Jan 6 2009 11:29pm

Watchmen trailer, in Japanese

While I have no idea what the voiceover says, I’m happy to see any new footage I can.

Spherical Time
1. Spherical Time
And it's wonderful new footage too.

The more I see, the more I'm impressed with what the movie makers seem to have done.

Now, if we could only see the movie now.
Ben R
2. sphericaltime
Ahh. Whoops. Not automatically logged in here. My bad.
John Klima
3. john_klima
I'm trying to not get over excited about this. I've been very disappointed with superhero movies/comic book adaptations (in general). Even though what I've seen looks great, I can't shake the feeling that I'll be disappointed with this one, too.
Irene Gallo
4. Irene
I'm with you John...I guess it's just that I'm more invested in this than any other comic movie since I never read the source material on batman/superman/ironman/etc.man movies. Train wreck or great, it's fun to follow the process. It feels like a long term sporting event: Actors are way too young, the home team is down! No wait, NY in the 80s looks awesome, we're in a rally!....

I tell you what has me both delighted and scared: The amount of Coraline promotion is just crazy. Tons of behind the scene info, entire buildings covered in advertising throughout new york, the amazing boxes, online scavenger hunts...I usually think that much effort, like ketchup, goes to cover a bad movie...except in this case all the promos have been truly creative so well put together.
randy gallegos
5. gallegosart
The last time trailers had me this excited was with the original Phantom Menace trailer, and we know how that went down in the end. I'm so trying to maintain calm as each Watchmen trailer doles out fantastic stuff.

If Watchmen disappoints--and each new trailer reduces the odds of that--I'm going to swear off trailers FOREVER.

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