myself to it.
43. cps2195
well I just hope the final word count is around 700K in order to justify the 3 volume split. I just hope the 3 volumes are not the three shortest books of the series
44. Lsana
This does seem to somewhat defeat the purpose of the re-read, at least for me. I was hoping to get a good reminder of all the plotlines that I'd forgotten over the years. By 2011, I'll have forgotten them again.

This news has also dropped the priority of the books for me. It's no longer a "Must buy and devour the day it comes out." It's now a "Yeah, I want to read that. I'll put my name on the list at the library wait my turn."
Harry Burger
45. Lightbringer
Am I the only one saying WTF about Book 12 being 3 volumes, rather than making books 12, 13, and 14? Are they really that afraid of publishing anything with a 13 on the cover?
Lannis .
46. Lannis
And as much as it'll be agonizing to wait, we need to remember that the splits are (hopefully) orchestrated to reflect a climax--perhaps there were two small climaxes naturally occurring in the storyline, pushing for a three-way split, instead of just two. I know I read (somewhere) that Sanderson was concerned with internal climaxes and the readability of a split book.

Leigh @ 30 and grayfox @ 39: Joking aside, can we arrange a group read and discussion of the latest releases as they come out?! The reread is awesome! :)
Ronald Hobbs
47. dustrider
feh. I don't know if I buy the argument that it's a money-grabbing tactice to delay the books. Basically Tor stand to make a lot more money by bringing out the books in close succession. as everyone would buy all three whereas over two years you'll have a certain drop-off.

I reckon it's simply a publishing and polishing requirement, and if they get it ready earlier they'll push up the release dates. At least this way they're not going to get baying fans beating down their door. oh wait.
Deborah Jones
48. NanaD
I really dont't want to wait so long for the end of the story, but what can you do?
49. mardigras gaidin
First post. Ever... Please take it easy on the newbie. I, for one, would like to express my extreme pleasure of the TOR announcement. I cannot think of anything better than getting to enjoy the WOT universe for 3 more years. Yes, I have a lot of spare time on my hands. I can wait for as long as it takes. In the mean time, maybe GRRM will get over his block and finish his series. I love having things to look forward to.
Also, Leigh, awesome job with the re-read. I look forward to your posts as well. I'm easily amused:) Yeah me!
50. Greyhawk
I have been expecting news like this for a while. No way Brandon, Harriet and co. could have ever wrapped up the storylines in one book and with the word count Brandon was throwing around, not surprised it is three. Think about Jordan's later books and how little forward movement there was because so many characters were dealing with so many storylines. I am in the camp of give me quality later rather than shoddy material sooner. However, make no mistake, the once a year release is a marketing timeline -- not an editing one.

Save a tree and use the library ;)
51. Greyhawk
Also, Lightbringer @45--I'm with you. One book, three volumes, give me a break. We have three more books coming--call a spade a spade.
52. El Fitcho
My first post too... Disappointing in that I've been anticipating the whole volume of AMoL this year, and some lovely closure to the greatest of series. May have to reconsider booking time off work now!

I remember Brandon Sanderson mentioning that he'd got to a point - 350 or 400,000 words in - where the build up was finished and Tarmon Gaidon was about to start. Now to me that seems the logical place to split it (into two books)...

Ultimately, I'll agree with those of you that are - quite rightly - trusting the people involved to do what's best for the series, even if it means a longer wait.

Yay for the WoT!
53. jsahdas,jdh
b-sand just put up an article on the subject.
check it.
54. drewoftherushes
It's not the wait that's the problem, the problem is the guarantee from RJ that this last book would be one book, if he had to invent a new binding technology to do it. Now I agree that a 750,000 word single volume would be too much, but let's just call this what it is: three books instead of one. Plain and simple. I don't mind, but it's a lie to call this one three-volume novel. This is three new novels.
lanyo lanyo
55. lanyo
@47, is the drop off you're expecting due to the fact some of us will have DIED before the books are all out?! that's how i feel.... i was worried when rj died that it would never be finished, now i worry i might not be here when it is done. not that i'm planning on dying, but it's such a long time already...
Pablo Defendini
56. pablodefendini
@51/ 53

Don't confuse the term "novel", meaning a structurally complete work of fiction, with the term "book", which is a bound object which holds pages. As a printer, I'd hate to try to engineer a 750K word novel into one book.... it's probably not possible, regardless of whatever hyperbole RJ may have resorted to in order to get a point across (@54, I'm looking at you).

A good example of this is Stephenson's Baroque Cycle—That's all one novel, but due to its length, it was split into three books.

I'll not wade into this discussion further, I've made my views on this topic plain as day elsewhere, but do trust me when I say that all involved in the production of this novel are working with the story's best interests in mind. As far as Tom Doherty and Brandon Sanderson are concerned, this is a labour of love at least as much as a moneymaking venture. I should only think that this goes triple for Harriet McDougal. Check out the interview on Dragonmount that I linked to above for some more info straight from Harriet.

Also, here's Brandon addressing the book-split issue.
57. Arrogant
My thoughts:

Splitting the book into 3 is nothing more than Tor wanting to make money. Splitting it into 2 books of 375,000 words would satisfy their reluctance to make one volume of it. I think that James Rigney Jr is rolling over in his grave at how they are doing this- he always cared about the fans.

I agree with another poster about George RR Martin- he can't even finish his next book and Robert Jordan is dead and will have his next one out. Maybe someone needs to write his next one for him.

I am grateful so much to Sanderson and Harriet for finishing the series and giving us closure, but hate that Tor is milking it for all it is worth.

I will do my part to make Tor realize how disappointed we are- I will buy all 3 books, but not until the last one has been released. To satisfy my fix, I will however, download and read them by torrent. It is free and Tor will not make all the money they think they will from me- I usually buy 11 copies of a book (one for all of my family members) since the beginning of the series.

Just my two cents.
Christopher Key
58. Artanian
OK, Sanderson's post on this is here, and it does make the decision more understandable.

It's interesting to contrast this with GRRM's 'screw you all for being mad that it's late, and oh, by the way, here's the other 37 projects I'm working on I'd like to sell you' rant.
59. douglasm
I hereby retract my objection.

For all those angry about the delay, read this article on the subject by Brandon Sanderson, the author. The two year span is apparently a somewhat conservative estimate, and actually isn't all that far behind Brandon's estimates for when he'll have it all ready.
60. Sscorp99
I would definately like to be in on any discussion group about the new volumes, I will be at JordonCon on 4-18&19 and would love to sit down with some of you. Leigh maybe we can put something together, email me. The first round is on me!!
61. Theodor89
Hmmm Brandon Sanderson really posted a good defense for the 3 part splitting. I also hereby retract all my objections.

Splitting it in three parts + the wait propably is the necessary thing to do. I have a feeling that all three parts is going to be great.
62. Arrogant
Okay, I, like others have been pissed off since reading this announcement. After further reading over at

I now understand the reasoning and this like the poster earlier has tempered my anger. I am still not happy about the split, but I understand it now. I will buy all the books and do my part for Tor, I just hope that they will do one volume for those of us who want just one to honor Robert Jordan.

I think they should have included the link to Sanderson's comments in the release- it explains so much.
63. naybliss
I agree with comments 41 and 57 - this 'book' just went from "must buy the day it comes out" to "check out from library and buy if/when an omnibus comes out". *SIGH*
64. drewoftherushes

Brandon makes it pretty clear in his article that this will be a complete novel, because that's how he writes books and that's how he wanted it done. I think it's unreasonable to argue that AMOL is one novel in three books. If you're going to make that argument, you'd really have to say that all of WoT is one novel in fourteen books. So we are DEFINITELY getting three new novels.

Brandon addresses that in the article, and it sounds like there's some contention between he and the Harriet/Tor camp on this, but the pressures from book sellers must be pretty strong on Tom to make thinner fantasy books.

Personally, I'm thrilled that we're getting three new novels.


You're wrong, I'm pretty sure. Don't you like what Tor does, giving us great, high-quality fantasy and sci-fi? So why would you try to sabotage that? They're doing it right, I'm positive about that. Tor isn't Wal-Mart or something, these guys don't make outrageously copious amounts of money. Don't be an idiot.
65. Drewoftherushes
@62 You're forgiven.
66. dgg
3 books? sounds like were gonna milk it for all its worth. if i recall rj said the next book would be the last even if tor had to come up with a new binding procedure and you had to have a special cart just to get the book out of the store. Whoevers bright idea this was should be ashamed of themselves not to honor the wishes of dead man. but like i said i guess were gonna milk it for all its worth. and what the hell lets just end this series the same way the guy that plagiarized half of rjs material, and that rj "loved" so much. i now know why rj first said he would take the story with him if the worst happened. way to go tor and whoever else was involved you all should be real proud of yourself you greedy bastards
67. HeWhoComesWithTheNoon
to all:

Read the Sanderson article that's been linked above. This guy is remarkably open about his writing, and if after this you still want to bitch and whine about the book being split, then are just being selfish, not to mention asking for a terrible rushed book to come out.

