Feb 11 2009 6:59pm

Just One More Hit of Con...

Irene Gallo’s posting of the Salon walking tour with Chip Kidd somehow made me feel strange pangs of withdrawal from the Con. So, in case, anyone else wanted one more hit of the madness, here are some more costumes from the Con’s final day...

Winner! Cutest Couple. A courteous Alice and the Mad Hatter.

Casey Jones... wants me to do something about those nacho crumbs on the floor.

The nightmare continues...

Green Ranger: Dude...

Red Ranger: Seriously?

White Ranger: Wow, man, this is like your fourth setup... I mean, there are kids waiting. Your kid is waiting.

Ms. Piggy finally nabbed her Kermy. There’s junior.

Winner! Best Father-Son Duo. Unfortunately, when elder Superman walked away after the photo the deduction was made, he was not the father.

Bloodied vamp looking up from her Blackberry just long enough for a pic.


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