Sep 22 2008 8:43pm

Tintin Movie Hits a Snag

It seems that the Steven Spielberg-and-Peter Jackson-helmed digital 3-D animated movie version of the classic Belgian comic Tintin has hit a snag. From the L.A. Times:

...after they submitted a final budget of $130 million for their 3-D animated movie “Tintin,” based on the Belgian comic strip, to Universal Pictures, the studio balked. The decision has left the two powerful filmmakers scrambling to find another financial partner.

I can’t help but sigh with relief. There are just some things that don’t sound right, and a “digital 3-D animated movie version” of Tintin is most certainly one of them. Not that this means that the movie won’t get made at all, mind you. It’s common knowledge that the project is close to Spielberg’s heart, as he has been wanting to make a movie based on Herge’s boy reporter since 1983. But with Steven Moffat’s departure as writer on the project, and now with Universal pulling out, its future is certainly in flux.

Alex Bledsoe
1. alexbledsoe
I remember reading the odd installment of Tintin in the magazines at my doctor's office when I was a kid, and that was an awfully long time ago. And even then their European sensibility struck me as odd and off-putting (this was in Tennessee, though). Spending $130 million-plus on this character for a contemporary American audience seems kilter.
Torie Atkinson
2. Torie
@ 1

It just won't work. Tintin is a blank slate character. He *has* to be, so he can be a self-insertion character for the reader. But I just know that any movie would give him a love interest and involve some totally fabricated attempt at character development. Not to mention the fact that they'd almost certainly make all of his friends more PC (Captain Haddock: the slightly-weird-and-not-at-all-an-alcoholic-guy!).

And to state the obvious but: Tintin without Herge's art? Without traditional animation at all? Come on.

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