Dec 3 2008 2:03pm

Save The Date! Holiday Meetup: Thursday, December 18th

Tis’ the season for awesome SciFi-themed drinking with your favorite blogger-types!

Whether you’re gearing up for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Saturnalia, Wookiee Life Day, or just attempting to ignore all of the above, if you’re going to be in or around lower Manhattan on December 18th, come on out and join our super-fun geeky debates over the true Greatest Incarnation of The Batman, who would really win the epic battle between Santa Claus and those pesky Martians, and weigh in on the all-important “Heatmeiser versus Snowmeiser” question, all of which will hopefully lead to armwrestling, legwrestling, off-key caroling and other assorted tomfoolery. We’re going to be getting together for drinks at Revival, 129 East 15th Street, from 6 p.m. onward, so stop by and join us for happy hour (and stay for the scintillating conversation—it’ll be just like Twitter, but with real!) More details to come, but don’t forget to save the date, or you might get stuck at home watching this...

Irene Gallo
1. Irene
what debate?
Pablo Defendini
2. pablodefendini
I'll be there!

(to represent for the post-Miller Bat-fan contingent, of course)
Eric Braddock
3. EricBraddock
I'll definitely have to mark this night down, I was also planning on going to the Society's Holiday party as well, that's on the 19th.. perhaps a double header? ;x

I'll just stumble from one party to the next. I'm sure good things will come from that...
Irene Gallo
5. Irene
Eric. Say it aint so! That means Tor,, and SI in the space of four days.
Pablo Defendini
6. pablodefendini
@EricBraddock #3, @Irene #5
'Tis the season for a multi-day pub crawl?

@Padnick #4
Bring it. My Goddamn Batman will beat your Loony-Tune Batman any day.
Bridget McGovern
7. BMcGovern
@ Irene #5

Somehow I'm amazed we didn't plan *over* the Society's Party. Well, we'll just have to suck it up, and stock Pablo's office with Advil, orange juice and assorted hangover remedies and hope for the best :)

@ Pretty much everyone

The correct answers here are: Adam West, Martians beat Santa, and Snowmeiser :) Just F.Y.I...
Kate Baker
8. Kate_Baker
Do we need to bring presents or offerings of chocolate? :) (real chocolate, not that crap that Nestle is putting out these days)

I am definitely entertaining the idea of training it down via Metro North.
Irene Gallo
9. Irene
C H O C O L A T E ! ! !

It's better than brianz.
Melissa Ann Singer
10. masinger
I will think fondly of you all . . . but will not be able to attend, alas.
Liz Gorinsky
11. TooMuchExposition
I'm coming. But I'm reserving judgement about whether I'll participate in any tomfoolery.
Tara Chang
13. tlchang
I'll have you know after all the twitters re: said get-together I dreamt last night that I was outside the Flatiron building, watching a parade, and waiting for all the tor folks to flock down and join in. I'm dreaming about you all now. (TOO MUCH TIME ONLINE.....)
Ben R
14. sphericaltime
Ouch. That sounds wonderful. But I have to leave NYC early due to a family thing. Yarg.

Well, if I ever manage to find work here, maybe next year.
Irene Gallo
15. Irene
Hey Eric - rumor has it, Donato will be in around 8:00ish.
Joe Sherry
16. jsherry
Just to clarify, that's 129 East 15th Street in New York, right? Not, by some beautiful chance, in Minneapolis? ;)
Irene Gallo
17. Irene
Jsherry - that's two calls for Minneapolis. Aedifica mentioned it in Jo Walton's Montreal post.

Ya'll should pick a time, place, and date and we'll post it.
Joe Sherry
18. jsherry
We are legion. :) cloudscudding is also from the area.
Pablo Defendini
19. pablodefendini
And, if I get my act together, we'll get some video conference thing going between both (all three, jsherry?) locations. Because we are after all, and we drink in the future.
Irene Gallo
20. Irene

"We drink in the future" could have been our tagline.
21. K3N
I don't think I was imagining things, so... did anyone else catch the commercial for ABC's upcoming NEW "Miser Brothers' Christmas" animated tv special? And, just so we're all clear: it's Batman of Earth-2, Santa, and Heatmiser ftw.
Pablo Defendini
22. pablodefendini

Frank Miller Batman. Martians. Snowmiser.

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

Samantha Brandt
23. Talia
How long are the shenanigans expected to last? Im tempted to go, but due to work and train schedules wouldnt be able to arrive pre-7:30.
Bridget McGovern
24. BMcGovern
@ Talia #23

When we called to reserve the space upstairs, the guy said that we should be good through 10 at least. After ten, there will apparently be an influx of hard-drinking Europeans joining us at the bar...which doesn't mean we'll be leaving. It probably just means we'll be carousing harder. So 7:30 is more than fine :)

@ K3N #21

Holy Crap, yes, I did see the Miser Brothers Special commercial. And I am dubious--why mess with perfection? Sigh.
jamie stafford-hill
25. seamus
ok, so very belatedly, i realized i didn't know what Management Services was on about with this whole Snowmiser vs. Heatmiser thing. Youtube to the rescue: this song and dance number is awesome! How in bloody hell did i never see this before?
Irene Gallo
26. Irene

I think that's the first time I've seen that since being double-digits old.

Snowmeister certainly has more swing...but you gotta love the Heatmeister minions on pogo sticks.
Jennifer A.
27. Jenett
I'll third Minneapolis (though if it were a post-holiday thing, rather than a pre-holiday thing, I might stand a better chance of being able to show up, given my current calendar.)
Sumana Harihareswara
28. brainwane
I'm planning on coming. And I may bring used books to trade.
Joe Sherry
29. jsherry
Pablo @ 19: Alas, I have no organizational skills, but if there is another Minnesotan willing to put forth the work I'd be more than willing to attend and talk aedifica and cloudscudding into attending as well.

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