I don't want to wait until 2011 or 2010 or november 2009. I want the book on April 1 because the 2nd is my next day off. But writing it that fast, if even possible, would drive Sanderson bonkers like mainlining Saidin-taint, and the book would stink. (I like to pretend that the former is more important to me than the latter, but...)

A little nugget that's just briefly mentioned in Sanderson's article -- he's basically getting paid to write 4 books for the price of 1. While I think this could do wonders for his popularity if he does well, there is something of a critical mass in the SF/Fantasy world as to how many fans you can attract. If you believe it's a moneymaking scheme (I don't), we certainly can't put it this BS's lap. The dude is slaving on this project, which, while he may love it, still isn't his own world. If you have any artistic leanings at all, you know how much of a chore that can make creating. For him, I'm sure it's less so, due to love for the subject matter, but this guy deserves the benefit of every doubt, as well as all the thanks we can give him.

We all have toh to Brandon Sanderson.
68. Iracurt
Just to point out again, read the Brandon Sanderson explanation which much more coherent then the Tor publicity release. Others have linked it, but here it is again.
69. Dragonfly AZ
If you go to Brandon Sanderson's website (, he has a very comprehensive and informative entry about the decision to split the books and the timing of the releases.
Blake Engholm
70. UncrownedKing
@ 67 HeWhoComesWithTheNoon
" We all have toh to Brandon Sanderson. "

That is an understatement.
71. Orideth
My initial reaction at seeing this announcement was similar to many other people posting here: anger, frustration, and resentment. However, I reserved my judgement until I was able to read Mr. Sanderson's input, which I was sure would be offered on his blog soon.

After reading his blog post (which many others have already linked to), my feelings are much different. It's clear to me now, and should be to everyone else, that if we wanted something that was going to live up to the standard of excellence we all came to expect from Mr. Jordan, it just couldn't happen any other way.

I certainly don't like having to wait longer, but I would absolutely hate it if Mr. Sanderson was unable to create a work that does justice to Mr. Jordan because everything had to be rushed and compressed. I'm content with this decision and will eagerly await each individual volume.

I also want to take this opportunity to extend my deepest gratitude to Mr. Sanderson for all of the hard work he has done, and will continue to do, to bring us the best possible final product. Until reading his post today, I did not fully appreciate just how much he is sacrificing, and how hard he is working. We all owe him our thanks.
Kate Nepveu
72. katenepveu
Brandon Sanderson is a class act and I hope everyone reads his explanation of this decision.

Cheers, Mr. Sanderson. I, at least, trust you and wish you the best.
73. Greyhawk
I have gone and read Brandon's statement on his website and I have a whole lot more appreciation for the work to be done. I have not been one of those who thought Tor was artificially splitting the book up to milk the fanbase (never thought the project, regardless of who authored it, could be done in one book). However, I did think that the three November timeline was Tor marketing and not a result of Brandon's own timeline--after reading Brandon's post, I get why this might take longer than I would have thought.

As for @56, I still stand by my statement of call a spade a spade on the three book release. Essentially I agree with @64. I understand the distinction you make about a novel versus a book, but I believe Jordan always talked in terms of "one book" for MOL. IMO the use of the term "Volume" is more of a means to cling to the "one book/one novel" promise than anything else. BTW, I do not think Jordan would have finished it in one book, volume or novel either.
74. Rikka
We all have toh to Brandon Sanderson.

well said and so utterly true.
75. Erik_Wetter
When Mr. Jordan passed, this great tale could have ended without any conclusion. Instead, we have been gifted the talented writer of Mr. Sanderson to conclude this epic tale. His determination and faith has stunned me several times. Yes, it has gone almost four years since Knife of Dreams. And still, there will be several years before Tarmon Gai'don will take place. But we are marching towards the epic finale of one of the most extraordinary sagas ever told. Give Mr. Sanderson and his crew the time they need. Because one day, we will read of Rand al'Thor approaching Shayol Ghul to battle the Dark One. Have patience, folks!
Todd Willis
76. tswillis
Say what you will...I'm totally flying high over the news...I mean 3 MORE BOOKS whoo hoo!!! I know when we were first told Brandon would be writing the final book Memory of Light even though I was happy I also knew it would be the last in this great sreies/run....but now I get THREE more insert the cabbage patch dance here...ha ha ha peace out compadre's
Blake Engholm
77. UncrownedKing
If half, I mean HALF, of what Brandon Sanderson wrote in his response to the press release is true, we owe that man way more than what he's being paid.

The response shows not only his commintment to his contract and TOR, but his commitment to us as readers and the WOT itself. It shows that he's both a professional and a self induced OCD WOT addicts that we all are are/turning into :).

I for one vote that when all is said and done, and we all enjoy it, and it satisfies everything we wanted and more, that we nominate this man for the medal of honor.

Cheers, Hip-Hip-Hoorays, and Thanks to Senor Anderson.
78. Orideth
I must say, the people here, even the ones upset and angry, are taking the news way better than the folks over at Dragonmount. Commenters over there are swearing left and right that they will not buy the books, or will attempt to pirate them.
Ben R
79. sphericaltime
Uhg. Not pretty but considering the disaster that it was in I knew I couldn't hope for too much.

I'll look forward to checking it out from the library or borrowing it from a friend.
Lannis .
80. Lannis
Orideth @ 78: Not surprised... I mean, we all know that people are quick to criticize and slow to give praise--and what's easier to criticize than something you don't understand (writing/editing/publishing/releasing process)?

I agree with Uncrownedking @77: Sanderson's obviously treating the project with the respect it's due, and we should be grateful, not fickle about it. Yes, we've (at least most of us) have had to wait between publishings in the past, and as much as I'm loathe to do so again, I'd still rather have a cohesive, coherent, proper ending to a series I've been following for 16 years.

Patience, people. Patience.

Hewhocomeswiththenoon @ 67: And yes, we all have great toh to Mr. Sanderson.
81. SarekTheSeanchan
I've got to second the "we have toh to Brandon" comment. I was scared to death after RJ died that no other author would be able to do the work justice. At this point even though I've not read his other work (yet) I've come to trust that he's going to do the fans and to a greater extent RJ's legacy justice. This is 100% due to his blog, his communication with the fans, and just his outright transparency in what's going on. Other authors need to take lessons from this guy.
82. Egglie
I would like to say that I am actually pleased at this decision. I was dreading an announcement of a delay to the publication date. Now we will at least have something to get our teeth into this year. (I am also secretly thrilled at the idea of another three WoT books - I don't want it to end.)

I thought Brandon Sandersons article was a really honest and humble explanation of how he has progressed on the project and why this decision has been made.

I am thoroughly glad that he and Harriett have taken on the work of completing the story and that they are doing it with care and not just bashing out a quick fix in an attempt to keep the fans happy - which would never have worked.

To all the booksellers out there I would like to say that I am horrified at this idea that you are putting pressure on authors to only produce smaller work. I look out for large books, I don't normally consider buying anything less that 3cm thick. I like to get to know the characters and the story and to feel involved in the world I am reading about. I do not find thin books allow me the time to do this, they are over too soon and leave me feeling unsatisfied. In fact, please consider more 14 volume epics!
Chris Maurer
83. grayfox
Brandon Sanderson's blog makes total sense to me.

He's made an enormous sacrifice to devote 3 years to finishing another man's work. That's time that he is unable to write his own stories and from the sound of it, he may not be getting the compensation he may deserve for doing it!

We certainly owe him a lot.

One way to do that is picking up his books...I read Elantris & the Mistborn series once I heard he'd be finishing WOT and they are excellent.
84. swmdilla
I think this is the BEST decision possible. A lot of promises RJ gave to us cannot be fulfilled because so much has changed, I do NOT believe this is dishonering his memory. Brandon is doing everything that he believes is the best for TWoT, and so we are in debt to him.

Plus more time in Randland!
85. SteelBlaidd
Here is Brandon's post on the what and why of the decision.

