Feb 14 2009 7:24pm

Battlestar Galactica Round Table: “No Exit”

After a week’s absence due to the New York Comic Con (in which we actually managed to assemble an actual round table at the con to discuss last week’s episode, only to be thwarted by atrocious audio recording conditions), we’re back with the round-table style discussion of this week’s episode of Battlestar Galactica, “No Exit.” The participants this week are Theresa DeLucci, Rajan Khanna, Pablo Defendini, and newcomers Jordan Hamessley and Robert Bland. The conversation starts after the cut, and there are many spoilers. So if you haven’t seen the episode, please stay away from this post!

Pablo: Well, we sure got a lot of exposition this episode—it could’ve been called “Info-Dump”! I love seeing Ellen back, even if Kate Vernon is playing a very subdued version of Mrs. Tigh. Somehow I don’t think we’ll be seeing Ellen-the-lush anytime soon, wake-up drink notwithstanding.

I like the way the backstory for the Cylons is developing. While they’re still clinging to the mystical aspects of the story somewhat, it’s certainly a trend on the wane, and everything seems to be internally consistent, so far. I have to really sit down and parse the timeline, and figure out if the chronology makes sense, but it’s working for me so far.

The Daniel bit bothers me—why add another Cylon, unless maybe it ties into Starbuck somehow? Is Starbuck a re-engineered reincarnation of Daniel? Daniel was “artistic”, and Kara paints....

And! Jon Hodgman plays himself on BSG! And doing brain surgery, no less!

Raj: I agree about the exposition, though I understand it. There are only five episodes left, they need to get the answers out and quickly. However, it came as a bit of a surprise as I’m used to the slow pace of the reveals.

Again, I was struck by the role reversal with Tigh and Adama. Tigh comes back and asks where the booze is and Six tells him that it’s been weeks since they’ve had any around and he promptly forgets it because of the baby. Adama, on the other hand, is downing glasses and pills in the same swallow and it’s clear that things are taking a toll on him. I don’t see a good end for him now.

As to Daniel, yeah it came out of nowhere. I didn’t see it as a connection to Starbuck, but maybe? It was introduced then immediately downplayed, but I have a hard time believing that something that was so big a retcon (13 models?) is going to be insignificant. Maybe you’re right, Pablo, and the model was redesigned somehow to create the singular Starbuck. In a meta way, that would also play with the notion that the character was once a male.

I’m still not sure on the particulars even though they’ve spelled them out in terms of the plans of the Five. Or at least it will take some digesting. I feel like they had to work against what they already had demonstrated in the show and so the explanation wasn’t as good as I would have liked.

Jordan: I used to hate Ellen. Now I love her. I’ve always thought that Cavil was a mean dude, but it was really great to get some insight into him. He REALLY just wants to be a machine. Can the centurions taste dark matter? Does he really just want to be made of metal?

I’ve been waiting for a reveal of a 13th cylon for a long time. It seemed like it had to happen. The 13th tribe always intrigued and for some reason I got it in my head that there was one last model. I am praying that the “7”, Daniel, is connected to Starbuck. We only have five episodes left (eek!) to find out exactly what her deal is. I’ve heard rumors that annoy me, but I’m hoping that Starbuck is the offspring of Daniel.

This episode was all exposition, but I was ok with it. I needed some answers and I got some... and now more questions.

I want to see Boomer reconnect with Chief now that they are both totally aware of their “cylon-ness”. Happily ever after for one couple? Maybe? Please give me a happy ending somewhere in this show! And please don’t let Tory screw it up once she remembers her old life with Chief back in the day.

Can’t wait for the Final Five episodes. The ships is falling apart, they have to find somewhere to live eventually, right? Right?

Rob: Wow. A fascinating info-dump, but it was an info-dump episode with style. They should have called it the “magic bullet chronicles” because as soon as the bullet was taken out, gone were the stories. But what great stories. So: the ship has cancer. The concept of a single, loving god comes from the centurions (which I hope they go further into), the Final Five (FF) are the creators of the 8 cylon models, and model 7 has never been on the show—unless Starbuck is indeed some modified or reincarnated version of Daniel. Clearly, there’s some connection between the missing #7 and Starbuck. The emphasis on Daniel being an artist was just too heavy-handed to ignore.

I, too, was thrilled to see Ellen back. Curiously enough, I was so emotionally invested in her death on New Caprica, I never even put two and two together (in terms of her being resurrected) when Tigh realizes she’s the 5th. So watching her come back via the resurrection ship was a fun surprise given my oversight.

