Oct 21 2008 12:51pm

Heroes Dying of the Light episode review

First things first: I knew Hiro would never kill Ando! Now a member of Pinehearst’s Villains team, Daphne gives Hiro his first assignment: go to Africa and get...The African. The precog painterly one, not just any African, who I assume have actual names and stuff because they’re not Tim Kring characters. Hiro & Ando find the African, or the other way around. Hiro is a big sexless man-child, but I’ve come to accept it now, so watching a bit of shovel slapstick made me chuckle.

But we did lose a hero tonight. Adam Monroe is brought to Pinehearst so the immortal man can meet Arthur Petrelli. What a meeting. Dammit! Another character actor I like gone! And I think that even Heroes wouldn’t have the nerve to bring Adam back from a pile of ashes. (Right?) I guess Arthur can absorb abilities more powerfully than his son Peter and less bloodily than his other son Sylar.

Daphne was very busy recruiting people tonight and it’s clear that Pinehearst is holding something on her. Matt stupidly spills the beans about his vision of domestic bliss with her. Parkman can read minds; doesn’t he know how scary that info sounds to most sane women you only met a few minutes ago? Especially when you’re holding a turtle spirit guide? After visiting the increasingly evil Mohinder and seeing Nathan and Tracy held captive as his specimens, Daphne’s convinced she’s bringing bad people together for something that most likely does not involve saving the world. She warns Matt to stay away from Pinehearst. But Matt wants her to stay away, too, to avoid her predicted death. But it takes a little more proof of villainy to get her really scared.

Daphne also visited Level 5 to recruit Sylar for Pinehearst, but he says he’s good now and won’t get involved. But I know Sylar’s really still evil at heart because he then proceeds to wake Peter from his coma to tell him their mom is in a coma of her own. Damn, I was really hoping to have an entirely Peter-free episode, but since he’s only in it for a little bit and he’s wearing a shirt, I can’t complain too much. Sylar’s genuine concern leads him to ask Peter to look in Angela’s head. But Mom slaps him telepathically. The only image he gets is the Pinehearst logo on Daphne’s card. Peter wants to go to Pinehearst, but Sylar won’t let him. Their bitchfight was really short. And ineffective since Peter goes anyway.

I enjoyed all of the scenes with the creepy puppeteer Eric Doyle. Mrs. Bennet is brave, going in to distract Eric while Claire tries to rescue her bio-mom. That Russian roulette scene was pretty tense, too, and a nice use of Claire’s healing power. Good thinking calling in Claire’s dad to do the clean-up. But she still won’t talk to him. HRG enlists Meredith to help him reach out to his daughter. I wonder what that could mean, since Meredith being trustworthy is really only a recent development.

Never really a show to end on a whimper, the last scene shows the assembled Pinehearst Villans, their fully-healed boss Arthur Petrelli, and a not-so-happy reunion with Peter who gets a hug from Dad and summarily has his powers stolen. Did Arthur get Peter’s awesome powers of angst and general suckiness, too?

I know people like to bitch about the state of Heroes lately, especially online, but I still can’t stop watching. There are fun moments in each episode and I think the last two episodes are ratcheting up the action and bringing this volume to its climax. But with so many characters, the action requires a ton of set-up and exposition. And in the interim between those cool little moments, I admit that I now enjoy making fun of the characters I hate. Is it wrong? Are fans too rabid about their shows? Or, even better, are people being too hard on Heroes? Is the nerd rage deserved? (Okay, this closing paragraph sounds a bit too close to a shitty Mohinder voiceover for my personal comfort level.)

Heroes airs Monday nights at 9 P.M. EST on NBC.

fred campbell
1. fred00
I'm really hoping that the "paper factory" gets nuked from orbit. Who's running the place now that Mommy P is in a comma? The show is equal parts bad and good for me.

I hope No Heroics gets picked up. I'm really digging that show.
Sean Fagan
2. sef
The inconsistencies are getting to me. The big one from last night was Meredith: initially, she was someone that HRG and his partner (Claude at the time, I think) were sent to collect. She appeared to have died in a fire, resulting in HRG being given the baby girl that was left behind.

Now she was a former employee of the Company? And collected the puppetmaster and sent him to Level 5?
Pete Hindle
3. Pete Hindle
No, the Heroes rage is deserved. As opposed to the first season, neither the first nor the second season have really made anything of heroics other than soap-opera style story-lines that go nowhere.

The first season promised an actual plot. It came in chapters that meant something, and had characters that didn't just feature as handy plot devices. Now? It's somewhat worse than Doctor Who for cliche, and that's a bad thing
Rajan Khanna
4. rajanyk
Aw, you left out the Mohinder part. Which is understandable. I was annoyed when the episode started with his voiceover again. I think they're going to make him into a snake man. Or something.

I actually liked last episode, but this one brought the suck a bit more. I blame that on more Parkman and Peter doing his posturing thing. And Adam crumbling to dust. Why bring him back for 2 episodes?

I'm one week away from bailing, I think. I spend too much time watching TV anyway.
- -
5. heresiarch
I really liked this episode--Hiro actually used his power in an intelligent and creative way! Twice! Okay, the second time didn't work out so well, but that's what you get when you mess with a precog.

While the Russian roulette scene was neat, the forced way they brought it about was just insulting. Come on--Claire can't even bring herself to shoot a known criminal with a Taser? It really makes you appreciate HRG's cold-bloodedness.

I'm seriously wondering: why even have Peter around if he doesn't have any powers? His (largely theoretical) uber-badassness was about the only thing that justified his continued existence, and if that's gone for good--well, why even bother? I wonder if Suresh's magic formula can bring at least his absorptive power back. Also, what are the implications for Arthur, now that he possesses Sylar's ability, twice-removed? Will he start going all psycho on his henches? That would be neat!

IMO, this has been the best episode so far this season.
Jennifer L. Meyer
6. JLMeyer
I liked the this episode as well. =)
Hiro and the shovel was great, it was nice to see a competent precog for once! horray. I was happy to see the Hiro and Ando interaction was back to norm.

I didn't care for the Russian roulette scene, I wondered why Claire didn't just shoot him. I mean she had a non-leathal devise and the guy had hostages. Plus the ending was so so.

I really liked Matt and the turtle, 'High five Turtle!'. Nice, best line! (Although when I saw he caught his spirit guide and stuck it in a cage...=)-

As for Peter, the power strip was interesting. I wonder if he has any left, even his own.. and if his dad is a short term on power storage/use (although I doubt it).
- -
7. heresiarch
I'm also curious about Sylar's father now. It would make sense if Arthur was his father--a power-stealer with two power-stealing sons. But if Sylar is Arthur's son and Angela's son, then why send him off? It makes more sense for him to be the product of an affair of Angela's. One could see how Kaito's power--making sense of information--could lead to Sylar's, and we know Angela and Kaito had a thing. Then again, flying + fire = super-healing, so maybe I'm reading too much into power similarities.
David Lev
8. davidlev
For the two people who asked why Claire didn't shoot Eric Doyle during the Russian Roulette scene...you do know what his power is, right? She didn't because he couldn't let her
- -
9. heresiarch
She got the drop on him. Obviously she couldn't shoot him once he was controlling her, but she had the gun on him before he knew she had one. If she had just drawn and fired, he wouldn't have been able to react in time.
Blue Tyson
10. BlueTyson
Nah, it is not the bad. It is stoopid to do the 'save the world from the future' two storylines in a row, though.

The last two episodes with 'assemble some teams, kick the crap out of each other' potential waiting to happen, much more fun.

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