86. Bill1
I just have this feeling that after the first two books of this new volume come out, we will be told that in order to really, truly, tell the whole story there will be another two books coming out over the next two years...but don't worry because in the meantime we will be making some new comics for you to buy. I know I'm going to wait like everybody else, but this is like the song that never ends, it just goes on and on...........
87. MoreBooksForMe
We do all have toh to Brandon Sanderson. I think the best way to show support, or in this case meet toh, would be to buy some of Mr. Sandersons other works. Elantris is a fine one volume fantasy work and i have heard that the Mistborn trilogy is even better. ( I just bought the first volume.) He is helping all of us WOT fans by finishing RJ's work, so we sould return the favor by helping him out. For all of the earth friendly WOT fans, just bombard your local libray with requests. Remember, according to Brandon he is writing a 800,000 word novel for the price of a 200,000 word one because he loves the series as much as we do.
88. Samadai
I too was unhappy with this decision until I realized that I get a new WoT book each year ofr the next three years. I have reading these books from the very first publication of Eye of the World and just like the wheel am glad it has been neverending. Each time I read these books(each and every time and I am talking in the twenties and thirties of each I am impressed by the quality of the books and RJ's ability to make me feel like I am right there beside all of the characters. RJ's books were never to long and never descriptive enough.
Kudos to Brandon for his sacrifice and his great talent that is helping the Wheel of Time to roll on. I can't wait for the last 3 books either but at least I know I will see them.
89. tamyrlink
ugh. so what? we've waited this long. wait a little longer. at least we're getting something this year. thats better than nothing. READ SOME OTHER BOOKS! some of you act like theres nothing else to read or worth reading or trying out.

i personally dont like the wait and would prefer it all in one big book.

but it aint happening.

and even tho i dont like the wait its not like its a hard thing to do. till i read the interviews i didnt even know it was 4 years ago since KoD.

grab some other books ppl. or a game controller. times gonna fly i tells ya.
M Linden
90. mlinden
Whether or not the decision to split it up into 3 volumes is some kind of cheap marketing trick, I can think of one reason why it will be a good thing in the long run.

No matter how well Brandon Sanderson manages to capture Jordan's style of writing (and I think he'll do fine; I loved Mistborn), it's a new voice delivering the material. It's bound to be different, and I was afraid that it would be jarring to have the climax of the series somehow different in tone than the rest of the books. Now, Sanderson has a 3-book, running head-start to find his own WoT voice, and we have a chance to get used to it. I think this will make the experience of reading that last word on the last page that much better.
91. GregoryD
I, like all the rest of you, am disappointed that the book is going to take so long to come to its conclusion. This is based partly on the illusion that Brandon gave that he could continue at the pace he has been going. I think it was a revelation for him, as well.

Now that I have read his explanation the only thing that I am disappointed in IS THE PUBLISHERS. It sounds like 400K novels are a thing of the past due to book volume restraints on the shelves of bookstores.

The reason The Shadow Rising is my favorite book is because of its length and all the cool stuff that happens in it. It's a seven course meal. Doesn't sound like we will see the likes of it again.

The GOOD NEWS is that by splitting AMOL into three parts is that each part is going to be around 300K.
That means we will get a really good conclusion to this series and won't be whining that some things were left out, or left hanging.

I tip my hat to Mr. Sanderson. He's doing a bang up job. A late ending is better than no ending. Just that with all the hype with the re-read and thinking it could be out this November had us all going.

I vote for three good books. We will all be glad we waited when we read them.

Please, those of you who are going to Jordan.con. Tell us all the cool stuff you learn when you get back.
92. TRH
Isn't the bible ~775K words?

Now, although I am saddened that the entire work won't be released this fall, I am VERY willing to wait for the book to be the best possible book it can be. So this has absolutely nothing to do with the idea that BS should finish it all as one, or with any conspiracy theories that Tor is just looking to maximize profits. In fact after reading BS's blog post I think the powers that be are just making the best decision they can in order to deliver what they can, when they can, an at the highest quality they can.

But I just don't buy this idea that a 750k word book can't be bound. I never have, and as long as the bible remains the most commonly printed book ever, I doubt I will.
Pablo Defendini
93. pablodefendini
The bible is typeset in very small type, and printed on rice paper. It's not an enjoyable reading experience. Clearly you've never bound a book. I have. Bulk matters.
94. Maze
Please, please before anybody else comments on Tor, greed, or fairness to the readers: click on the link at the bottom of the article. Read what the man who is finishing this epic has to say about the process. If you are a fan of the series and genuinely want a satisfying conclusion, you should be patiently supporting this decision.
95. Dav33
I honestly don't care about the reasons. The series went downhill rapidly after book 6 and kept expanding pointlessly. Now, the conclusion is being dragged out. I've been reading this series over half my life. I've attended book signings. I've bought every book on release and a paperback later for rereads. I will not buy any of the forthcoming volumes.

I'm also very, very thankful that of the rest of my current favorite series only one is being published by TOR but the UK version I buy doesn't have their imprint. I will not purchase any further TOR releases.

Say what you will but the fault for this entire debacle, including the insane lengthening of the series prior to this, lies at TOR's feet. TOR has lost a devoted fan forever. Thankfully for TOR, plenty of others will blindly swallow what you peddle.
Ofer Nave
96. odigity
Yeah, but bibles have really thin pages, usually. Besides, WoT is a much better work of fiction than the bible. It deserves more.
97. wsean
I was annoyed about this until I read Brandon's blog on the subject. Now, honestly, I'm kind of relieved. I had been a bit worried that one book wouldn't be enough to wrap up all the storylines properly. I prefer to get the whole story, and done well, rather than have huge amounts cut and rush it out to meet some arbitrary deadline.

Thanks for the explanation, Brandon.

"We all have toh to Brandon Sanderson."

Ok, that made me laugh. Nice. Seriously though, I'm sure that now that circumstances have changed, he will be compensated accordingly. Don't worry too much.
98. Bill Door
Dav33 @95

What debacle?

And why keep buying every book on release plus paperbacks if the story was going down hill so rapidly? If you'd have just stopped reading after book 7, why you could have had the subsequent 13 years to find something else you did enjoy.

And now, just two years away from the conclusion you are giving up and throwing away all those years of devotion?

A curious line of reasoning there, but if you're so bitter about WoT, definitely better to stay away and let the recovery begin...
Lannis .
99. Lannis
odigity @ 96: *trying to suppress the giggles*
Christopher Key
100. Artanian
So now that we've had time to let this sink in a bit, comes the fun part - speculating on what the splits are going to be. Here's one possibility I've thought of:

Book 12.1 - Main story arc is 'Thom and Matt rescue Moraine from the Aelfinn and Eelfinn'.

Book 12.2 - The Two Powers - dueling story lines of how the Aes Sedae split is reconciled, and the Seanchan are brought into the fold in preparation of the fight.

Book 12.3 - Tarmon Gaidon and all that entails.

I think the Matt/Thom/Moraine arc has to be first, because Matt will be involved in the Seanchan side of the second part, and Moraine would likely be involved in the white tower side.

Of course, this is all complete speculation. But it's fun to do so, nonetheless.
101. nikuk
i have to say that im frustrated like everyone else but after reading the press releases both here, on dragonmount and by Brandon Sanderson, i completely agree with this decision. its the quality of the book that counts and this seems to be the only way to give the fans the quality we deserve. whats two more years? all the people being negative about it need to look at this from a rational point of view and stop being selfish. we all want the book as quickly as possible but i for one will be happy to wait if it means we get the highest quality ending to the (probably) best fantasy series ever writen.
102. spencer111
well, reading Brandon Sanderson's blog comforted me a lot, but please, don't drag your asses publishing the books once you have the completed manuscript. We've already been waiting four years, please don't make us wait several months more just so you can make more money.
103. shintemaster
More wait = :(

At the end of it all I think it's probably for the best. I was (and am) a massive Dune fan also. What was done to Frank Herbert's universe was an absolute disgrace. If this is what it takes to do justice to both RJ and more importantly (as I'm sure RJ would want it) the fans, then so be it.
104. nikuk
also mr dav33@95
what logic point are you trying to make here? it seems like you are saying that you want an inferior quality book at the expense of everyone that you wouldnt even buy? hmmmmmmmmmmm.
big thanks to Brandon Sanderson, Harriet McDougal, the guys at Tor and of course Robert Jordan
105. AndrewB
I am not really upset about the 3 volumes over 2 years. I am a little dissapointed that the title/subtitle thing pitched by Brandon didn't fly. "The Gathering Storm" is a little corny and as someone else stated before, hasn't the storm been gathering already? And if the pic we have seen is truly an idea of what the cover will look like we are in for another K. Sweet crapfest. That aside, I am pumped and what a prologue soon.
Samantha Brandt
106. Talia
Astonishing how people continue to complain without bothering to read Sanderson's blog. I don't understand the "I dont care what they have to say!! I'm right and they're wrong, cuz the world revolves around me!" attitude. Blehh *facepalm*

Makes me glad I'm not a writer or in publishing. I'd be half tempted to say "oh YEAH? Well BITE ME!" and never publish any of the materials :P
Erdrick Farseer
107. Erdrick
Wonderful news; I like the symmetry. I was worried that two volumes would be too restricting and lead to significant material being cut. And, as Brandon Sanderson explained, there are natural split points at around 300k and 600k words, giving three volumes a less fractured feel while leaving plenty of room for the final scenes to be written the way they should.
108. Trent_d
Read Tor's explanation, Harriet's and Brandon's. I say whatever it takes to get it right. I have invested untold hours reading the series. I ususally reread every book before each new book comes out. I wouldn't want all that wasted on some crappy thing they threw out to appease the fans.