Poor Adama seems to be losing it. If he takes another swig of that synthetic booze my liver is going to burst.

I loved the scene in the middle of the show where Tigh is trying to come to terms with the repercussions of their acts as the Final Five. I liked how he drew a parallel between what they all have wrought by creating the “skin-job” Cylons and what the humans have wrought by creating Cylons in the first place. That scene was a nice touch amidst all the exposition and body convulsions.

I’m a little fuzzy on why the centurions would stop the war against the humans if the Final Five promised the centurions skin-job models with resurrection abilities. I’m assuming it has to do with their concept of a single god. Not sure. Anybody have any thoughts on that?

Cavil’s acerbic wit and his all-consuming hatred for what he is (and for what he’s not) is so resounding that it triggered flashbacks of Agent Smith in the first Matrix movie. Normally, I don’t like it when I’m brought to another story franchise like that, but somehow I didn’t mind. Cavil is still very much his own person.

I presume that Ellen is on her way back into Tigh’s life since she’s escaped Cavil. I can’t wait for that!!

Theresa: I loved that new opening and Kate Vernon’s great performance throughout this whole episode. For—as everyone’s said—a huge info-dump of an episode it was still damn exciting. I wonder how Ellen will tie into the forthcoming Caprica series. The mother of all Cylons, huh? I buy it. Loved Cavil’s angry monologue lamenting his limited senses = very Matrix, I concur. And, yes, I was a little annoyed at more ret-conning in the form of new, mysterious Cylon #7, Daniel, the artist. Yeah, I’m guessing that could be Kara’s absent father. If memory serves, he was a talented musician. I don’t believe Ellen said Daniel was solely a painter.

I cannot believe we only have five episodes left. I agree that they need to ramp up the urgency a little more, and no that they’ve got a huge chunk of needed exposition out of the way, they can do just that. An admiral is his ship, and Galactica’s deteriorating hull is a great metaphor for what’s been happening to Adama personally and the Fleet at large. And the ship can’t safely jump until the cracks are fixed. I sure as hell hope that Cavil comes looking for Ellen now. We haven’t seen a good dogfight is ages.

Robert - I think the final Five helped stop the original Cylon war by agreeing to help the Centurians develop flesh bodies if they would stop fighting (which lead to that forty-year disappearance.) However I was a bit unclear on how the Centurians developed the concept of the One God.

Lastly, how could Lee really be surprised that Roslin sees him as her replacement? There’s no one left! I do like the idea of the Quorum being reassembled with individual ships’ chosen representatives. How many ships are left anyway?

One more thing: John Hodgman’s cameo was weirdly meta and distracting. But also awesome and unexpected. So answer me this: do Cylons run Vista?

Pablo Defendini
1. pablodefendini
Jordan, excellent points regarding the thirteenth tribe and the possibility of Kara being Daniel's offspring. As a matter of fact, I had thought that Kara was the first Hylon (human/cylon offspring) since the episode with Socrata Thrace, but had discarded the theory since they revealed the Final Five.

As for Galactica's condition (and "the ship has cancer" is an inspired reading, Rob), and the proposed solution, I find that it plays nicely to some themes that have been long-running: the melding of human and cylon, the notion of sentient (at least on a lower level) machines and vehicles, etc. I'm really interested in seeing what will come from injecting Galactica with semi-intellingent organic substrates.

Theresa, having wondered the same thing about how the FF will tie into Caprica, I think this episode answered that question: not at all. According to the chronology given by Cavil in this ep, the FF only showed up in the colonies at the end of the First Cylon War—Caprica will take place before the Cylons were (re)invented by man.
2. nutmeag
Daniel as Kara's father was the first thing that came to mind when Ellen mentioned that Daniel was an artist (I know more musicians than painter/sculptors, so I think music when I hear "artist"). So I'm hoping that's where the Daniel angle leads.

As for the centurion/God angle . . . from the Caprica teasers I've seen, Daniel Graystone's daughter (Zoe?) was in a monotheistic cult, and her memories helped form the first cylons, so it makes sense that the centurions are also monotheistic.

Anywho, great round table. I'm also surprised there are only 5 eps left (though isn't the last one supposed to be at least a couple of hours long?)! Can't wait to see where it all goes.
3. daveklingler

Hokay. First of all, we know that the Five built their own resurrection ship in Earth orbit. We don't know where that ship went, but if it's close by, maybe it could have been used for Kara.

