Mar 2 2009 12:02pm

Chris Whetzel’s Nerdcore

Chris Wetzel

So it seems I’m the only one the office that didn’t know what nerdcore was until seeing these drawings from Chris Whetzel. It’s tough to be square in a sea of nerds. Chris created the illo for an article in Cincinnati Magazine on scifi rap music, AKA Nerdcore. The final is a great drawing but, man, I love this C3P0 throwin’ down the Vulcan hand sign sketch. More sketches and some thoughts from Chris on The I Spot blog.

Richard Fife
1. R.Fife
I was unaware that there was a full up culture for this thing. Although, I just recently found out that the Lovecraft Historical Society has put out a couple revamped christmas carols and other songs with Cthulhu inspired lyrics. "If I were a deep one" is a rather nice, humerous rip of If I Were a Rich Man.

So, how long until we see Emonerd. Han Solo wearing eye liner and with his hair all combed forward and dyed black. Yikes.
Evan Langlinais
2. Skwid
"SciFi rap" is a woefully inadequate description of Nerdcore. Anything nerdy might be encompassed by a Nerdcore song. Gaming (video or PNP) and computer programming dominate the genre, really, with SF content being a major subset.

As always when the topic comes up, I'll link to my review of the Rhyme Torrents compilations as a good place to start, and again recommend the excellent documentary Nerdcore Rising.

(Of course, my site seems to be down at the moment, but hopefully that should be fixed soon?)
Irene Gallo
3. Irene
Apologies, Skwid! I was just relating to the images, which I think are very funny. I should be more careful about writing about music...anyone around can tell you it's _really_ not my scene. But I do love a good documentary so I;ll check it out when the site is up and running.
Chris Whetzel
4. Chris Whetzel
Wow, thanks for showing my artwork, Irene! I'm honored! I too was hoping the client would choose the "Thug Wars" concept, but I also had a ton of fun with DJ Spock and MC Kirk!

And yes, Skwid, as a listener I agree that nerdcore definitely encompasses more than just sci-fi; however, I felt that part of the genre's lyrics has the most visuals for an avid magazine reader to identify as "nerdy." Seems like old video games and computer hacking are seen as "cool" these days rather than "nerdy." But hey, that's a good thing as now I'm not such a dork for still loving my collection of comics and toys!

Enjoy the Day,
Samantha Brandt
5. Talia
Hehe. I dig D2's emoticon :p

As far as the music genre goes, I haven't heard THAT much, but I like MC Frontalot quite a bit,
particularly "it is pitch dark", which is full of awesome and win (and you might be able to guess the subject matter based on the title alone..:)).

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