AS far as gathering storm for a title... I like it I can already see nynaeve yanking on her braid wondering why her weather sense was telling her a storm was coming.
Sacha G
109. Fortune_Prick_Me
I'll admit that I was a bit taken aback when last week's leaked info came out and felt the publishing schedule and 3 book split was almost a breach of contract. However Tor's recovery was rapid, the official word was up early this morning and unfortunately did little to ease that original feeling. But then came Brandon and his rather lengthy post...

He took the gathering storm of PO'ed fans and sat down and gave us something Tor's rather dry post did not:

He gave us context.

Judging from the tenor of the comments here, at Dragonmount and Wotmania before and after Brandon's update, that was what most of us needed. WOT fans love a good explanation and discussion, don't we? That's why we read these books, come up with crazy theories and drool over Leigh Butler's glorious re-read.

If Brandon can cool down people who have been living with wild expectations since first picking up TEotW, I have increasing confidence in his abilities to pull this off with grace.
110. MikeJ
I was really unhappy when I saw the press release. The first thing that popped into my head was that the REALLY important people in this scenario are getting screwed again, meaning the countless loyal readers. Regardless if you read the first book when it was published (raises hand), or just started reading the series today, we are who made this series into what it has become. Robert Jordan poured his life into this series, and so have countless loyal readers.

I decided to read Brandon's blog, and I have to say, I am quite satisfied with what I saw there. If you are feeling like I was, you NEED to read his blog. One thing that is clear to me is that I believe all major parties involved; Brandon, Harriet, and Tom are doing the absolute best they can to get us what we deserve. Looking forward to Book 1.
Pablo Defendini
111. pablodefendini
@Fortune_Prick_Me 109

Well said. I agree utterly and completely.
Sacha G
112. Fortune_Prick_Me

Oh and my thanks to you for your part in keeping us up to date and keeping us informed of Harriet's and Brandon's input in such a timely manner. We all have the same goal here~to R(ead)A(and)F(ind)O(out)what happens next.
Jo Walton
113. bluejo
I don't suppose anyone will confuse it with Churchill's The Gathering Storm but one of the volumes of Kate Elliott's King's Dragon series is also called The Gathering Storm and that's also a fat fantasy novel. I know titles aren't copyrightable, but generally I think it's wiser try to avoid repeating them quite that closely.
Charles Dunkley
114. cedunkley
I'm interested in the story being written and published correctly. If that means breaking the final volume up into a trilogy with enough time to ensure the breaks are in the proper place and copy edited fully, I'll happily wait.

I look at it this way: I now have the time I need to reread the books of the WoT I've already read and then continue on through to the end. Considering the extensive TBR pile I have to keep up with what's being published, there will be plenty to read to keep me busy.
Crystal McMillan
115. CDragon27
I want the book to be a quality ending for a beloved series, I admit I am a little disappointed at not getting one monster book with the whole ending, but I guess at this length of story that was a pipe dream. I just want a good story, but I really hope they don't drag this out too long between segments. If they come in a timely manner, then I am glad everything will get its day in the sun and not get cut up.
that was my mature self speaking, the other part of me is jumping up and down at having to wait yet again for resolution, but I will get over it.
116. CBeats
OK people:

Brandon Sanderson said on his blog that because he has to divide it somehow, dividing it into 3 parts makes the most sense plot-wise. Not money-wise.

End of story.
Crystal McMillan
117. CDragon27
last thought, I am hoping tho that they will still pre publish the prologue so we can have a little teaser.
118. Fogdude
Yeah, just like George RR Martin. Would it spoil the fun?
LT Tortora
119. Lucubratrix
I'm just glad that we'll get to read the conclusion. Yeah, no one likes to wait, but as plenty of others have already pointed out, I'd rather wait for something that's going to be satisfying. Instant gratification's not all it's cracked up to be. And in the meantime, there's plenty of other stuff to read (or, heck, write your own; it's fun!).

It is too bad that there's pressure from bookstores for thinner books. I like to pick up a doorstop that allows me to immerse myself in the world the author has created. I get why they want to have more titles, of course--maybe it's just a shame it's not economically feasible to have bigger shelves.
120. Lisamarie
My first reaction was actually, "Awesome!"

I've been reading these books since I was in high school (which I understand is not as long as many others - I started reading it shortly before Winter's Heart came out) and I was actually kind of sad to realize all the theorizing and reading was going to be over.

I was actually kind of sad, too, that everything was going to be crammed into one book - I was worried that a lot of stuff would be left out in favor of a book that wasn't physically impossible to bind. So to be honest, even before reading Brandon's explanation, I was really excited that it would be expanded into three books - I really feel it is necessary to do the series justice.

Anyway, Brandon is a totally awesome guy.

*hunkers down for November 2009!*
121. stepper
so, for what it is worth, I too read Mr. Sanderson's blog. I will admit to not having read any of books to date. Still I found his letter to be very convincing. I give him, and all the folks involved, a big thunbs up. No doubt I will be there as soon as the bookstore opens to get the first of the three volumes. I took off time from work, and showed up for the midnight release of a certain series, that I don't find that I am even half as much invested in (not that it wasnt good..but I don't have the ....'connection' to so many players.....sounds corny likely, but there it is. If Barnes and Noble will let me show up at midnight to get the first volume of 3 ( YEAH! 3 more!!!!) then I will be there. Yes I want to know what happens, but, no, I don't want it all compressed into one little book to give 'an easy ending'.. Not excited on waiting for the end....but DAMN excited to hear there will be so much more!
122. cannae216
Having read this press release, Harriet's interview with Dragonmount, and Brandon's blog post, I'm personally convinced that the decision to split the novel into three books was made for the right reasons.

Let us not forget that Harriet is looking to complete the story that was her late husband's magnum opus. Brandon is working to write a story started by a childhood hero. These are not the sort of motivations that engender people to make callous decisions just to make a buck.

Even Tom Doherty and the people at Tor are looking to help finish the legacy of a close friend and colleague, and they were far closer to Robert Jordan than the vast majority of fans. While they of course have to run a business, it is unfair to charge them with selfish motives for which there is no basis beyond idle speculation.

Harriet, Brandon, and Team Jordan I applaud you. The time and consideration that you all are putting into this work and each decision that impacts it is a clear testimony to your love for both Mr. Jordan and the vibrant world that he created.

Best wishes and God's blessings on your continued efforts, and I look forward to some very enjoyable Christmas stocking stuffers for the next several years.
123. alreadymadwhensaidinwascleansed
huh. just in time for my birthday. sigh. and when does it end? two more years? :(
Robert Garza
124. FunBob
I, for one, am glad its only about two more years. Having been a while since KoD (over 3 years!), another volume to get the blood flowing will be nice. Its kinda sad we won't have the whole story, but let's give Brandon a break - it sounds like he's been typing his fingers to the bone.

Imagine Leigh's pace of the re-read, all original thought and plot progress, and then rewrite it several times, work the wording, and THEN get into some serious editing.....

125. go green! go ebook!
Any news if/when TOR is going to star publishing WOT in ebook (epub) format?

126. Resplendent Indignity
I was pissed at first, but I just decided to think of it as three more books in the series, rather than one putative novel split into three. And strangely, that makes me much more sanguine. While I'm dying to know what happens, it's not like I'm desperate for the series to end. A little prolonging is actually starting to feel like a reprieve.
127. Planeswalker
My initial reaction last week?
"What the f*ck?!?"

And now that I read about this?
"Oh, ok. Leaked, so true. Gravely disappointed."

After reading Brandon's blog?
"I guess I feel for Brandon. He did all that he had to do. Harriet, Tom and everyone else did what they think is the best. I get it already. 3 books? Then so be it if that's what it takes. I'll wait. :)" PS. I really would have preferred "A Memory of Light - Gathering Clouds", etc... Those damn bookstores... AMoL really would have been the best title of the series... so yeah, i guess its better to make it Book12, Book13, and Book14...
129. Uvaavu
Glad the consensus is coming round to this being an acceptable, if unpleasent, compromise.