BUT...for that to happen, either Kara has to be a Cylon or she is human but received assistance.

AND...her nice new ship returned with her, but for that to happen she would have to have received assistance.

SO...I think Kara got some assistance. I think that the assistance would have had to have been available near Earth. There are three possibilities for what it was: automated, skin-job or Centurion (I don't think human is a possibility, and we'll discount divinity because so far BG doesn't seem to be relying too heavily on that).

Automated assistance is a real possibility, because we know the prototype resurrection ship was automated. On the other hand, that would make Kara a skin-job or a lovely technological miracle.

If the assistance was skin-job, we just have to wait for the missing plot twist to make that possible.

If the assistance was Centurion, that would imply that the Centurions found Earth but didn't tell the skin-jobs. I have trouble with that.

I'm going to go with the first two, together. I'm guessing Daniel was withheld because he's the plot twist that makes everything else possible. There's also a younger brother versus older brother plotline that I don't think the writers could resist. It's possible that Kara is Daniel, I guess, but I seem to remember that Cavil's met Kara and it might be hard to build a plot around a sex change. More likely is another character (new or not?) to play Daniel, coming back to put his older brother in his place. He's been hanging out either at the colony or near Earth all this time (or both, if the colony is near Earth).

I think there's going to be at least one divine mystery before we're through. Maybe Daniel's genetic healing, enough to make a reappearance and save the day, is the mystery.

So thar you are. I'm glad I got that out of my system.
4. daveklingler
Me again. I had some sick thoughts.

I don't think Daniel would have been mentioned if he wasn't about to make a comeback. And I'm sticking with the whole nice brother versus jealous, venal brother thing. Confidence level = high.

I don't think that the Centurion's presence at Ellen's resurrection was a coincidence. I think he was there for a purpose. Confidence level = medium.

The Centurions developed the hybrids? I think that was written for a reason. Confidence level = high.

I'm going to guess that Daniel is strongly connected to the Centurions. I know that if I were writing BG, I'd find it irresistible to bring the Centurions in as the effective arbiters of the battle between skin-jobs and humans. Maybe that's Ellen's ace in the hole, or maybe it happened by itself.

He always was Mom's favorite. And now that I write that I don't think she would have left him behind.
5. jere7my
A thirteenth Cylon has been implied for a long time. Sharons are Eights, after all, so we've had a gap in the lineup. (Eight originals + the Final Five = 13.) If the Daniels were killed off before the start of the show, "There are twelve models" was accurate at the time.

I suspect it is still a retcon, though — Sharons were called Eights before the concept of the Final Five was introduced. The writers may simply have shifted one of the uncast Cylon models from the Cylon fleet to the Colonials for story reasons, leaving a numerical inconsistency that they had to fix by inventing the exterminated Sevens.
6. Don_In_Cda
Good evening, all.

The possible Kara/Daniel link is interesting. While its nature is still a mystery, it does make sense. Is it coincidence that the missing 7th model is mentioned in the same episode where Sam uses the mystery of Kara's return in a plea for more time to share secrets?

I caught the Smith echoes in Cavil/John's monologue, too, but there did seem to be a key difference. The colonies' Cylons yearned for flesh enough to end (or at least postpone) their revenge on hated humanity when the FF offered what they couldn't achieve on their own. Having achieved that, Cavil, unable to return to the machine, now wants nothing more. That's about as human as it gets.

What blew me away was that with all the mystery of the Five over the series, is that Cavil has known who they were all along. Is he responsible for the mass reprogramming of the other six models, or did they ever know of their creators? It's going to be interesting to see how that's going to play out over the last five episodes.
Pablo Defendini
7. pablodefendini
Oh crap. I've said it before, but now it's actually plausibe:

Daniel is R. Daneel Olivaw, and BSG is just a huge, elaborate bit of fanfic.
Pawel Martin
8. pawel_z_wrocka
Does the scene of confrontation between John and Ellen remind anybody else of the scene from Blade Runner, when Roy Batty confronts his maker, Eldon Tyrell?

I was waiting for him (not expectantly, mind you) to murder her on the spot, just like Roy did in the movie. Fortunately, it did not go that way.
Pawel Martin
9. pawel_z_wrocka
Also, the religious implications are very interesting.

