Oct 10 2008 4:48pm

The Great Halloween Throwdown of 2008: Game on!

Halloween is the most SFnal of holidays, of course, and one that particularly encourages craftiness and creativity. So, in honor of All Hallows’ Eve, we’ve started a Conversation where you can show off your pumpkins, the kid you costumed, the house you decorated (or egged), your pimped-out office, cards you made, cookies you baked, parade photos... anything Halloween-related, really. No gesture is too grand or too stupid. Trust us on the stupid part: Irene’s big “accomplishment” last Halloween was cutting a pumpkin in half with a sword in the Tor conference room. (Larry, you still owe her fifty bucks, by the way.)

[Image of tasty, tasty finger foods by Flickr user kochtopf, licenced under Creative Commons.]

1. akabrady
I'm sure someone else will point this out, but your "to's" are wrong. Personally I like to blame the spell checker.

"No gesture is to grand or to stupid"

No gesture is too grand or too stupid
Torie Atkinson
2. Torie
@ 1 I was fixing it just as you said that. :)
3. akabrady

I do the same thing. Post and then proof. And hope to correct my stuff before anyone reads it. So far it's worked out, but all that means is that no one ever reads my blog. Which is sad in its own way.
Sean Sakamoto
4. ssakamoto
A nearby town (Mino-shi) is where all the rice paper is made. It has a paper lantern festival every year. It's absolutely beautiful, and this year some kids made a Halloween lantern of rice paper.

Pablo Defendini
5. pablodefendini
@ ssakamoto #4
Those are gorgeous. Why don't you put them in the ongoing conversation thread that we've started?
Sean Sakamoto
6. ssakamoto
Pablo, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I misread this post at first and thought this was the thread for pictures of pumpkins.

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