200k was ridiculous, 400k was way too short still. 750-800k in 3 books is fine.

To put some perspective on the 800k words Brandon is talking about....

1. The Eye of the World 305,902 words
2. The Great Hunt 267,078 words
3. The Dragon Reborn 251,392 words
Total: 824,372

We're looking at the conclusion being effectively the size of the first three books... That doesn't convince anyone else that it's being treated with the respect it deserves?
130. Oderry
I'm glad we now have definitive dates. I don't even care if the writing is as bad as it was in Sanderson's Elantris, at least the journey will be over, in 31 months.
131. Gawin
To all the complainers above, and probably below as well :D

Consider this, november 2009 is the release dat for the english version. Fans from all over the world will have to wait another 9 to 12 months for a copy in their language to be released. This cycle repeats itself for each of the three volumes so with any luck those who aren't proficient in english or are not comfortable reading another language then their native tongue will only see the end of this magnificent work somewhere in 2012 or maybe even early 2013.

I don't care if it takes another 5 years or more to finish this if it means it is done in the right way, giving this series the ending that it deserves, telling the tale that mr Jordan wanted it to tell.

And no I'm not going to wait until the books are translated into Dutch even if this means i'll have to buy the books twice since my wife dislikes reading in english.

That's my two coppers
Harry Burger
132. Lightbringer
I really hope they let Brandon re-negotiate the contract on this one. It's turning out to be so much more work than anybody anticipated, and he's doing it for the right reasons - it would suck royally if he isn't being paid what he really deserves.

I second the e-book request. I loved the first Mistborn when I read it in ebook format, but I couldn't find the books in the store. Eventually I'll probably break down and order online, but right now I have several books waiting to be read first.
133. Todd Austin Hunt
My head has been dissolved by balefire. So excited to pick up the story again. I have not read WoT since 1997, because I wanted the story to be finished before I continued reading.

Jordan's story became a physical part of my body, another element. I met Mr. Rigney twice. The first time I made him laugh; the second time I unintentionally pissed him off.

He was a scop of the highest order.
134. Petter Sverige
It is ridiculous that the bookstores get to decide not to call all three books "A Memory of Light". For marketing reasons? These books sell themselves. No one who hasn't heard of The Wheel of Time will buy book 12.
Pablo Defendini
135. pablodefendini
@ Peter Sverige

It also has a lot to do with the software used for tracking these books throughout their production cycle—from editing to actual production of the bound book, to warehousing, distribution, and marketing. Having three books called "A Memory of Light: xxxxxx" by the same author can cause all sorts of confusion. Think about how that would look in a spreadsheet, where space is limited. You might only see three titles that say "A Memory of Li..." in the Title cell. Confusion, hilarity, and mistakes ensue ("But the ISBNs are different, you idiot!" you say? Well, yeah, sure, but you try looking at a spreadsheet consisting of hundreds—if not thousands—of books, and identifying them solely by their ISBNs..)

And slightly OT, but what the hell: As for the amount of power that the individual buyers for the big chain bookstores wield over publishers... yeah, that's pretty crazy. Not to sound like an apologist or anything (I hardly am), but it still amazes me how much the big bookstores get to call the shots—and how much flak for the decisions they force publishers to make gets deflected right back to the publishers.
136. sqrtpi
Honestly, I don't understand why people are surprised by this. After reading book 11 I was 99% sure that he would need 3 more books to finish the story with ANY semblance of faithfulness to the first 11 books. RJ said "one more book" and I actually groaned because the only way he could do that would be to ignore half of the books written to that point.

I have been reading these books since I was 9 years old. It is very easy to see stagnation after LoC, but at the same time, I read the books because I love the world, I love the characters, I just love the Wheel of Time. I have read the entire series from beginning to end about 13 times. There are a lot of great series out there, and this is one that I happen to enjoy reading, so I read it.

If the split is so offending that you will not buy it, then shut up and don't buy it. No one really cares if you don't buy it. Plenty of other people will. I personally am grateful that they aren't destroying the world I personally love just to satisfy people's impatience to know the end. If the journey is barely coherent and they have to drop dozens of characters, why even bother getting to the end?

I love the Wheel of Time. I am sick of all the complaining. If you don't want to read it, then don't read it. No one is forcing you to. Do you have any idea how many books I haven't read because I didn't like the writing style or the characters or whatever. It's just plain childish to feel like you need to get on a soap box and tell everyone how you're not going to read it because it is such an injustice! I just don't read it because reading is a passtime, it's something I do for fun. It's not fun, I don't do it!

Be that as it may, I am glad that they finally realized that finishing the series with a shoddy book that ignores the rest of the series, just to "get it done" is no way to treat this world. I was hoping they would see the need for three books. I am going to be going at midnight to buy the hardback, heck I might but 2. I will get the paperback as soon as it comes out, heck I know I'll buy 2 of those. I will also be buying it as a box set (if they ever produce a MoL box set) or as one big book. Whatever, because I like reading this series.
137. Elizabeth King
I was upset about the split at first, but after reading Mr. Sanderson's explanation for the split on his blog, I feel it was the best decision that could've been made, and really, how awesome is it that we now get three more books instead of one?

I personally remember finishing Knife of Dreams, realizing there would be only one more book, and thinking 'No way. No way could this all be tied up and finished, in a satisfactory manner, in one more book.' As many before me have said, I'd rather not sacrifice the quality of the book just to find out what happens sooner. As for having to wait for the books? I've waited this long already. Another two years is nothing.
138. PixelFish
I personally think three books sounds about right just to finish up the extant plotlines. Seriously, I was surprised when people said it was gonna end at 12--and that was before RJ had died.

Also...from a purely physical point of view: a 750K novel is a FAT FAT FAT book. Now, those of you who bought WoT in TPB, and have re-read them, can you take a look at your shelf and check the spine condition? Because I had to repurchase some of mine, the covers having fallen off. The fatter books have fared worse than the skinnier books, no matter how I try to not crack the spines or abuse the poor books. As for the hardcover.....the bigger ones really are a bear to drag around. (Also, since my physical therapist has forbidden reading in bed and I'm not supposed to lean my head forward too much as the strain on my neck is bad, I have to either hold mine up or pile on pillows and hope it hits eye level. Smaller books are welcome.)

Also, while I, as many other readers, have noted the dread symptoms of "series fatigue" creeping up, this is still the one series my brother and I share and compare on. So this merely extends our reading ritual by three more novels.
139. PixelFish
Oh, and one more thing my brain has dredged up: I think I heard a Tor editor at a con once say that because RJ sells like hotcakes, they could afford to have a more expansive midlist. So even if Tor was rolling in the bucks as a result of this decision, in the long run, I see it as a boon to the other authors they publish.
140. bwc
I bet RJ had this planned all along--he wanted to drag out the mystery of who killed Asmodeus a bit longer. ;)
141. shintemaster
Just on the titles. While it's a pity that the booksellers torpedoed the AMoL: Subtitle option I do think there is no doubt that the final book of the 3 will carry that title which will be wonderfully appropriate. Such a bittersweet name and it seems almost too perfect considering the long wait and all the sadness and joy which has surrounded the series.
142. CBeats
I agree with 141. shintemaster

In fall of 2011, or whenever the final section of the series gets published, I'm sure that its name will be A Memory of Light. That's when we'll all feel the same type of sadness that some of you may have felt when the Harry Potter series ended - except this one will be much more profound, because the Wheel of Time means so much more in so many ways than Harry Potter ever meant.
143. jiveturkey
Hey Tor, how about some kind of compensation for this insult. Like coupons attached to the first and second books that are good for 50% off the next book?

Like a sign of good faith and gratuity towards us loyal fans who were promised 1 final book. Who are now looking at paying 3x that amount?

