Mar 25 2009 5:54pm

Brenda Cooper and Glen Hiemstra

Author, speaker, and tech executive Brenda Cooper talks to Glen Hiemstra, founder of, about some of the concepts behind her series, so far composed of The Silver Ship and the Sea and Reading the Wind, in which both biologically enhanced and “natural” humans colonize a distant world.

Here Brenda talks about SF in general, futurism, and her role as a woman futurist:

Future Trends, Brenda Cooper and Glen Hiemstra from Glen Hiemstra on Vimeo.

and specifically about her books:

Brenda Cooper on her science fiction novels w/Glen Hiemstra from Glen Hiemstra on Vimeo.

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Richard Fife
1. R.Fife
Interesting. I am actually going to put this near the top of my reading list. Helps that my "honest to goodness favorite movie evar" is Gattaca. "We no longer discriminate based on the color, race, or religion. No, we have it down to a science." (paraphrased cause I haven't watched it for a while, which I will rememdy tonight).

As to futurists, I find that an odd concept for some reason. I can see how there can be short-term considerations and guess-work on where technology, etc, is going, but I have always believed the biggest breakthroughs and advancements of our civilization has not been followed by "Eureka" but by "Oops".

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