Dec 2 2008 5:17pm

Heroes “The Eclipse, Part 2” episode review

What bizzaro universe am I living in where Seth Green is a weak spot on Heroes?!

I don’t recall ever meeting a geeky girl who hasn’t been harboring a little crush on Seth Green ever since he played Willow Rosenberg’s were-boyfriend on Buffy. (Until he cheated with that were-hussy Veruca, anyway!) The man can make action figures cool and voices one of television’s most awkward characters. And if you think this wasn’t just an excuse to round up a bunch of funny Seth Green links, you’d be wrong. (Bonus 1992 Seth Green commercial for Nerf. Dope haircut!)

So why did I not like him on Heroes at all? Is it because the casting of him and buddy Breckin Meyer as comic book peddlers reeked of stunt casting for sweeps? Was it a little too meta having a geek icon on a show that used to be tailor-made for geeks? Not really. Once again, it was the horrible writing. Did Seth Green really beg to deliver yet another clunky speech about heroes in a bid to get a petulant time-traveler out of the bathroom? Hiro, who I am liking more now that he has the mind of his ten-year-old self, acts virtually the same as his older self. Only it’s less creepy and vaguely offensive to have Hiro act like a sexless Asian male stereotype when there’s a legitimate reason for his behavior. Why do the writers keep putting Hiro on the sidelines for the majority of a season? His popping into the Bennet house to teleport Sylar and Elle away was the first time he did anything of note this season, in this timeline. And the only reason I’m not rolling my eyes at the prospect of another jaunt into the past to visit his father is because Hiro’s dad is played by George Takei. Claire-Bear’s along for the trip, too, I guess to learn that her adopted dad really does love her. She’s so damn needy. Yes, HRG wasn’t at the hospital with her—he was slitting Sylar’s throat! For her! Now that’s fatherly love and deserves a little more respect.

I’ve been enjoying the surprising amount of onscreen chemistry between Sylar and Elle. They are damaged goods and it’s nice to see Sylar give a crap about something besides delicious brains and general villainy. Did he really kill Elle? It’d fit with the Heroes tradition of killing off only the best actors. It would be a damn shame to lose Kristen Bell’s talents. And Elle’s snarky one-liners.

A few other thoughts:

The actual direction of the last few episodes has improved. I’ve noticed a lot more cool transitions, interesting camera angles, and lighting. The eclipse made for some nifty murkiness that added a nice, dark tone to the evening’s events.

I still love the Haitian and enjoyed watching him fight his brother. I also like Nathan’s newfound sense of purpose to really do something with his abilities—and Senate position—to make the world better. But when did Peter become Rambo? When did Nathan for that matter? But Peter doing anything that’s not related to being an emo jerk is completely unbelievable to me.

Mohinder whooped some serious ass tonight! He’s almost worthy of a pair of horn-rimmed glasses. Almost. Then he had to go and visit Maya. I suspect she will be back as soon as Mohinder’s case of monster-itis clears up. God help us all.

We finally got to learn about Daphne’s secret past. I thought it was surprisingly touching, her scene with Matt and the scarecrow.

We’re nearing the end of the “Villains” volume. Does anyone care about the formula, Ando killing Hiro, Claire dying her hair brown, or even Arthur Petrelli anymore?

Heroes airs Mondays at 9 P.M. EST on NBC.

1. Scurzuzu
I had to stop watching Heroes because of the horrible writing, but I won't say that out loud (too often) in my house because the bf still watches it. I caught the last few eps with him on Tivo over the long weekend and was stunned at how clumsy the dialogue has become.

Also: if they're gonna keep Hiro in sexless superhero panda bear mode, at least give long-suffering sidekick Ando someone to make out with. He was much more interesting (plus sexy!) back in volume 1, lusting after Missy Pyle.

Thank the gods for comment areas, so that I can share these important opinions with the rest of you.
Tudza White
2. tudzax1
I didn't bother to watch this episode because it is an episode of Heroes, but I did wonder how all the events could happen during an eclipse. An eclipse that runs even as long as seven minutes is pretty rare.
3. RickJ3
FTR, according to a campaign commercial from Season 1, Nathan was in the Marines. So it makes sense for him. Peter.... I got nothin.
Dave Miller
4. Borogove
tudzax1, that's exactly what I was screaming to my wife when we cut back to Sylar and Elle in a sweaty heap. "It's an eclipse, they don't last that long!" Not to mention all the running back and forth between the farm and the comic shop. (As if they had comic shops in small farm towns.)

Of course, for some reason, Mohinder couldn't find anything out of the ordinary about an eclipse that apparently covered the entire western hemisphere simultaneously.
Sol Foster
5. colomon
I can't begin to say how much I hate what they've been doing with Sylar and Elle. None of the individual episode's bits have been that bad by themselves, but when you combine them you have something which is not just less than the sum of its parts but which is actively awful. What the hell are their motivations? It's like a different writer wrote each bit, and hated the other writers' work. Sylar wants to be good. No, he wants to be free. No, he's power mad. No, he's just retardedly evil. (I mean, seriously, he's stranded who the hell knows where/when, with a pretty ally whose power he's already mastered. How the hell does killing her make any sense?)

