Nov 18 2008 4:24pm

Free Zombies

John Joseph Adams is the man with the kick ass book trailers! It is so easy, and yes, fun, to make zombies kitschy, but John’s trailer for The Living Dead definitely makes brain-eating hordes both scary and meaningful. To celebrate the trailer, John has released five more stories from the anthology for free download.

“In Beauty, Like the Night” by Norman Partridge
“Malthusian’s Zombie” by Jeffrey Ford
“Sparks Fly Upward” by Lisa Morton
“Followed” by Will McIntosh
“Passion Play” by Nancy Holder

(Speaking of kick ass trailers, John’s effective video for his ecological SF anthology Seeds of Change is below the fold. Advertising worth watching.)

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Tara Chang
1. tlchang
I love book trailers (have they been around before this past year or so? I wasn't aware of them before then). More fun than just reading the back of book jackets for sure. :-)

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