Like something that may ease that feeling I'm currently getting that I'm being bent over from behind.
144. woolhead
Let me start by saying that this post has 2 parts, the first I am posting for a friend that is currently on death row awaiting execution. (He took the rap for something his son did. He never asked for nor attempted to obtain a pardon.He doesn't care what you think of him.) He will not live to see the end of the series. His comments follow.
"I have been reading WOT since the release of the first book. I have more than enjoyed the series throughout the years and am saddened that I will not see the end. That being said, I can overstand the need for a delay but can't agree with the splitting of the book. Not just that but the renaming of it. The computer tracking issue is utter garbage. How is it that the 7 book series about the boy that lived was able to use the title subtitle scheme? They ALL started with the characters name did they not? So and so and the secret hidden room and such, so I call shenanigans on that. RJ I love your work and hope to be able to ask you in the hereafter how you would have finished it."
I have tried to get that how he related it over the phone.
As for me personally, I bought the first book the same day my friend did, when it was first published. Like him I will not read the final book or books however you want to call it. However I will not for different reasons. For me it will end like many promising tv series that were just canceled without warning to the fans. Had RJ lived to write it (even had it been 20 more books) I would have read each one. (I own several copies of the series in hardcover as well as paperback and am following Leighs reread on the audio books) I would love to read the notes James Rigney left behind and come to my own conclusions... While I am certain Brandon is a good author, (sorry have never read anything of his other than the post regarding the why of the split) in the end it is his version of events, not RJ's. No matter how good you are its just not the same. So I'll just use what RJ's books always helped me to... MY imagination. Sorry for the long rant.
145. Silly English Boy
Hi Guys!

My auntie gave me the the first 11 books a year or so ago and I have walked in the light ever since. Absolutely phenominal, couldn't be any more engrossed in a series. Even got a tattoo of the snake, spear and wheel from the inside cover with 'the wheel weaves as the wheel weaves' attached to the banner on the spear (i didn't really want 'north' tattooed on my arm, haha).

I think I am speaking with the majority here... couldn't care less about the money grabbing. It's a business innit, make as much cash as possible people, get involved! But please please please don't spread these books over 2.5 years, I can't believe that Tor will actually do that... 2011? Come off it, I have had enough trouble remembering the stories and backgrounds of all the Aes Sedai, Nobles & Maidens etc (for example, I had to check to remember who Cabriana Mecandes was and I'm still baffled as to why this sparked Romanda's memory) and that was from readin' the books one after another with barely a breath between them.

Please, don't release the three books miles apart. I couldn't care less if I had to pay $3 a chapter every day for however long it took, but to release three volumes with a year between them would baffle my Silly English mind, I smoke far too much of that special Two Rivers Tabac to be keeping up over that much time.

3 volumes over 2.5 years would definately keep to the old saying however, 'Let the lord of chaos rule'.
146. Silly English Boy (Revised)
Just read Brandon Sanderson's blog about the split...

Fair enough.


Shouldn't complain really I guess...
147. Muckl
Just a few thoughts of mine:

First of all I have to state the fact that I'm a totally geek about WoT! I reread and reheard and read the reread from Leigh because I not only love the story but because I love the whole world of Randland.

When I heard the rumor after CoT that there will be only 2 more books, I was really mad at RJ. I just couldn't think of any possibility that he would finish every side story with just 2 books.

That said, I am totally "YEEEEHAAAA!!!" about the splitting. Not only because this guarantees a satisfactory finish for me, but also because Brandon AND Harriet both say it will be good!I have started with the Mistborn Series and I like Brandon's Style! I don't think I have to say to you guys anything about Harriet, just "great"!

Last thing:to everyone who said they have followed Brandon's Blog about AMoL and BELIEVE he could finish the whole book this November: let's do a little math
After he worked for nearly 1 and 1/2 year he has 400k ready (which is only partially edited, but that aside). His goal is at about 800k, so the fastest he could do, would be Oct 2010. So now after the splitting we will have 2 books in Nov. 2010 and the total delay would only be 1 year.
That Brandon has to give up his private life for another 1 and 1/2 year to finish so fast and that we have to consider another 6 months (ridiculous short, but just for the math) of editing be put aside.

Bottom Line: More stories about life in Randland and in truth a maximum delay of 6 months for the whole AMoL--> awesome!!
Keith Yatsuhashi
148. Keith Yatsuhashi
All the more reason to have it on the Kindle :) Even though this may sound contradictory, I sure hope you plan to release the final 3 books as leatherbound collector's editions. I have every one you put out!!! Love this story!

Keith Yatsuhashi
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U.S. Department of Commerce Publishing Team,
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149. herodotus_traveller_of_the_world
Gaaaah! I am so - very - angry! A dying man once said that 'the book will be released as one, even if the readers have to tow it in a trolly' Frack you TOR.
150. Bayle_Domon
Yes, but did anyone REALLY want to wheel around a trolly to carry a book? really?? I'm so excited that we get to read a new WOT book this year. Harriet, his wife, is taking great care of his legacy and his passion. I trust her and Brandon Sanderson completely in their care and loving of the series, to make sure it come off without a hitch!

151. RebelLives
After reading some of these comments, I wonder if some of you have read Brandon's blog. It is obvious at this point that he is not sure he can finish by the end of the year. He is working like 14-16 hours days writing for this thing. Working that long six days a week will burn you out. On top of that he has other writing commitments.

Does it really take as long as they say to edit and get printed? I don't know, but I know all business over-estimate to give them time to try and get it right.

Those who say they want one book that is 800k words. I believe it would not be possible to even bind something that big without using 4 pt font.

Part of the reason for splitting the way they are is because they promised a book in 2009. By splitting and moving towards and editing and print now, they can still achive that, holding to a promise. That is certainly admirable.

I'm happy to be getting a conclusion to the story I have been reading for over a decade. I would much rather see quality 3 books, than anything else that is rushed and not very good.
152. Ste m
my opinion (which in all fairness doesnt count very much like most other people here with no knowledge of what it takes to write a book)is well done Mr Sanderson and Mrs Jordan for all the hard work yous have put in to the book over the last year, i read the post on Mr Sandersons website and it sounds as if the two of yous and Tom have done alot of work to get the first part of AMOL to us for November and i for one cant wait to read it
153. blightboggle
I think he should release a word a day for 800,000 days. That way we get our story started now and we get to experience it forever. And Leigh can blog about each word everyday.

On a less serious note the title is bad. Even Brandon comes out and says so. Not much depth and I am afraid that we will all feel the same about the story. I hope not but still...

I agree about GRRM. I don't think he ever writes or cares to. And I saw a qoute one time that I must pass along

Everytime you complain about a book being late GRRM kills a Stark!
154. blighboggle
I keep seeing a reference to the audio version of the reread with Leigh where is that. Someone help me please!!
155. woolhead
I don't think there's a separate reread for the audio version, rather some are following along via audiobook vs reading.
156. Latecomer`
LOL @ 153
"Everytime you complain about a book being late GRRM kills a Stark! "

But its an apt anology - DwD was supposed to be coming out in full 4 years ago. We've only got half of it out, and part 2 (which should have been out less than a year later with only editing and production to do) has taken about.... 3 years now??

I really really hope that's not going to happen here! Although if Brandon's getting paid for the project not per book - maybe we can hope he'll be a bit more motivated to get it finished so he can go back to the paying jobs :P
157. Curunar
Tor, go to hell.
158. fwivot
I just hope they don't release the mass markets in that STUPID NEW FORMAT THAT EVERYONE HATES. I will never buy one of those, ever.
159. shaidar haran
@150... Yes I would have gladly pushed the trolly if it meant that I got the ONE book that finished the series as per Mr. Rigney.(having trouble finding the link to where he said it) Don't care if it takes until 2011 to get it either. While there is all this debate about the split and what he would say... He plainly said that the main arc would end in the 12th book no matter how large. No splitting no making it 3 books no matter how they left off. He has stated that it would end in book 12 in numerous postings to dragonmount. Funny how you can be convicted on the word of a man on his deathbed, yet these people can't keep to his dying words to his fans.
To all those that are complaining that Brandon is doing more than what his contract states, I say bull. It calls for a MINIMUM number of words. I have seen nor heard of nothing that states that he had a cap. For those that argue that he has other books that he has to put out I say tough shit, he knew all that (along with what James wanted as far as how many books) when he took on the assignment. So all that crap about how he is working for free is bull. James had stated that he knew what major event would transpire in a book before writing it and that he figured out how to get from point to point as he wrote the book. This is part of his magic. No matter how good Brandon may be he will never be James. I have to agree with woolhead in that if I can't get it in one book then just publish the notes he left and let my imagination do the rest.
As far as the comics and grafic novels and movies go... Well I recall James having major issues with RedEagle so I don't know how he would feel about all this. More than anything else all these extra projects derived from his work smack of mugging his memory and raping his work.
160. toddywatts
What a bunch of naysayers and whiners.

I wasn't looking forward to the last book because I thought it would read more like a synopsis than a story. There's still too much that has to happen.

Still, I do think it's ridiculous to market it as a trilogy. It should just be continuing volumes in the series.

@159 What's up with throwing James Rigney around everywhere? You think that gives your voice more credence? Please.
Lannis .
161. Lannis
shaidar haran @ 159: Buddy, do you want quality or crap?

