Jul 24 2008 6:55pm

Name that Tune

So I'm sitting here quietly at my desk when I get an email from someone in Production.  That someone is working on the jacket for Kit Reed's new novel, Enclave, which is coming out early next year in hardcover.

As so often happens to voracious readers, Enclave has set off a memory bell in the production person's head, recalling a piece of short fiction he read long ago.  But he can't remember the name of the story, and though, from his description, I know I've read it, neither can I. 

Can someone help us?

Here's the text of the email: 

"People are living in a very large department store.  They hide during shopping hours and come out only at night.  A nice young man joins them.  Then a nice young woman does.  The two fall in love and decide to return to the outside world.  But the residents of the department store are afraid that the young couple will reveal their secret, so they kill the young people, embalm them, and set them up in one of the display windows as mannequins."

We know this, right?  I know someone's going to post, it's Story X by Author Y, and I'm going to feel like a total dolt for not remembering it. 

Addendum:  All Hail the power of the Web.  Kudos to Mary Robinette Kowal, who pegged this as John Collier's "Evening Primrose" in less than fifteen minutes.

Mary Robinette Kowal
1. MaryRobinette
That's the plot to Evening Primrose, by Stephen Sondheim. Looking it up, I see a reference to it being based on a short story by John Collier which came out in the 1951 collection Fancies and Goodnights, but not the actual title of the story.
Mary Robinette Kowal
2. MaryRobinette
Ah. IMDB to the rescue. The John Collier story had the same title as Sondheim's adaptation.
Mary Robinette Kowal
3. MaryRobinette
Ah. IMDB to the rescue. The John Collier story had the same title as Sondheim's adaptation.
Bill J
4. Bill J
The one time I know one of these! Mary Robinette got it. Sondheim's version was a tv musical in the late 1960s; I'm not sure if there was ever an official soundtrack released, because there were only four songs. All four were recorded -- on Mandy Patinkin's Dress Casual album (Bernadette Peters sang the girl songs), on a joint bill with a studio recording of The Frogs (I'm pretty sure Neil Patrick Harris sang the male lead on this one), and on an album called Sondheim At The Movies (with folks only of interest to Broadway fans).
Mary Robinette Kowal
5. MaryRobinette
Bill, I never get these sort of questions and probably only got this one because of the Sondheim connection. I was learned, "I Remember Sky" for an audition.

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