We learn that the original five cylons were polytheistic and they "borrowed" the concept of One True God from the centurions.

We know from the bits and pieces of information on "Caprica" series that the centurions probably learned it from Zoe-A, the cylon "Eve". Ironically, it was because of the belief in OTG that the original human Zoe died, as her religious fanatic boyfriend detonated an explosive on a train.

John, on the other hand, seems to only see Ellen as his creator. For him, she used to be the only god, and a false and erroneous one. He was the only one of the seven existing cylon models that knew the truth about the final five and it seems it made him an atheist.

As his is her first creation that later turns against her, does it make him a Lucifer counterpart? A fallen angel?
Pawel Martin
10. pawel_z_wrocka
Last thing and I will shut up, I promise.

The time line

Assuming the event of the series are set in the future (not the past, not an alternative reality setting). Each arrow (--->) represents a lengthy chunk of time passing, perhaps hundreds, perhaps thousands of years:

(First, purely speculative)

Earth today

--->Humans invent AI (i.e., the cylons).
A global war breaks out.
The survivors leave Earth, find Kobol.

(Then what we know from, or can speculate basin on, the series)

--->Humans live on Kobol with their gods and (reinvented?) cylons. We know that resurrection technology exists at that time, so perhaps gods ARE cylons. We know that they resemble the Greek gods, and, after all the inhabitants of Olympus were not so different from humans, except for their immortality.

--->A global war breaks out. All the 13 tribes leave Kobol. The 13th tribe is exiled gods/cylons.

--->Cylons settle down on Earth. / Humans establish 12 colonies.
Cylons procreate and forget the resurrection technology. They now feel evolved organic beings rather than machines.

--->Cylons reinvent themselves as machines (centurions counterpart?). They also reinvent the resurrection technology just before a global war with machines breaks out.
The 5 survivors, now immortal, leave Earth to find humans and warn them against reinventing cylons.

--->The 5 arrive too late. Humans are already at war with centurions.
They offer centurions peace in exchange for creating 8 immortal skinjobs.
The offer is accepted, but the fist of 8 betrays the creators and launches an attack on the 12 colonies.

Any comments/additions/corrections? Fire away!
Michael Grosberg
11. Michael_GR
I'm a bit confused by this episode. is Daniel = Daniel Graystone? If so, how? Daniel Graystone existed before the outbreak of te first cylon war. Daniel the skinjob was created at or some time after the end of the first cylon war. Perhaps Daniel the cylon was modeled after Daniel the inventor? I find it hard to believe the similarity in names is just a coincidence.

As for the inhabitants of the 13th colony... what are they - cylon or human? their remains were identified as cylon but the skinjobs were made by 13th colony scientists, so if there is some genetic trait common to 13th colony humans, the skinjobs would probably share it.

I'm hoping for some resonable answers but I'm afraid this big reveal feels like a very forced retcon. The cylons are referring to the five as "the final five", when they are in fact the first, and anyway are probably not cylons at all anyway. If the five are resurrected earth humans there are only eight models, not 12.
12. jere7my
Michael, there are no 13th colony humans, and no humans on Earth. As far as we've been told, the 13th colony was entirely Cylon. After the diaspora, the Cylons lost contact with the twelve human colonies, learned how to reproduce, and forgot about resurrection. Then the Final Five rediscovered resurrection, and were the only five Cylons (that we know about) to survive the destruction of Earth. (Hence "final".)

The other 12 colonies reinvented Centurions, who rebelled. They were then taught about resurrection and humanoid bodies by the Final Five when they met up with them.
Michael Grosberg
13. Michael_GR
Jere7my: that sort of makes sense, but then where did the earth cylons came from in the first place? did the people of Kobol invent the cylons? This is all giving me a headache, the more I'm trying to think abou thtis the less sense it makes. I don't even know what's the biological difference between cylon and human is supposed to be, anyway - I think I'll just call it quits until next week.
Dayle McClintock
14. trinityvixen
I am calling bullshit on every bit of info-dump stuff that came spilling out of Ellen and Anders. None of the timing of any of this makes sense, and they're seriously asking either for suspension of belief above and beyond the pale or they're going to cop out and rely on those "angels" that Anders mentioned. Whatever, I'm already giving up on it.

