Nov 9 2008 3:13pm

Pixar’s Up

I think Pixar and Obama may be the only two things where I literally don’t know anyone who isn’t a fan. Is it even possible to name your favorite Pixar? The Incredibles, Monsters Inc., Toy Story, Finding Nemo… No, it’s like trying to pick a favorite Sondheim musical, it is not possible.

A number of sites are showing the new Up trailer. People are a little skeptical of a feature about an cantankerous old man. I have to say, I’m not thinking this’ll be a problem.  Exotic jungle setting set with Ed Asner-voiced crankiness feels like a winner to me. It’s Cars 2  that I'm dreading.

Via Cartoon Brew, here is a quick report from The Fire Wire, who got see an early cut of the movie: “A little morose compared to other Pixar fare.” See! All good omens.

PixarAlso of interest, there is a newly started fan-initiated site on the art of Pixar. A little sparse, but it looks poised to be a great resource as more people contribute to it.

Sean Fagan
1. sef
I, sadly, know lots of people who aren't fans of Obama.

And I find it easy to name my favourite Pixar movie: Wall-E. Before that, it was Finding Nemo, and it was weird because I considered The Incredibles to be their best-to-date movie. But I connected with the story in Nemo better, and enjoyed it more. All that changed with Wall-E, which also finally topped Love Actually as my favourite love story.

Cars 2...? Please tell me you're joking.
Jennifer L. Meyer
2. JLMeyer
Thanks for that.
What a lovely pair up of the cranky old guy and the bubbly little youth. I really liked the transparency feel of the balloons as they went infront of the window, amazing!

Wall-e was fantastic. Cant say enough good things about it.

Id say Finding Nemo is my favorite of the movies and I really liked the last short of the magician and the rabbit. I love seeing thier animation shorts.
Elizabeth Bear
3. matociquala
You know one, at least.

I'm not a Pixar fan. They had several movies I enjoyed, and then... not so much, in the post-Finding-Nemo-world.

Alas! But I do like Monsters, Inc.
eric orchard
4. orchard
Wall-E was amazing. I haven't been riveted to a theater seat like that since I was a kid. I think Pixar will keep getting more bold and hopefully experiment more as well. Up looks wonderful, I'm kind of hoping for something a bit understated this time, something that pushes the medium and it's story telling abilities more. Only Pixar and Studio Ghibli seem to be able to produce animated magic on this scale these days.

Thanks for the link.
5. Ceroth
You are seeing someone who is not a fan of Obama. I fear for this country under his influence.

I love Pixar. Cars is the only one that left me lukewarm at best. Both Toy Stories, Ratatouille, A Bug's Life are movies I truly enjoyed but Wall-E, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo and Monsters, Inc. are my favorites. I can watch those movies for hours on end and never stop enjoying myself.
Constance Cochran
6. ccochran
This looks like a lot of fun, and I love how they rendered the balloons.

Monsters Inc or The Incredibles, I can never decide which is my top favorite (wait, maybe it's Finding Nemo...)
Irene Gallo
7. Irene
Yeah, i keep thinking I _should_ like Incredibles best, but I've always felt closer to Nemo and Monsters Inc...and now Wall-E...

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