Life is change--we all expected that Robert Jordan would be the one writing the last book, but that's not going to happen--do you hear people whining about how he should be brought back to life in order to do so? Some things just CAN'T HAPPEN. Life isn't fair. That's reality.

If you listen to the people who know what they're talking about (Mr. Sanderson, Mr. Defendini, et al.), they're saying it's just NOT POSSIBLE to publish a book like AMoL in the time frame previously given, or the current publishing techniques (unless you want it to look like Bible on rice paper, which we can all agree is not the most pleasureable of reading experiences...).

Robert Jordan has underestimated the word count necessary for the Wheel of Time installments before (hence the joke: "three more books."), and unfortunately it's happened again. But this is not bad news... perhaps you're frustrated, yes, understandable, but that's no reason to take a tantrum.

It's obvious from Sanderson's blog that in order to do the book justice it will take longer than thought. I, personally, would rather he take his time and give us something we won't complain about in the end. Give us quality!

We should feel lucky that they're bothering to hand us something, anything, in November 2009. Be thankful!

And in the end, really, whether or not you're waiting patiently doesn't matter--you still have to wait.
162. shaidar haran
@160 Why is it whining when it isn't the same as your views? As to why I mention his name 4 times in my post is to give the person reading a reference as to who said what. In the end I am upset with the fact that his wishes for the book are being ignored. What gives my post credence is the fact that I am relating what JR said. His words should be what matter and that is being ignored. If you don't like how I write then just ignore my posts. SO FOAD
Richard Fife
163. R.Fife
Shaidar.. Mr. Rigny's widow and editor is on this project. I have a feeling the spirit of his wishes are being very closely and realistically followed. Were RJ still alive, I have a feeling that the books by his hands would be three more installments as well.

For any of my futher thoughts on this topic, see here
Michael Ikeda
164. mikeda
I find it rather strange that anyone believes that Jordan would ACTUALLY have finished the series in one book if he had survived.

Or that anyone actually ever thought that Sanderson would finish it in a single book.
165. Bishoploz
I wish some of you would stop being so damn selfish. Brandon is working his a$$ off to get you a book done in time to release this year. He has probably let some of his own work sit on the back burner to get it done. Just be glad harriett picked a great writer to finish the series..
166. shaidar haran
@163 I know shes on it and I have nothing but the utmost respect for her as a person and editor. If JR would've lived and decided it said it needed 20 more books then I would've been cool with that. Sadly he is no longer with us and all we have to go on is his repeated statements of the main story arc finishing in one book. I realize I'm not the only one that has 20 years invested in this series and I also would have loved for it to continue had RJ been alive to keep it going. I just want his wishes to be followed. 1 book. I don't even care if you release it in 3 volumes because of binding issues so long as its at the same time. I can wait however long that would take. He never said it would be done in 2009. Only that it would be done when it was done. Thats what I'm saying.
Everybody has an opinion and we all know that they are just that opinions. I have no issues with anyone expressing it, just don't come down on anyone else for expressing theirs. I just wish that a mans dying words would be honored is all.
167. Tooneh
oh wow this is awesome!
damn all you people who are bitching and moaning about it
your the sort of people who complain about it being written at all, then when it comes out youll be complaining that it wasnt written exactly to your standards
i for one am so glad its being written, and splitting it into three just makes it all the better. this way nothing important will be left out as it would had to have been if it was only one book. this is GOOD people!!!
wooooo cant wait!!!
168. random obscurity
Hooray for closure! I don't care if it's in 3 vs 1 installment. Besides, 3 books in 2.5 yrs vs. 1 book every 2 years if the fates smiled down.-I'd say that's pretty damn good.

As for the rest, let's just see in November if it's been worth the wait. I enjoyed Brandon's Mistborn trillogy, but his writing style is definitely different that RJ's so I'll have to see how/if he adjusts his work to mesh with what's already out there. I'm optimistic though.
169. Nox Lunis
Tor? Seriously? Fuck you.

What happened to "It will be a single volume even if I have to invent a new way of binding books"? Way to honor one of your most beloved author's wishes.

I have my doubts about Brandon, but not enough to put me off. I've been reading this damn series since 1991, after all. I've waited 18 years so far, what's SEVERAL MORE? I can cope with that. But what pisses me off is that Jordan didn't seem to think this was the case. Even after he'd fully wireframed and outlined the book.

SO, this is either Brandon adding a LOT more book than RJ had intended, OR this is a pissant exploitation of his fans; either way: it pisses me off.
Pablo Defendini
170. pablodefendini

SO, this is either Brandon adding a LOT more book than RJ had intended, OR this is a pissant exploitation of his fans; either way: it pisses me off.

Yes, yes. The whole world is out to screw you over.

When Jordan originally brought the first book to Tom Doherty in the early 90's, he told Tom that he envisioned the WoT as a trilogy. Just three books. See how well that turned out.

Publishing is as much about collaborating with an author in order to help shape a book, as it is the manufacturing and marketing of said bookafter it's written. If Harriet, RJ's wife and editor; Tom, his publisher and dear friend; and Brandon, a huge WoT fan, an incredibly competent writer in his own right, and the author hand-picked by Harriet to conclude the series think that the amount of material that RJ left (copious outlines, notes, voice recordings, partially-written scenes, etc) is enough to warrant three books instead of one, I for one am perfectly willing to defer to their decisions. After all, they're the ones who are familiar with the extant material, and—infantile accusations of "pissant exploitation" aside—are probably more motivated to do right by Jim Rigney than anyone else in the world. Including fans with aggrandized senses of entitlement.
171. stopped reading at book 9
I'm glad to see this. It would be a desecration of Jordan's memory for the series to be finished. It should keep going for "three more books" until the new author dies.
Brett Michie
172. bchurch
pablodefendini @ 170

Hear, hear!*

*from someone who's been reading Jordan since 1987 and tWoT since 1990.
173. tcohee
the story will be finished...nothing else matters.

I bought Eye of the World hardback first edition about a week after it hit the shelves and have been hooked ever since (I, too, have been buying Jordan books since about 1987). The death of Mr Jordan was like a hammer blow to me, not just for WoT, but for literature in general, and the fact that his wife dedicated herself to finishing this Homerian epic humbles me like nothing else ever has.

If I have to wait FIVE years to finish this story, it won't matter...the story will be finished, and that is more than we were sure of when the news of Mr. Jordan's amyloidosis broke. Be patient..this is more than a story is Jordan's legacy.
174. Matjess
This is just a cash grab, another delay to milk the golden cow, and I'm angry as fuck.

Don't you greedy fucks realise that James Rigney is not the only person on earth who has died/is dying of a terminal disease?

Have you got any words of comfort to those dedicated readers who have bought MULTIPLE editions over the years (for friends, thus expanding your readership, at no charge to you), and who are now being hit with a double blow... firstly that their life is fucked, over in 6 months, and now that they will never know the outcome of a story which has become a part of their psyche?

You cruel, greedy, heartless fucks, I'm gonna die and never know. I curse you all, and 7 generations of your families, suffer, die and go to hell.

Pablo Defendini
175. pablodefendini
Save me a seat. I'll bring you some lemonade. It sounds like you'll need it.
176. mrmike
Fuck it if they are going to do this, against a dying man's wishes, I wish I could say I won't read them, but I will. My little bit of protest will be in waiting for the soft cover...TOR wakes half the money at best....Just a suggestion.
177. mhjd
I've been unhappy with these splits in the past, where a single (already skinny) book is cut up, has its font size increased to make each chunk look like a full novel on a store shelf, and then gets teased out over three christmases, just to string the audience along and cash in as much as possible (no names here please *cough* Terry Brooks *cough*). Business is business, fair enough, and good for the publishers, but when each part of the trilogy cannot stand up on its own, I speak from my own experience when I say that it jades me as a book buyer from buying further works from that author. Readers aren't usually stupid - we know when we are paying full book price for 1/3rd of a book.

In this case though, I am really happy - I'm actually pleased with this decision. Having read all of the previous books in this series, and most of Brandon's other books, and having followed his blog posts, I am very confident that each book in this final trilogy will each be strong enough to stand on its own. Plus, I get three more books in the wheel of time series, not just one.