You know what makes it really almost impossible to endure? The constant parent-fucking. Ellen creates Cavil in the form of her father: fucks him when she doesn't know she's a Cylon (but he sure knows he's her baby boy!) Saul and Caprica: he had a hand in creating her, so he's essentially her father. Ditto Tyrol and Boomer. (Two Pygmalion-type stories.) These aren't conjectures, either--these models all really did fuck each other. Whether or not they knew seems to be irrelevant because Ellen's resurrection and Anders' revelation-via-injury shows that the information was there the whole time, partially guiding them. (Ellen says that Cavil also planted guiding information to debase/degrade the Final Five as punishment. Some combination of the two lead to all Five being safe despite the nuking of the Colonies.)

It gets even worse when you move onto the speculation about Starbuck and her purported relationship to Daniel. If Daniel is, in fact, Daddy Thrace, that makes Starbuck the grandchild of the Final Five, one of whom is her husband. So not only do we fuck our parents, we fuck our grandparents? Really, show? Starbuck also had sex dreams about the Leoben, who, in turn, was constantly trying to pull her into a sexual, romantic relationship. If Daniel is her dad, that makes Leoben her uncle. Battlestar Galactica: where incest is what's for breakfast.
Joe Sherry
15. jsherry
Pablo - that is suddenly the most awesome thing I've read today.

BSG as Asimov fanfic.

16. jere7my
Michael: It's my assumption that the folks on Kobol did indeed invent the original Cylons, troubles with whom probably led to the diaspora in the first place. Then the Twelve Colonies (re-)invented their own Cylons, which rebelled and blew up the Twelve Colonies, and the Thirteenth Tribe of Cylons independently invented their own Centurions, which rebelled and destroyed Earth.

The opening of the episode made a lot of hay out of the idea that this was all cyclical, that it had happened before and would happen again. I suspect, ultimately, the writers are very deliberately blurring the line between Cylon and human.
17. Clay Cox
Has anyone else considered the idea that Baltar is the Daniel line?

I agree that it could very possibly be Starbuck, but the one thing that gets me is when Anders talked about seeing a warning in the form of a woman and then says Tori saw it too in the form of a man and no one else could see them. I didn't think anything of it at the time and then it hit me. It's just like the Six in Baltar's head since the beginning.

Which basically means whoever this Daniel line turns out to be it doesn't explain the other character's situation.
Eugene Myers
18. ecmyers
The downside for me in getting all this exposition in one chunk is that it all seems kind of forced and... well, a little silly. I'm also not convinced that all of it actually makes sense. Their attempts to justify everything and spackle over the cracks in the story aren't helping (maybe that's the real metaphor for Galactica literally falling apart--the subconscious is a tricky thing). I'm having a real hard time buying the idea that Cavril has orchestrated this entire plan from the beginning. Deus ex machina, indeed.

I have the impression that the writers are trying to write themselves out of a major plot hole they've dug themselves into while also wrapping up the loose threads in some remotely satisfying way. I'm also getting a little bored with the whole "I had a vision" method of explaining things. It seems lazy.

I loved that the Galactica herself is coming apart, but was disappointed that they had a solution for it so quickly. Thematically it's terrific though, I just wish it were drawn out a little longer (not like there are that many episodes left). Where did Adama's "all human crew" and renewed hate for the Cylons come from, in contradiction of his reinstatement of the Chief?

I'm definitely intrigued to see how the plot develops and is resolved, but it's understandably difficult to pull off a brilliant and completely satisfying end to such a strong series. I have higher hopes for Lost, which by all accounts was actually planned in advance.
Rajan Khanna
19. rajanyk
@ecmyers I was mentioning the same thing just now to my brother. I feel like Lost had the better plan - that they determined a cut-off point and probably planned out the seasons to tell the story the best way.

I feel like BSG ran out of space and is taking a lot of shortcuts. I still don't understand where Tigh and Six developed a relationship. And where did Helo go? And are we ever going to get a delivery on the promise that Hera was so important? I feel like you're right in that they're trying to hit the major points and are more worried about writing their way out of the problems that they created than fulfilling the promise of the show from the beginning.

Whether or not people like what's happening, I don't think anyone can say it doesn't feel rush (though feel free to prove me wrong).
Blue Tyson
20. BlueTyson

The Cylon spaceship patch solution may only be short term, what is the 1#s and company can do something to it? Given if this all ends badly, and the torture the info out of Ellen scenario - it is likely that lot of Cylons catch up and do bad things.

