Nov 27 2008 6:42am

Things (and people) to be thankful for:

This list is by no means comprehensive; feel free to add to it in the comments. Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers in the United States. To our international readers, sorry for the light posting, but we’re busy gorging on turkeys and such, and can’t be bothered to get up off the couch to blog. We hope you can manage. Thanks to all for reading.

• No robot uprising (so far)

• No zombie infection, either (again, for now)

Jonathan Coulton


• The FDIC

• Lasers (sharks not included)

• BitTorrent (for Linux distros, of course)

• That the inexorable passage of time brings us ever closer to the return of Battlestar Galactica.


Creative Commons

Book giveaways

Sexy times in space

Free bar food in NYC

Cory Doctorow

• That, no matter what else may divide us, we’re all in agreement on the one thing that really matters: Han shot first.

Lawrence Lessig

• That Toby’s back home and doing well Hm. Seems we spoke too soon. Get better right quick, T.

1. Tournevis
I do believre that Jonathan Coulton shoiuld be moved to number three.
Bridget McGovern
2. BMcGovern
@ Tournevis #1

Seconded! Coulton > LOL cats. No contest :)
Pablo Defendini
3. pablodefendini
The numbers mean nothing. Nothing!
But yeah, I moved him. JoCo does deserve to be on top (and the last thing I want is some sort of half-monkey half pony monster after me).
Pablo Defendini
5. pablodefendini
Yup, just saw his tweet. Thanks for the heads-up.
Mary Robinette Kowal
6. MaryRobinette
It should not be happening, that's all I'll say.

Meanwhile, I'm thankful that he's feeling well enough to blog and was close to a hospital.
Erika Nelson
7. Odessa_3
I am especially grateful that we've made it to Thanksgiving without complete economic collapse. I anticipate next year I will be growing my holiday dinner in planters on my fire escape.
Pablo Defendini
8. pablodefendini
Heh. Consider yourself lucky if you even have a fire escape this time next year. On a related note, I would like to say I'm thankful for my job. I get paid to run a blog full of interesting and wonderful people, and my life is exponentially richer as a result.
eric orchard
9. orchard
This is a good opportunity for me to thank all the amazing Tor people for making this fabulous site happen bloggers and and all. Thanks everyone!And happy Thanksgiving.
10. jimsin630
tha ability to read

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