After Knife of Dreams, I, too, thought "no way can they possibly wrap everything up in just one more book". With three more full length novels, I honestly think that the final destination will be far more satisfying than getting there in one rushed book.
178. Lucas H
I'm excited! Although, I might just save the books until they are all published before reading any of them. Even if that means I have to wait longer. At this point, the waiting has been so long that I am going to read the entire series again before getting into AMoL, so that should be enough time. Otherwise, I will miss out on too much, I've forgotten so much already.
I think ya'll made the right decision, both with the splitting/publishing, as well as with Sanderson to author it. Like so many WoT fans, I have been in love with the series for a long time. And even though I wish Jordan could finish it, I am not only confidant in Sanderson's ability, but I'm looking forward the conclusion!
179. Sazed
Everyone who hasn't read Brandon's Mistborn trilogy needs to go out and get it now! It's a fantastic story and it will put your minds to rest as to whether or not he can finish the Wheel of Time properly. I for one am glad he's on the project, and if it takes 3 more books, so be it.
180. Angry poster 999
So much for the promise.

I guess I'll use my local library until it's done, then pick up the paperbacks.

Unless they get snazzy ideas from Neal Stephenson and turn 3 books into 7 paperbacks or so.
181. Give them a break
Firstly I did not read all 180 so someone may have mentioned that unless people are forgetting that Brandon also teaches and is a successful writer in his own right.

I first picked up the books in 1994 and have been wanting to the last since the last one came out, we at least have a timeframe, do we like it no, but that's the timeframe.

Also if the give us the 2 years and make it in shorter time then that always better than oh it will be out in 12 months thn takes 2 years.

If he's done 400k already then the first section could come out in 4 months in August rather than November.

I will be glad when it is done.
182. JWinPA
Love WoT, if it takes 3 more volumes, GREAT. The more WoT the better. Sooner would be nice, but done right is best.
183. RandomThoughts
They should have seen this coming more than a year ago. If RJ thought he could finish this in one more book then he was deluding himself - he introduced far too many characters and plotlines for that to be possible. At least three volumes seems more reasonable to get a lot of the plots and issues resolved. It's a shame we have to wait for year's end to see the first. As I said, they should have seen this coming.
184. I'm Happy
To be honest, I thought there was no way this could be finished in a single book. There are too many open ends. I have only two issues with it:
- Plan out all three books in such a way that the major threads get resolved in these books. Expand the size of the books if necessary. It always seems to get bigger.
- I started rereading the books this year in anticipation of the completion of the series. I am enjoying them immensely and find them well paced. And found lots of things that I had forgotten. It is frustrating that I will be in the same state in two years. I don't think I can spend 4 months again rereading the books.

That said, I am very happy that the books will be released and that they are not being crammed into a single book.
185. Walrus Lord
I never thought that this final chunk of story could fit into one book, but seriously Tor, it's been three years since Knife of Dreams out. I don't want to wait two more years to finish the story. My patience is already being worn thin. I started the series when I was 14 and I don't want to finish it in my grave.

I say that they should be released a few months apart, not large portions of years. I could orbit around the Sun faster than Tor gets these books out.
nathaniel mcfarland
186. otoan
I'd just like to post a few saying from a forum with this link...

drag it out a little more...

They went and pulled a Starcraft 2 on us. I was so looking forward to finally finishing this series...

The series is going to finish?
(replied)Finished? Not in our lifetimes :(

What a cash cow.
187. Tankard of ale
I picked up Eye of the World when it first came out and have never heard of Robert Jordan. After getting hooked by his style and storytelling abilities, I realized that this was the greatest writer of this genre in my time, quite possible ever.

Now so many years later, I know that it was true and I had read and lived during an epic in creation.
How many people in time can say that and mean it?

Please split the books and give us quality over quantity. IF I die before the last book is released in this series, then I will just ask Mr. Jordan to tell it to me fist hand.

There are so many people that I have turned on to this series that it would be an injustice to speed it through the system.

Awed that I actually lived during the time of Robert Jordan writings, humble me. Thanks Harriet McDougal for continuing his dreams. Brandon Sanderson for giving us a well written series and an ending to make him proud. Tom Doherty and Tor for the books,updates, blogs and such. And to Leigh for her re-reads, which I'm going to do all over again before the next book hits in NOV.

Thank you all.
188. Tankard of ale
Please forgive the spelling and other errors in the above post, it was written in haste.

When I do get to meet Mr. Jordan (out of respect will only refer to his pen name), I will ask for a "first" hand and not a fist hand as my error showed.

So once again I apologize for the errors, it came from the heart and not from a creative writing book.
189. arcolight
im just siked its gona be out soon ive never had to wait because they were all done by the time i started reading them but ill wait a decade for these books,best ive ever read and ive read alot

like really whats the big deal its half a year
191. SkaRn
I almost never post in comments like this.. but this is a very joyous news that I cant stop myself.. to hear the tWoT is to be extended 3 more books is such lovely news.. more materials, more story, more World to explore and see and feel.. this is great! anything that postpones the inevitable end and keeps the story living is great..

Keep up the good work!
192. LuvMyMave
I am far from angry about the news that the last book will be split. I'm so happy that something will be coming out this year that I could do back flips. I'm a little disappointed that it's going to take another 2 years to finally read the end, but 3 books in those 2 years!!! That definitely makes it an easy wait.
193. alreadymadwithlongwait
If you think 3 books over two years is too long even with editing, compare that to a certain coming of age fantasy that still took an average of about a year and a half to produce each book without editting.
194. grungytinman
I can't see how anyone really cares, by the time these books are released i doubt they'll make half the sales of the previous WOT books, without Robert Jordan who wants to waste the time
195. CAEason
Am I the only one here who don't mind the series going on and on and on? I mean of course I want a conclusion, but there's it was a bit saddening to know this was going to be the last. You want to read the end, but at the same time I hate the idea that you'll no longer be able to visit that world you've spent so much time enjoying. It was a love/hate sort of feeling tossing back and forth in my mind. Now, it almost seems I'll get both worlds: and end, yet more books.

Anyway...2 years isn't too bad.

Also pumped about Universal making Eye of the World. As long as it's done in theater and not TV or miniseries. But eh, we've heard lots of media rumors regarding a tv/movie WoT popping up.
I would rather them do a big budget T.V. series on cable, maybe the SciFi channel or UPN.
As for not caring Grungytinman? Dude, uh, don't be an "idiot"...notice i'm not actually calling you an "idiot". I would rather you not act like one by not thinking before you type (which is kind of hard to do).

I would rather you think about how much time everyone has put into this series, how much love people have for this series and its father whom has passed.

I hope like everyone else that this Brandon Sanderson has enough talent and forthought to finish the series faithfuly and to the measure of Robert Jordans talent.

I hope this coming end to a dream ends as well as it started so that we can come back to it from time to time and smile at the memory and know that we witnessed the greatness of story telling that has not been seen in this way since our fathers and our fathers fathers witnessed Tolkiens greatness and for the true Science Fiction heads, Issac Asimov.
197. Smittage
Finally.... looking forward to it...
198. niaf nadap
the lions sing the hills take flight
the moon by day the sun by night
deaf man blind woman jackdaw fool
let the lord of chaos rule
Sam Rateliff
199. savings
This book is almost out. Anybody excited for this one?
200. CallMeASucker
I love it how TOR claims that all of this is not about the money.. it's about the art. A six book series, that turns into a never-ending story, that finally has a final book that is not a final book, but three. And if that hasn't made enough people angry, they then want to sell you a preview of the almost almost last book for $3. It's all about money. I wonder what would happen if all the readers just decided to share books, or take them out from the local library? I for one refuse to give them one more cent of my money...
201. BarbsGarb
Wow!!! Book one of the 3 was a whopping 766 pages long.... not a small book at all. If all 3 of these are going to be similar length, then the 3 books were definitely neccessary!!

I couldn't tell a difference in the authors, and I've read and listened to the first 11 books more than I'd care to admit. (Great audiobooks for extremely long road-trips).

I just finished my first read, and am restarting it, so I make sure I didn't miss anything. All I can say is WOW!!
203. liv4mtl
Didn't read everybody's comments. I have been a Jordan fan since Eye and have never complained. People who complain, like so many here, are only wanting the attention that their parents never gave them. I for one am glad that TOR found a capable writer in Brandon to complete the series. No I haven't read The Gathering Storm, but I will when it comes out in paperback. Patience... You complainers should go read something else while you wait. I have discovered and read all of Brian Lumley's books, Terry Brooks works and too many others to name. Sure, Jordan was a great (the best) writer, but too many others are out there waiting for you to discover them. It may be about the money for the publisher, but damn, who doesn't do whatever they do for money. Any of you whiners work for charity... didn't think so... Anyway I say congrats to Harriet, Brandon, TOR and everyone involved for finishing the best fantasy series ever conceived. Most of all, thank you Robert Jordan for giving us this wonderful gift, The Wheel of Time. All of you whiners get a life... You will not see me commenting here again, I have more important things to do...

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