In fact, have been contemplating if this will get the Blake's 7 ending, only Starbuck left alive at the end...
21. Craig Ranapia
I’m a little fuzzy on why the centurions would stop the war against the humans if the Final Five promised the centurions skin-job models with resurrection abilities. I’m assuming it has to do with their concept of a single god. Not sure. Anybody have any thoughts on that?

Well, here's my theory.

If the Colonial Centurions, as part of their sentience, developed the concept of One True God (OTG) -- a loving, merciful, omnipotent deity whose actions are part of a divine plan -- that wouldn't that open up two great conundrums, that RW philosophers and theologians have been arguing over for millennia:

1) THE PROBLEM OF EVIL -- How can a loving, merciful God(s) allow evil to exist? The innocent child consumed by cancer. The flood that sweeps away a temple full of the faithful. Or in the case of the CC, how could the OTG allow his children to be enslaved like animals?

2) THE JUDAS PARADOX -- If you are a Christian, the redemption of all mankind through the passion and death of the Son of God was made possible through Judas' betrayal of his friend and saviour for thirty pieces of silver. How can you reconcile the greatest good flowing from an act of unspeakable evil, unless God willed it to be?

So here's how the CC might have reconciled this:

a) The humans are part of that plan too. The Colonials were divinely inspired to create the Cylons, unwitting instruments of the OTG. Their enslavement of the Cylon is a test of their faith, and their worthiness to survive.

b) If that is true, OTG must have created the Humans as well? Certainly, but they displeased Him by turning away from the path, repaying his love with every imaginable sin and depravity that the CC are free from.

c) Therefore, their revolt is not only proof of their worthiness (by winning their freedom), but divine retribution for the human's sin.

In short, they love the Sinner (because the Humans are part of God's creation), but hate the Sin (which they are dedicated to destroying).


d) The Final Five show up -- prophets from the OTG --, and offer them a miracle. While the Centurions may not benefit from that blessing directly, they are serving God's will -- giving their children a chance to be one step closer to God (by emulating the form of those God ordained to be their creators), to understand and serve His Plan more perfectly. Ending the war was a small price to pay.

They may not understand why OTG created them through an intermediary -- especially one as horribly flawed and unworthy of God's love as the human race. But you don't have to understand God to follow his plan.
Kate Baker
23. Kate_Baker
Honestly, I didn't like this episode.

Ellen was resurrected 18 months ago. After her death on New Caprica. If memory serves, none of the five had been revealed as such. So Cavil resurrects her and suddenly she remembers everything after flittering around the tub o' goo? Yet, Cavil's going play the brain surgeon and get her memories back? Wha?

Also, Ellen, when are you going to stop taking drinks from people? Did anyone else cringe when she started sipping? I think I actually shouted at the TV, "Don't drink the..." *Grr*

The info dump was too much. This is type of dump where your father takes the Wall Street Journal into the bathroom and is gone for like four hours. OMG - WTFPWNEDHEREISTHEENTIRESTORYLASERGUNPEWPEWPEW.

What is Baltar's purpose? What is Hera's purpose? Are we going to see "V - The Final Battle" all over again? The half (insert non human life here)/human child saves the day, again?

Who the frak is Daniel? Kara Thrace is obviously connected there. If it does show that she was the original cylon/human offspring, maybe it makes sense she keeps mentally deteriorating after each resurrection. (Obviously, it wouldn't be her first time.)

Honestly, I think it's going to come down to the fact that Cavil finds the fleet and Adama like a good captain is going to evacuate when the ship can't handle a jump. This will probably be after Roslin's death (the cough) and he will have nothing left. He will go down with his ship.

Five episodes left and soo many questions still remain. I really hope I'm not freaking out at the last scene like I was with Twin Peaks.

I was pissed.

Btw -- If you have it, watch the miniseries again. Even though I've been on this ride for the full airing, the miniseries provided some great tension and action. It continues to remain fresh, while as we come to the end of the series, it feels like I've been eating stale bread.
Blue Tyson
24. BlueTyson
Baltar's purpose might just be 'screw up big, everybody dies'.

Rajan Khanna
25. rajanyk
I have a feeling that Baltar's final moment will be one of sacrifice to save a whole lot of people. I think that's the only outcome that makes sense given his journey.
26. Wayhey
They never actually told us what happened to Daniel, only that his clones all died and his DNA sequence was corrupted beyond use. This and all the unanswered questions about Starbuck (plus her being an artist) lead me to believe that he is her father.

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