Jan 26 2009 6:29pm

Geek Survival Guide: tips you may never need

Geek Survival Guide SealI have no shyness in admitting that there’s one sliver of my inner being that’s absolutely convinced that the zombies are coming, or the portal will open to another world, or the aliens will one day swoop upon us, or that I am the chosen one (I just need to find the damn ring/sword/shoe that proves it). It’s a small, tiny, minuscule sliver, but it’s enough that I avoid high heels because if one of the above happens, and I have to run away from the zombies (or toward the shining portal) I don’t want to be slowed.

Thus I was utterly thrilled when I found the Geek Survival Guide podcast. It “seeks to point you to the best information to keep you and your loved ones alive during the inevitable zombie apocalypse.” Many books and movies have been devoured to make sure you get the best advice possible to avoid the terrors that have undone so many red shirts. Each episode is geared toward one of numerous trials that you will encounter in a scifi, fantasy, horror, or disaster movie, giving you clear and hilarious instructions on what to do to survive.

Host Zach Ricks has covered topics such as henchmen, army ants, raising an alien/human hybrid, daikaijuu, and (full disclosure, this was in conjunction with a project of mine) super villains. The podcasts are short, usually around ten minutes, and Zach gives his voice a clear, calming tone, with matching classical background music, to make sure you don’t totally lose your shit when the zombies start banging on the doors.

The only downside to the podcast is infrequent posting (which I’ve been guilty of, so I’m not throwing stones too hard here), but Zach has two episodes for the new year already, and has assured me he’s shooting for a biweekly update schedule.

Geek Survival Guide admits to being the home for survival tips you will probably never need. But just in case...

Josh Storey
1. Soless
I'm glad I'm not the only one still looking for that sword/ring/book from an old antique store.
2. AndrDrew
Oh, you're definitely not the only one.
sword/ring/book/shoe/shiny-rocks all get the once-over to see if they have the feel of Destiny about them. No luck as yet.

but perhaps that's a good thing for all the unknowing red-shirts out there.
3. martyred_cars
I think of myself more as the little girl with a compulsion to leave half-drunk glasses of water all over the house, whose quirk will someday save the day. I'm just waiting for some strange habit of mine to turn out to be a part of destiny. :)
4. Cthulhim
I keep looking for Aladdin's lamp, myself. I'm sure I can make better wishes than those guys in the Twilight Zone episodes...

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