As for Mohinder, I admit I never liked him much in the first place. But he's gotten so uninteresting that I just tune out his sections of the show.

By contrast, it was great to see Hiro be heroic and fun again. (Even if the comic book explaining the current plotline is a horribly cheesy plot device.)
6. Jei
Actually, Lawrence, KS (home of the University of Kansas) DOES have at least one comic shop.
Angel Banchev
7. Tiranas
I can only say one thing about this episode and that is MOKKIN` FOKE !
When did Peter managed to get lessons from Rambo ? And how many times has Claire dieyd on this show ? And why the hell won`t she stay dead ? The Mat and Daphne part of the episode was actually watchable this time.I too started to think `bout the eclipse and how unnaturally long its lasting but when you think that the different plots are supposed to be happing simultaneously...it could be plausible that the change between plot views is making the eclipse look longer.All in all the last three (i think) episodes are taking the show in the direction it should have taken since the start of the season...meaning that now you can actually can be interested in the story and not get frustrated by the whole what-should-i-do-now-with-my-unsecurity-for-having-this-awesome-ability-but-not-knowing-who-loves-me-for-who-i-am-and-not-trying`-to-use-me-as-a-henchman-like-in-an-Austin-Powers-movie thing ?

Don`t get me wrong, i had several huge fights with my girlfriend back when we watched Season 1 and i was trying to convince her that Heroes can be one of the greatest shows in TV history...Or at least i tought so back in the days...Now i just watch it because i hope that somehow the story can again have the...spark of Season 1 and get back the characteristic that made this show one of the most watched (downloaded) shows in TV history...

I am still waiting...
Theresa DeLucci
8. theresa_delucci
The show has gotten better these past few episodes, when I've been watching it expecting the absolute worst. That's not exactly a comment, but it's something. I plan on following it until the "Villains" arc ends, but after that I don't know that I'll blog about it anymore. Battlestar Galactica and Lost return in January! I'd rather spend my energy on those shows. I've been thinking a lot about Lost, which has an even larger cast than Heroes, yet manages to make me care about every single character. And the unanswered questions on Lost are part of the fun, not cause for frustration. Galactica... I wasn't a huge fan of the first part of this season, but I still love the characters and a lot of the ideas.

I just miss Tigh and Bill Adama, Sayid, Sawyer, Roslin, Starbuck, and all of the great guest stars both shows manage to bring in. Aside from HRG, Heroes is without anyone for me to really root for. Heroes has very little emotional depth. Yay, you guys want to save the world for the sake of saving the world! But what's in it for you personally aside from shallow Daddy issues (Lost and BSG have this area covered as well) and speeches about redemption that ultimately are empty. Redemption never comes because the writers, as colomon wrote, make the characters change their damn minds every week.
Angel Banchev
9. Tiranas
yeah i too look forward for BSG although i barely survived through season 3...and yes it has very good ideas and somehow you can get more involved with the characters...i guess the same applies for Lost too...colomon got it wright and exactly that thing kinda threw away some of the fans...dunno Heroes still is something one should watch though...albeit the dissapoinment it can bring sometimes...
Lena Vogelmann
10. kalafudra
Most things that bugged me were already mentioned. Especially the whole Sylar-Elle thing which started really good (in the flashback episode) and then was completely destroyed in the episode after that. Not to mention this one.

But a small thing, which I just don't get: HRG returns to the house to shoot Sylar. We see him at the end of Eclipse Pt. 1, already having a free shot at Sylar's head, while he's kissing Elle. But, when Pt. 2 picks up, Elle and Sylar are rolling on the floor, naked.

What did HRG do? Watch them have sex, thinking, "oh, I'm gonna shoot the guy, let's give him one last pleasure?" WTF?

I know this is minor compared to all the other things wrong with Heroes (or my inability to stop watching it), but this just leaves me scratching my head.
11. Quillain
What's frustrating me about this season is that it seems like they write the storylines to have the most dramatic thing possible happen in any particular episode ... irrespective of the overall storyline. So, with Elle and Sylar for (the most egregious) example, you get: Sylar kills Elle's dad! Sylar is a Petrelli! Sylar is going to be good! No, he's bad! No, he's good! Elle wants him to kill her! Now they're in love! Now she's convincing him to be an evil killer! Now she's insisting that he's changed! Now he's killing her!

It's exhausting.

I'm still watching the show, obviously, so I'm hopeful it can do better. I just wish it would seem more like they had an overall plan, and weren't just making it up from week to week.
12. rogerothornhill
You know, I'm just letting this show pile up on the DVR, maybe I'll get to it in January, but I just have to say:

I'm allegedly straight and I would probably agree to be Seth Green's doormat. He's got that faux-sincere, I-know-you're-going-to-use-me-while-seeming-compassionate-and-tortured look that it's just too easy to fall for.

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